How to win over the pain through the help of NLP?


One Skill that will change Your Life….

Do you remember that day of your life, when you were suffering from severe pain? May that be physical or mental? One such a day when that pain was beyond your control? However hard you tried, but it didn’t come to an end? One such day, when you have experienced the utter frustration? One such day, when you were utterly tired, utterly exhausted, utterly desperate about your life?

What was happening in your brain at that moment? Which images were running inside your brain? What did you feel inside your body? What kind of feeling was there in your body? What was happening with you? Which emotions were you experiencing?


Can you give your excellent performance during these moments of utter pain? You would say, “Definitely not.” But can you imagine a person who won a gold medal in Olympic, despite experiencing 100 times more pain than you? This athlete established new world records sitting in a wheelchair in her whole life.


Marieke Vervoort is in her late 30s. She has already won a gold medal in 100-meter race & a silver medal in the 200-meter race in London Paralympic.

Her agility is really worth watching when she runs in her wheelchair. Her self-confidence, her spirit, her energy, her winning attitude, differentiate her from others. She may have been confined to a wheelchair physically, but mentally she is very powerful. Her unconquering will keeps her alive in the worst situation also. She is a strong claimant in upcoming Paralympic.

Nobody knows the pain better than Marieke Vervoort. When you would look at her pain, you would laugh at yours. You would start hesitating to call your pain, a pain. May Marieke Vervoort’s pain would change your definition of pain.

Life is short. You have to be able to laugh at your pain, or we never move on.
– Jeff Ross


You would be surprised to know that Marieke Vervoort is about to die. It’s her last wish. But one more wish she wants to fulfil before she dies. She wants to win a gold medal in Rio Paralympic. She is going through a severe pain at the moment. Her physical pain has become so severe that she can’t sleep well at night. She waits for dawn, whining whole night. She is suffering from such a rare spinal disease, which has no remedy available.

One in a million suffers from such a kind of Spinal disease, where the patient has to go through the severe pain. She groans & moans because of this disease. She says, “My career would end with Rio. I have started thinking about Euthanasia (wish for self-death). I’ve gone through severe pain every day. I can’t even sleep well at nights. Sometimes I can just sleep for ten minutes. Apart from this, I’ve to go to attend training sessions. Though I’m struggling with death, I practice very hard.

I hope I’d end my career on the podium, with a Gold medal in Rio. I hope people should cherish me with a glass of Champaign in their hands. I’m going through severe pain, but still, I wish to win a gold medal in Rio.”

Now the question is: how Marieke Vervoort could practise despite such severe pain? How could she defeat the pain every morning? Maybe, she is doing something in her brain, we are unaware of, or we don’t have the practice of it. She is shifting her focus skillfully in her brain. She is bringing her focus on practice from pain. She is bringing her focus from impossible to possible. She has become so skilled in it, that after being agonized throughout the night, she starts her practice with full vigour in the morning.

Then she says, “I want to win a medal in Rio, but that would be very difficult, there is tough competition. I want to live every moment. When I sit on the chair for running, every other thing in front my eyes vanishes. I keep away all negative thoughts. I don’t let the fear, pain & difficulties come near me. In this way, I had won gold medals in the last Olympic & in the same way, I’m going to win that in this Olympic also.”

A recent survey says that focus works like our muscles. If we don’t use it, we lose it. As we start using it, our ability to focus increases. If we want to bring excellent results, we want to live happily as well; then we have to develop a system, where our total focus would be on excellent results which would be very important in our life.

When we continuously focus on our results, our thinking & behaviour change immediately. Whatever we focus on in our life, we start experiencing it & at the deeper level, we start living it. If we focus on problems, they will go on increasing. Your focus on problems would make you feel helpless; your behaviour would be affected by that & new problems would arise. On the contrary, if you focus on excellent performance, you would see more opportunities & possibilities. You would start feeling energetic, that would change your behaviour & you’d see new possibilities. As a result, your performance would get better.

So, if you want to learn only one skill in your life, that would be ‘Controlling & directing your focus’. This single skill would change your life. In the end, what is our life? Our focus is our life. Thousand & one things are happening around us at the moment, but we are experiencing only those things which we are focusing on.

- The one, who is happy is focusing on happiness.

- The one who is sad is focusing on sorrows.

- The one who is enthusiastic is focusing on enthusiasm.

- The one who is disappointed is focusing on disappointment.

The interesting thing is, only those things are increasing in one’s life, on which he or she is focusing. That may be positive or negative. Now the question is, where are you focusing your attention? Please keep it in mind: Our focus is our Life & vice versa.

In NLP, we teach to raise focus in our brain. We would think, ‘focus’, but in reality, the focus is not a word, but a process in brain & if that is a process, there would be some ingredients of it & if there would be ingredients, then after knowing them we would be able to raise that focus in our brain very easily. NLP teaches us the components of focus & helps us to inculcate them in our life.

Now I’d stop leaving behind a question, through which, I controlled & directed my focus. Whenever I’m in confusion or doubt, I ask this question to myself…..

Which are those Specific Results Am I committed to achieving?

Let’s meet in the next blog. Till then, ‘Enjoy your life & live with passion!’

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