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Feel the deep connection with Your Family through NLP

Once I had been to our family friend’s house. After a while, their seven-year-old son returned from school. As he entered & threw his bag in a corner, he started crying. Everyone gathered around him & started asking him, “What had happened?” He replied sobbing, “Maths is very difficult for me. Everyone gets good marks in Maths except me.” His father replied on this, “What’s in it to cry for? Maths was difficult for me also. Actually, it is really a difficult subject for most people. Ok, now. Enough of this crying. I’ll meet your math teacher tomorrow.” Now think about this conversation a little bit.


After some time, I started chatting with him. I asked him, “I couldn’t understand what were you saying while crying. Could you tell me again?” As he heard me urging him for repetition of a problem, he replied with unease, “Maths is very difficult for me.” I asked, “What is it that whole Maths or a part of it is difficult?” He started thinking. I again asked the same question. He replied with thoughtful gestures, “Actually, I can do some sums quite well, but can’t understand some part of it.” “What do you mean by some part? How many lessons are there in your Maths book?” I asked. “This year we have 11 lessons,” he replied after some calculation.

I again asked, “How are there you don’t understand out of these?” He again started thinking & then he replied, “Three.” I again asked him, “Haven’t you understood anything out of these three lessons?” He said, “No, not like that. I understood some of it, but I couldn’t understand remaining of it.” I smiled at him & said, “Bring me your textbook & show me what is it that you didn’t understand?” Immediately his mood changed.

He rushed to the upstairs & brought me his book & started telling me what he didn’t understand. When we both observed, we came to know that there were only two parts in these three lessons, which he hadn’t understood. After all this conversation, I asked him, “Is Maths really difficult for him or only two parts of particular lessons?” He replied, “Only two parts from these three lessons,” & he started smiling.

NLP tells us that our inner world gets scattered many times & we use scattered language to tell about that scattered world. If we find such a person, who knows how to use the language properly, that same person will weave your scattered world using language. If we are able to use the language in the right way, then we also can do this work, even we can weave our shattered world.

NLP teaches us all this through Meta Model & Milton Model. As a Certified NLP Practitioner, you know how to establish rapport with the next person. That makes us a Master Communicator & by using these tools, we can change our family life also.

Many times, couples, as well as parents, come to learn NLP. You would say, “Why? Why do they come? What would they get learning NLP?”

You can think for yourself. I know if you have a child you would sincerely wish to understand the emotions & feelings of your child & in the same way you also wish to convey your thoughts to the child without getting irritated or angry.

You might have felt that many times you are not able to express yourself in front of your children & they also hesitate to express themselves in front of you. I know that you would have been amazed to know that more or less every parent has the same problem that how to set right communication with their children. We learn that in NLP.

Can you imagine yourself as the one who relates herself with children, who connects with the inner world of their children very easily & comfortably, whenever she is with them, she is there with totality? Whenever she is with children, she is full of joy & happiness. Can you imagine of yourself, who becomes a child with children, who includes herself in their celebration? Can you imagine yourself who knows the inner world of children & connects herself with that inner world?

And you wouldn’t believe that we learn all this in NLP. It is really good that you want to do this all for yourself; that’s why you are reading this blog. Please do remember that learning this skill is not at all difficult. You just need that strong will & little time, because whenever we start learning a skill at a conscious level, a certain power awakens at an unconscious level, which makes our learning process easy & joyful.

Whenever our unconscious mind merges in the learning process with totality, the learning process speeds up. It is not at all necessary that your conscious mind would know what do you want to learn. Once your unconscious or subconscious mind gets eager to learn something, learning becomes a celebration. You might feel yourself the great bonding with your family at a deep level, the state of joy & comfort.

As soon as you learn all this in NLP, you would certainly feel that you are becoming an ideal parent in a real sense, you are becoming a loving parent, you are becoming a good human being because you’ve started feeling a great attachment with your family. As you would have this inner experience, your behaviour would change, your thinking would change & your life would start marching on a new path of joy & happiness.

There are so many other things to tell, for that let’s meet in the next blog. Till then….

‘Enjoy your Life & Live with Passion!

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