Hypnosis Practitioner Certification Course


Hypnosis Practitioner Certification Course

  • Can you stop or slow down the continuous chain of thoughts popping into your conscious mind?
  • Can you connect with your subconscious mind by slowing down your conscious mind?
  • Can you bring about positive changes in your life by getting access to your subconscious mind?
  • Can you incorporate new and powerful ideas into your inner (subconscious) mind?


As you know, our emotions, as well as habits, generate in our subconscious mind, and our conscious mind has no control over them. Hence, despite being aware of our positive thoughts and beliefs, we find it difficult to practice them. We may find people who can deliver lectures on 'The necessary qualities to lead a successful life', but they themselves are not possessing those qualities.

It happens because this whole information remains part of our conscious mind, whereas our subconscious mind rules our lives. If our subconscious mind is negatively programmed, then superficial positive thinking or reading personality development or self-help books is not going to help us bring positive changes in our life. To achieve it, we have to change the programming of our subconscious mind. This subconscious re-imprinting or reprogramming can be done smoothly and swiftly through Hypnosis or hypnotherapy online.

Just by learning and gaining proficiency in reprogramming through Hypnosis, you could effortlessly solve your own problems and create a better future for yourself. It is plausible because Hypnosis allows you to find and address the root cause of your issues. It teaches you to control your excess sparing of energy in thinking and problem solving and gives you a space to invest it in other plans.

In the NLP Practitioner Training Workshops organised by IBHNLP, we also provide Free Training & Certification in Direct Hypnosis. By learning Hypnosis, you can effortlessly transform your own life, and help others bring positive changes in their lives as well. With Self-Hypnosis techniques, you can resolve the problems of your subconscious mind. This course will enable you to bring positive change in other's subconscious minds through Hypnosis, solve their problems, and give a better direction to their lives.

Training in Hypnosis can benefit you and others in various ways, like,

1. Calming the conscious mind by controlling the constantly popping thoughts.
2. Conversing with your subconscious mind.
3. Seeding positive thoughts or suggestions in your subconscious mind.
4. Solving the problems and changing the habits settled deep in your subconscious mind.
5. Laying the foundation of positive beliefs in your subconscious mind for building a better future.



Acquiring the skill-set of Hypnosis will make you realize how easy it is to modify your behaviour and help others to do so. It will help you to dive deep into your mind and develop an understanding of your habits. The revelations learnt through hypnotic self-exploration will provide you with a new perspective about yourself and surprise you with the things you thought never existed.

The Hypnosis Training program would teach you the process of Self-Hypnosis as well as it would enable you to hypnotise others and guide them to improve their lives. I am sure that learning Hypnosis will be one of the most amazing experiences of your life.

I want to share the process of Hypnosis step by step. These steps will be discussed in detail in several phases of the workshop:

1. Body relaxation and testing technique

2. Mind relaxation and testing technique

3. Deepening technique (To increase the Hypnotic trance state)

4. Seeding suggestions to solve the problem (Change work script)

5. Post Hypnotic suggestions 

6. Waking up from Hypnosis (Emerging technique)

These six steps will be discussed in detail with demos while learning Hypnosis in the NLP Practitioner course. We would also do many Practicals in this regard. One can read the theory anywhere, but our focus is to make you well versed with the power of Hypnosis through demonstration. Once you understand the hidden nuances in every stage, then be sure that you have taken a concrete step towards mastering the technique.

Why do we teach Direct Hypnosis in NLP Training?

Many times people question me about the relevance of teaching Hypnosis in NLP workshops. Actually, in NLP, we learn the Milton Model or Conversational Hypnosis. Conversational Hypnosis means the art of seeding suggestions in someone's subconscious mind without letting that person know. Conversational Hypnosis is a bit complicated, and if the participants do not know anything about Direct Hypnosis, they will find it challenging to understand the mechanism of Conversational Hypnosis. Hence, during the NLP Practitioner Training, we learn Direct Hypnosis, which serves as the foundation of Conversational Hypnosis. After getting enough practice of Direct Hypnosis, on the fifth day, we finally learn the Conversational Hypnosis, which then becomes easier to understand.

After learning and practising Hypnosis in daily life, it would become more comfortable for you to work on different problems, like changing habits, controlling emotions, or moving forward in life with a positive attitude. With Hypnosis, you would be able to change your own life and help others as well.

Unfortunately, the term Hypnosis has become infamous. We would talk about the reasons for it in the NLP Practitioner course in detail. Along with that, we would also discuss the precautions that should be taken while using Hypnosis. We would also practice every step of Hypnosis mentioned above in actual training. It would give you a deeper understanding of the entire process. 

I am sure that the Hypnosis Practitioner workshop will help you take your personal and professional life to new heights of success and give a new direction to your life.

Listen to the following audio track for a better understanding of how Hypnosis works.

(Along with NLP, in NLP Practitioner Certification Course, you will get Free Training and Certification of Hypnosis Practitioner + NLP Coach + Life Coach.)


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