What is Hypnosis & what is it used for?

Hypnosis is a tool which uses a process. There is a relaxation through suggestions, acute concentration and focused attention to achieve a heightened state of awareness. It is sometimes called a trance as well. The person's attention is so focused while in this state that anything going on around the person is temporarily blocked out or ignored. Sometimes, this Hypnotic state occurs automatically in the emotionally heightened situation or critical situation. This is a naturally occurring state, with the help of a trained therapist, a person focuses his or her attention, on specific feelings, thoughts or tasks.

Hypnosis is often used synonymously with deep relaxation and imagination, and in this, some people think of it as a special state; some people don’t. It’s quite sure that in this procedure, it allows us to move beyond the hindrances of the conscious mind. The hypnotic state sets aside the critical factor & seeds the suggestions inside the subconscious. It is the subconscious, that governs our behaviour or decisions. We can easily access the resources of our unconscious through the help of this hypnotic state.

 And so that’s why it is a very, very powerful & useful technique for really bringing some behavioural change in us. Hypnosis, if used properly with the right intentions can help us to bring some concrete change in the client.

That’s why, regular Hypnosis Trainings are arranged through the initiative of IBHNLP - The Indian Board of Hypnosis & Neuro-Linguistic Programming in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore, Ahmedabad & other major cities across India. In our NLP Practitioner Training Course, we teach the Direct Hypnosis for FREE. We have a very clear intention that any NLP Practitioner, who has done NLP Practitioner Certification from IBHNLP, should be able to use all useful tools & techniques of NLP & Hypnosis.

Listen to the following audio track for a better understanding of how Hypnosis works?

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