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Hypnosis in India - Origin & History of Hypnosis

Hypnosis Trainings in India Why Is It Important to Learn Direct Hypnosis Before Learning NLP? Our present is the reflection of our past, most of the time. Things which had happened to us in the past are happening to us every day. – Dev Elman What do you think is the most ancient profession in the world? Think a little bit…. It is said in the Holy Bible, ‘Put Adam to deep sleep & remove some ribs of Him…’ But the question is: how to put him to deep sleep? It seems like hypnotism. In my opinion, the most ancient profession is ‘Hypnosis!’ The roots of hypnosis are visible in Greek & Roman cultures. There used to be Sleep Temples in those days. Those, who were ill, were put to sleep in temples. Then used to come to the priest of the temple, every corner was intentionally with smoke & then he used to start chanting mantras. A mystical environment was created through all this & those, who were ill, would land in the state of Hypnosis. After the Ceremony, the priest used to walk away. After some time these ill people would come out of that state of hypnosis & used to start feeling better. Even today, in India & in other countries also, there are so many people, who cure illnesses through this kind of ‘Grace of Lord’ & you would also find thousands of people, who would tell you, how their incurable disease was cured by the ‘Grace of Lord ...

What is NLP? - The Definition of Neuro Linguistic Programming

What is NLP in detail NLP is the Way of living life to its fullest! NLP is the tremendously powerful way to get control of yourself & your emotions! NLP is the magic which can change your life inside out Instantaneously! NLP is the magic which will change your life drastically! NLP is the force by which you can run your brain & produce amazing results! NLP is the inner experience of ecstasy! NLP is the understanding of living life with ease!        Is this all? Sorry to say, but it is near about impossible to define NLP accurately. Every definition of NLP touches one or another aspect of NLP, not the whole of it. E.g. …. NLP is the most efficient & powerful medium of communication, both internal & external. NLP is the study of top performers, which is called modelling in NLP. Each & every definition tries to explain something, tries to show something. NLP consists of three major terms. N – Neuro – refers to functions related to the brain. How do we think? How do we perceive the world? ...

Awaken Your Potential Through NLP

nlp online certification When Human Spirit Takes Over….. Hellen Keller says, “No pessimist ever discovered the secret of the stars or sailed to an uncharted land ... Life is either a daring adventure or it is nothing. .....We could never learn to be brave and patient if there were only joy in the world.” One thing is pretty much clear about the human spirit that it is thirsty, curious, eager to discover something. It has a deep quest to understand something, to search for something, to conquer something. Sometimes this quest is foolish! Sometimes it is adamant and sometimes it is indomitable! Around here we don't look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we're curious .....and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths. - Walt Disney Film Producer, Director, Animator, Entrepreneur As the story turns in the novel ‘In the Heart of the Sea’, a gigantic American whaling ship Essex sets out in the Pacific Ocean. In those days, whale oil trade was a very lucrative business. The ship started its journey across the ocean as usual. But then things started changing. The weather started getting worse & worse to the ship-men's disappointment. The storm started jolting the ship. Crew members were trying their best to save the ship. That day was like the doomsday for that whaleship. Waves started wa ...

Why is it important to learn direct hypnosis before learning NLP?

Hypnotherapy in India ‘Life will bring you pain all by itself. Your responsibility is to create joy.’ - Milton Erickson There was a boy suffering from Polio, whose whole body was paralyzed. There was a pain filled in every nerve of his body. Only the capacity to watch & listen had remained! All the time he was lying on the bed. The whole body was quiescent, except eyes.   His family & he used to live near a farm. There were seven sisters in the family. There was a brother, parents & a nurse, who used to visit their house frequently. There was nothing he could do lying on the bed. He had a great question, how to entertain himself? He started observing people & the surrounding. Very soon, he started understanding that many times, his sisters say ‘yes’ when they had to say ‘no’ in their mind & ‘no’ when they had to say ‘yes’ actually. Many times, they want to share the apple with others, but they don’t want to lose the apple as well. In the course of time, that boy became expert in non-verbal language & started reading body language. The name of that boy was Milton Erickson, who became the greatest hypnotist of the world. He created a totally different world of Scientific Hypnosis. Before understanding Ericksonian Hypnosis, we should understand Trance. Trance is a state of mind, where our total attention is on inner world. As soon as we f ...

How to win over the pain through the help of NLP?

NLP Tools Techniques in English One Skill that will change Your Life…. Do you remember that day of your life, when you were suffering from severe pain? May that is physical or mental? One such a day when that pain was beyond your control? After all your tries, it didn’t come to an end? One such a day, when you have experienced the utter frustration? One such a day, when you were utterly tired, utterly exhausted, utterly desperate about your life? What was happening in your brain at that moment? Which images were running inside your brain? What did you feel in your body? What kind of feeling was there in your body? What was happening with you? Which emotions were you experiencing? Can you give your excellent performance in these moments of utter pain? You would say, “Definitely not.”  But can you imagine a person who won a gold medal in Olympic, in spite of experiencing 100 times more pain than you? This athlete established new world records sitting in a wheelchair in her whole life. Marieke Vervoort is her late 30s. she has already won a gold medal in 100-meter race & a silver medal in the 200-meter race in London Paralympic. Her agility is really worth watching when she runs in her wheelchair. Her self-confidence, her spirit, her energy, her winning attitude, differentiate her from others. She may have been confined to a wheelchair physically, but mentally she is very powerful. Her unconquering will keeps her aliv ...

Do you really want to create a golden future with the Help of NLP?

