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Hypnosis Training in Chandigarh

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If these are your questions, then read this blog till the end to get all the answers.

When you google about the Hypnosis Training in Chandigarh, you would get some results showing Hypnosis Training Institutes. But I would say, you should widen your search and look for the best options available in India for Hypnosis Training. Because only the best Hypnosis Training Institutes can give you the desired outcomes as well as the right exposure for practicing Hypnosis. If you enroll in any novice or inexperienced Institute, it might just waste your time and money.

Talking about the best Hypnosis Training Institute in India, I always suggest the most preferred option i.e. IBHNLP - The Indian Board of Hypnosis

& Neuro-Linguistic ProgrammingIBHNLP is the only Hypnosis Training Institute in India which is having the largest network of Hypnosis Practitioners all over India. To attend IBHNLP’s Hypnosis Practitioner Certification Course you need to travel to Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad or Bangalore.

IBHNLP is dedicated to the Research & Development of Hypnosis as well as for promoting Hypnosis Programs, Hypnosis Coaching in India. IBHNLP regularly conducts Integrated NLP Training workshops in Ahmedabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune & Bangalore in which Hypnosis training is provided absolutely FREE.

For that, you just have to enroll yourself in the Upcoming Integrated NLP

Practitioner workshop, which is for 6 Days with 45 days’ post-training assistance.

So if you want to get trained in Hypnosis and want to be a part of India’s best Hypnosis Training Institute then, IBHNLP is the one you should go for. Even if you need to travel to the nearest city to you i.e. Delhi. It is much better to travel to Delhi than enroll in any novice or inexperienced Hypnosis Training Institutes.

Now talking about Hypnosis,

Most of people want to learn Hypnosis because, 

1. They want to control another person's mind.

2. They want to achieve something by hypnotizing others.

3. They want to impress peers by showing some Hypnosis experiments.

4. They want to perform stage shows based on Hypnosis.

If you are also searching Hypnosis Training for one of the above reasons, then I would like to tell you that you might be disappointed here. Hypnosis is a completely different process that helps you implant positive thoughts in your subconscious mind and transform your thought process.

Let’s understand what actual Hypnosis is and how it works.

The Hypnosis process creates a trance state in which one has heightened focus and concentration. Hypnosis is usually done with the help of a therapist or Hypnosis Practitioner using verbal suggestions and mental images. When one is under Hypnosis, he/she usually feels calm and relaxed and is more open to suggestions.

Hypnosis can be used to help you gain control over undesired behaviors or to help you cope better with anxiety or pain. It’s important to know that although you're more open to suggestions during Hypnosis, you don’t lose control over your brain processes. Hypnosis is a semi-unconscious state where somebody's mind and actions can be controlled by another person but not without his/her prior permission.

There are 5 steps involved in the Direct Hypnosis process. These steps will be discussed in detail in several phases of the workshop:

1) Body relaxation and techniques for testing it.

2) Mind relaxation and techniques for testing it.

3) Deepening techniques.

4) Seeding pre-designed suggestions to achieve desired results.

5) Post Hypnotic suggestions for coming out of the Hypnotic state.

The client goes through all these processes, with his/her prior permission and this process helps in changing the thought process and implementing positive thoughts into the subconscious mind while the client is in a trance state.

Now, your next question might be, ‘what is a Trance state?’

 A trance is a state of altered consciousness in which a person’s general awareness is hooked and his/her receptivity (ability to grasp given suggestions without hindrance) is increased. This state of mind helps us establish better communication from the conscious to the subconscious mind. Suggestions given in the Trance State directly go into the client’s subconscious mind and initiate the process which leads to the desired outcome. 

Why does IBHNLP teach Direct Hypnosis in NLP Training?

This is one of the frequently asked question when someone inquires about Hypnosis Training. IBHNLP primarily focuses on NLP Training. NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. In NLP, when we study the Milton Model, which is also called as Conversational Hypnosis. Conversational Hypnosis is the process of inadvertently inserting the suggestions in someone's subconscious mind. Conversational Hypnosis is a bit technical, and individuals who are unaware of Direct Hypnosis find it difficult to comprehend the mechanics of Conversational Hypnosis.

Why should you learn NLP rather than just Hypnosis?

There are two ways to reprogram your subconscious mind, one (Hypnosis) is passive & another one (NLP) is the active way. Let me explain this!

1. In the Hypnosis process, you just have to relax your body, relax your mind, and seed suggestions into the subconscious mind. 

2. NLP – With NLP tools & techniques you consciously control your responses to the external triggers as well as you can pre-condition yourself. 

As discussed earlier, Hypnosis also plays a vital role in learning NLP.

Get benefits of Life Coaching as well!

This is an amazing feature that everyone who wants to learn Hypnosis should take benefit of. Let me explain! NLP and Hypnosis are ultimately the tools and techniques to control the subconscious processes, but there are certain issues, which can be better dealt with in life coaching. In the Life Coach Certification program, our focus is on enabling you to become your own coach. If you wish, you could help others as well.

That’s why, we call it ‘An Integrated NLP Practitioner, NLP Coach, Hypnosis Practitioner & Life Coach Certification Workshop. It’s a ‘one-stop solution’ for all your coaching counseling, training & therapy career. Even if you are just concerned with personal growth, this deadly combination of NLP, Hypnosis & Life Coaching can bring wonders in your life.

With Hypnosis, you can directly work on the 'subconscious mind' of your client. You can produce the desired results in the lives of your clients quickly and easily. Using Hypnosis in your 'Life Coaching' sessions will ease your journey as a Life Coach because Life Coaching formats can define the problems properly. It has tests, questionnaires, procedures, etc. & Hypnosis has an effective solution for solving the issues related to the subconscious mind. As you can understand, this is something amazing!

So grab this amazing opportunity to attend this Comprehensive NLP Practitioner, NLP Coach, Hypnosis Practitioner, and Life Coach Certification Program in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad or Bangalore. 

Enroll now to reap all the benefits!

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Now Experience a Hypnotic Induction for Leading a Positive Life:

To undergo this process, spare 15 minutes of silence from your daily routine preferably early in the morning. Listen to the following audio when you could relax completely. Use headphones for the best effect. Just follow the instructions given and let yourself fall into a relaxed state of mind. Here being completely passive is the key. Enjoy the Track!

Your today's small investment of Time & Money will reap you great benefits tomorrow.

Listen to the Self-Hypnosis Audio Track:

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