Is NLP Certification really necessary after attending an NLP program?

Well, the simple answer is ‘No’. You may be eager to know why the answer is ‘No.’

If you are looking forward to attend an NLP Certification program, you need to have a valid reason for the Certificate. First of all, ask the purpose of doing NLP Course to yourself. Is it just for experiencing NLP and getting a breakthrough in your Personal or Professional Life or Do you want to get better results in some area of your life? If it is so, then NLP Certification is probably not what you need. Asking for NLP Certification after completing NLP Training is like asking for the certificate after the completion of English Speaking Course. If you are speaking English fluently, then there is no need for any Certification & it doesn’t matter at all if you can’t speak English fluently. So, define the purpose, ‘Why are you doing this NLP Practitioner Course?’, ‘Is it to add another Certificate to your CV?’ or ‘Do you really want to become skilled in Human Communication & Mind Conditioning?’

Don’t take my argument to Extreme. You may need NLP Certification for other Professional Reasons; - as proof that you have attended an NLP Certificate Course, to submit it during Job Interviews or to put it on your resume as an additional skill you have mastered, to show it on your LinkedIn profile or anywhere else. If you are looking forward to become a Coach, may that be a Life Coach or NLP Coach, then probably it will come in handy to have that Piece of Paper called ‘Certificate’. Then it will also matter a lot from where have you got that NLP Practitioner Certificate.

In my opinion, if you are simply selecting an NLP course to get a Certificate due to the above-mentioned reasons without actually putting in any effort to really earn it, then you may probably be self-sabotaging your NLP learning. That shouldn’t be the only motive behind it. There are many NLP Institutes ready to provide you certificates easily due to business reasons, they literally sell Certificates. You can easily get some foreign NLP Certification just by offering extra money to them. You can cross-check my statement by calling & asking various NLP Institutes. Every brand charge a certain cost for their certification, but any good NLP Institute will not issue a certificate easily, they will ensure that the participant, puts in the required effort to really earn it. Click Here  to Read more about the myth of NLP Certification

If you are enthusiastic about NLP or looking forward to learn NLP in its real sense if you want to learn its applications to your own life & for the benefits of others, then you need to be focused on the content, syllabus, training experience & so many other factors before enrolling yourself. You are going to add value in your life by experiencing NLP, by doing it, by practising it, by working with people and by applying it to self. The certificate should probably be the last criteria to attend an NLP course.

Then let me ask you once again, what is your criteria to choose an NLP course? If you already have one, that’s quite good. If not sit for your own criteria first & then browse the websites.

You may feel like attending an NLP course, because

  • You want to experience a breakthrough in your personal & professional life.
  • You want to break limiting beliefs.
  • You want to be in a state of your choice, whenever you are doing something important.
  • You want a better understanding of your better half.
  • You want to create an alternate income.
  • You want to create financial stability in your life but are not sure how to do it.
  • You are unhappy about some areas of your life.
  • You want to live the life you dream.
  • You want to set goals towards fitness and achieve them.
  • You want to improve relationships with your loved ones.
  • You want to remove phobias about yourself or you want to help others to get out of their phobias.
  • You want to resolve unresolved issues with friends/family members.
  • You want to have great public speaking skills

If you have the honest urge like this, then probably you can consider joining an NLP program. The certificate is a by-product of an NLP program, and should not be the sole criteria to look for a program.

If you are serious about NLP and are looking for an NLP Certification program in India then consider a program from an NLP Institute, whose Trainers are highly effective in their Training. Check out the following issues:

  • Go through the Brochure properly.
  • Go through the syllabus, they are teaching.
  • Check the Trainings they have conducted.
  • Read the feedback from attendees.
  • Call the Trainer personally.
  • Have your questions ready.
  • Get your doubts clear by calling the trainer personally.
  • Don’t look for fancy Foreign Brand, because it’s not the certification of NLP, but the actual skill of NLP is going to transform your life.


If you are really determined to spend money on an NLP course, do it with a well-known NLP Institute, which will provide you with the necessary knowledge, branding toolkits, and future Post Support to learn and grow. For more information, related to NLP Courses, surf our Read This First! section.

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