NLP in English "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." - Eleanor Roosevelt  A Special Military Mission of NATO ‘Operation Downfall!' Its success was very crucial & important for the whole world. A Hollywood movie released in 2014 on this Operation Downfall named, ‘Edge of Tomorrow’, which became very popular. As the movie begins, all news channels are announcing that there is catastrophe all over the world. An alien race has hit the Earth in an unrelenting assault, unbeatable by any military unit in the world. People are running leaving their house & all. There is a chaos everywhere. One by one city is being destroyed. People are being killed. The whole world is in danger as usual shown in Hollywood movies frequently. To defend these Aliens, NATO has formed a force of Commandoes. Initially, they are getting success. At some places, Aliens are being defeated.  And here enters Major Cage, who doesn’t have any experience of warfare. He fears combat & he knows very well that he is not a soldier at all. Still, he is unceremoniously sent to France for the combat. When he awakens, he finds himself on a military base, where he is forced to go on the battlefield. Gradually his fear dominates him. He starts finding excuses as he could run away from the battle. He tries in every way to run away from the battle, but couldn’t succeed. At last the only wa ...

Do you want to become an influential leader? NLP would help….

NLP Skills in Leadership Development The LEADER is the DEALER of Hope. – Napoleon Bonaparte NLP helps us to become an Influential Leader fundamentally. Till date, we are taught ‘What does an Influential Leader do?’ in the name of developing Leadership Skills. We are bombarded with the exceptional qualities or traits of a good leader. Most important thing is that all these qualities are very simple, for example, self-confidence, tenacity, endeavour, time- management, affection for his people etc. Just by reading all these qualities about a Leader, the one who really wishes to become an Influential Leader doesn’t get much substantial help. NLP teaches us those tools & techniques, through which as a Leader, we can create such a world, where people would feel the pride to join us.’ NLP helps us to create an attractive future. It gives us a process; through which we would take that attractive future to the subconscious layer so that an attractive future would become the substantial part of our life. NLP teaches us How to live with that mindset of a leader.  NLP teaches us the Meta Model, in which we learn the art of categorizing people according to their nature & to establish the Channel of Communication with these people, which is very important for any leader. NLP helps us to develop our own personalized Leadership style. For Developing L ...

NLP Tools & Techniques to improve your relationship

NLP Techniques in Family Feel the deep connection with Your Family through NLP Once I had been to our family friend’s house. After a while, their seven-year-old son returned from school. As he entered & threw his bag in a corner, he started crying. Everyone gathered around him & started asking him, “What had happened?” He replied sobbing, “Maths is very difficult for me. Everyone gets good marks in Maths except me.” His father replied on this, “What’s in it to cry for? Maths was difficult for me also. Actually, it is really a difficult subject for most of the people. Ok, now. Enough of this crying. I’ll meet to your Mam tomorrow.” Now think about this conversation a little bit. After some time, I started chatting with him. I asked him, “I couldn’t understand what were you saying while crying. Could you tell me again?” As he heard me urging him for repetition of a problem, he replied with unease, “Maths is very difficult for me.” I asked, “What is it that whole Maths or a part of it is difficult?” He started thinking. I again asked the same question. He replied with thoughtful gestures, “Actually I can do some sums quite well, but can’t understand some part of it.” “What do you mean by some part?  How many lessons are there in your Maths book?” I asked. “This year we have 11 lessons,” he replied after some calculation ...

Get rid of Negative Emotions & Become the Master of Your own Fate through NLP

NLP Practitioner certification in India A vicious circle starts in life, we get stuck, we get tired, gradually start crumbling & finally we accept the defeat. But how does this all happen? What is that which is holding us back? One fine evening, I had gone for strolling. Days were rainy. The rain had stopped just a little while ago. The sun was setting in the west. Birds were returning to the nest. Wind as if, had stopped. A brooklet was flowing down the hill. There was deep silence around. While watching that brooklet lines from a Hindi song struck my mind. Lines were …  “ओ दरिया मुझे नहीं जाना उस पार, आया रांझा मेरा, आया रांझा मेरा, “ओ दरिया जरा रोकन दो मंझधार आया रांझा मेरा, आया रांझा मेरा ” The somewhat meaning of it is: I’m watching a dream since ages. Since I become conscious, I had only one thing in my mind & that was to go on the other shore of the ocean as early as possible. I’ve heard a lot about the world beyond these shores. Many interesting stories are being told of that shore. The world on the other shore is quite different than this one. It is more prosperous, more quiet, more happy, more joyous. There is no rush like here. There is neither despair nor disappointmen ...

Change Your Life through NLP & Hypnosis

nlp india Isn't your will to change your life is very superficial? A boy, who was very ordinary in his childhood, not much clever in studies, had failed in the school once, somehow completed his education in Law, tried to become a Lawyer to his best, but failed to his disappointment. He had some connections in South Africa & people living in South Africa needed a Lawyer. There wasn’t much left in India for him as well. So, he set out for South Africa. Once, he boarded the train in Africa. As he was black, he was asked to get out of the train, but he was steadfast that I have the first class ticket, so I would sit only in First class. But Alas! He was thrown out of the train at the next station with his language. Something changed at that moment. Life turned upside down. Commonality started the journey to extraordinariness. Life moved in the totally new direction. And in the course of time, this common lawyer became ‘Mahatma Gandhi’. Something changed in him at that moment. But what? How? Life changed in seconds. But how? The Decision of Changing Life Fundamentally Takes Place in Seconds & This Moment Announces the Golden Future. A news, published in American Newspapers on 13 July 1978. This news was so surprising that every person from the business was talking about that. It was an earthquake for the company, for which that news was about. It was impossible ...
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