How to remove the Fear of Public Speaking through NLP?


The story goes like this:

There was a witty person in the kingdom of a certain king. He was famous for getting a solution to any problem within a moment. There were so many people around the king who were very jealous of that person. So, somehow they convinced the king to test his real wit in an adverse situation.

They brought a hungry lion in the cage. All the people of near-by cities also came to see the trail. The whole cross-road where that cage was kept was full of crowd. People were cheering and shouting. Everyone was very eager to see what will happen now?

That person was brought there in the shackles. He was thrown in front of that hungry lion & the doors of that cage were locked from outside. As soon as he fell into the cage, he jumped over the lion before the lion could do anything, whispered something in its ears and stood by its side. The lion moved away in a corner, sat silently without even roaring. There wasn't a single sound people heard from the lion's mouth.

The crowd was shocked to see whatever was going on. The king of the jungle, a ferocious beast like a lion, how could it be so silent? This witty person must have used magic over the lion. Five minutes, ten minutes. Nothing happened at last that person came out of the cage unscratched. Everybody was surprised. Everyone wanted to know what exactly happened there in the cage.

At last, because of the insistence of the king, that witty person replied, "As soon as I was thrown into the cage, I jumped on the lion & whispered in its ears, O dear! If you want to kill me, you can, but do remember once you finished me, these people will felicitate you for your ferocious attitude you have shown & they will ask you to give an honorary speech in front of such a large mob." As I finished my sentence, it didn't even open its mouth & due to the fear of speaking in front of the audience, it sat into the corner.

So, if this is the condition of the king of the jungle, what a common man like you & me could do?

Joke apart! But this story reveals the hard truth.

Indian Board of Hypnosis & Neuro-Linguistic Programming regularly conducts various NLP courses like NLP Practitioner, NLP Master, NLP Master Trainer etc. throughout India. In NLP Seminars, the prominently asked question is: How to overcome the fear of Public Speaking? Or Can NLP help us to be an influential public Speaker? Actually, there are so many questions hovering in the brain of those who attend NLP Workshops all over India.

In my opinion, Public Speaking Phobia is the biggest phobia in the world. There are comparatively fewer people that are afraid of snakes, a small number that is afraid of spiders. If you include all the other fears - heights, snakes, waters, altogether, it probably would be a smaller number than Public Speaking.

 I think our Educational System and well-respected people install these fears in us when we're young by forcing us to talk about things that we don't know. Without any proper support or training, most of us are thrown into the unknown situation or incidence, where the fear of facing the public is engraved in our mind.

 I teach a class called Public Speaking Mastery, but also even in NLP Practitioner Course, we spend a whole session, teaching people how to turn their fear into curiosity because instead of worrying about how you feel on the inside, you spin your feelings the other way, come out to your senses and start looking at the people there and wanting them to feel better. Instead of paying attention to your stomach, you should be paying attention to them, should be listening to the sound of your voice, watching how they breathe, controlling the tempo of your voice - and probably it's not a good idea to talk about things that you don't know about, although people do it all the time. 

Part of the secret is that people make images of scary audiences and imagine their own voice cracking. They make a terrible plan. After attending NLP Practitioner & using the techniques of NLP, they themselves can instil a very good image of themselves facing audience boldly.

 I take people who are absolutely phobic of getting in front of an audience, and a few days later they're getting up in front of their audience very competently with great confidence in their body language.

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