What is the history of NLP Trainers? What is the future of NLP Trainers in India?

NLP in India started around 17-18 years ago. Few international trainers came to India and trained few people here in India to start NLP Training in India. Basically, NLP was a new concept in those days & it could just attract the elite closed group attached to the Field of Psychology & Hypnosis. There was the dearth of good NLP Trainers in India, so initially, Foreign NLP Institutes thrive in India. This was a blessing in disguise as Indians not good exposure to NLP. Then there are other International Trainers more or less permanently settled in India because they could not find the audience in their own country, and India was a perfect set up for them to get established. Many beginners don’t know at least initially that NLP is basically a language-based Science. Meta Model & Milton Model, which are the backbone of NLP, are totally language-based patterns & it’s really important for an NLP Practitioner to learn all these patterns in their day to day used language. Click here to know more about it.

Lately, many Indians have been trained outside of India, and hence some of the Indians got trained by good International Trainers outside of India and managed to bring in real knowledge from the original set of trainers. Also, the world has become more connected, and one-to-one sessions with top elite trainers and coaches have become very common now.

As the need and popularity of NLP Trainers in India are growing so does the complications of the Industry as well. Some NLP Trainers are doing substandard programs in the name of NLP and adding more confusion in the world of NLP training. Word of mouth was always the best way to get connected with Top NLP Trainers and Coaches, and now with Social Media taking centre stage the word can spread far and wide, and good trainers are easily approached through their Social pages, social channels, and their digital presence. Most of the good NLP Trainers are very sought after in Corporate as well, so many of these trainers do not facilitate public programs too often and that makes it difficult for people to find good NLP Trainers in India, those who are looking for Public programs.

Future of NLP Trainers in India is good, as India is a big country with a lot of opportunities in the training segment. Trainers evolve in their own way and find their niche in Executive Coaching Life Coaching, facilitating corporate programs etc. Trainers in India have to be open to a variety of work that is out there. Most of the trainers attempt to do only public programs, and that is the most difficult market to survive in, as their segment, people attending, have to pay from their own pockets for the program.

If you wish to learn NLP, then you have a number of options available to you in India. You can learn the basics of NLP by reading one of the many great books that are available in the marketplace. For a greater knowledge and for greater self-improvement, then take advantage of a professionally delivered NLP Training Course. You can train to work in the field of NLP and Coaching as an NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner through taking a professional NLP certification course. NLP training options are plentiful and depending on your preferences and location you can train at company premises, in various hotels around the world and online.

What are the qualities that NLP Trainers in India must focus on?

Well, NLP Trainers in India must focus more on developing their core NLP skills. They must be willing to spend the time to learn to adapt, be flexible in their approach, and most importantly have the patience to continue. NLP takes time to learn, and a trainer becomes a good trainer by doing more training.

Those who attend the NLP Trainings in India, conducted by IBHNLP (Indian Board of Hypnosis & Neuro-Linguistic Programming), always ask this question. Master NLP Trainer Sandip Shirsat replies to this question very aptly. He says just focus on a few things as follow:

  • Increase the speed of experiments
  • Have the attitude of research
  • Experiment on yourself
  • Increase mindfulness
  • NLP is a skill & like other skills, it needs a lot of practice.
  • Tell others what you have learned
  • Study NLP dedicatedly, not only for the sake of money
  • Become an NLP Practitioner / NLP Master Practitioner / NLP Practitioner Trainer from a reputed Institute
  • Keep learning continuously
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