Enrolling for NLP Training Workshop in Pune?


If you are searching NLP Pune or NLP in Pune, then you must have been searching for NLP Courses or NLP Workshops held in Pune. You might want to know about the details of NLP Training in Pune or NLP certification in Pune.


If you are looking out for any of these options, this article will definitely help you a lot to take the right decision. I won't tell you which is the best NLP Training Institute in Pune, but I will try to provide you with the proper criteria to choose the right NLP Institute in Pune. Even if you want to do NLP Training in Pune, still the first thing you should do is to google – The Best NLP Training Institute in India because there are so many NLP Institutes mushrooming every day in every nook and corner of every city, so in this amazon like the jungle of NLP, it's really tough for a new-comer or new learner to reach the proper reservoir.


Our effort is to make your search easy and proper. There are some points which everyone should consider before enrolling for any NLP programme.

First and most important thing: NLP is an experiential skill, that's why it's very important to choose the right Institute for learning NLP. Otherwise, we get frustrated because of the poor quality of the training we have received as well as we waste our valuable time and money. Later on either we think that whole NLP stuff is crap or it's not a workable solution for our problems.

Sometimes we become pray of fancy Ads in the market. We fail to reach the genuine NLP Masters. There are two things which are very crucial in NLP training:

1. The Trainer should really have the command all over NLP skills.

2. The Trainer should be very good at imparting and conveying the message.

I have seen so many people, who do NLP Practitioner Training and start teaching NLP to others. Without even practising NLP skills and applying them in their own life, they start teaching. They forget that NLP is an experiential skill and if it is not working for themselves, how will it help to others.

There are some, who are very good at public speaking and showing some magic of memory techniques, fire-walking or something like that, they mesmerise the audience and tell them that they can also do all these magic tricks through NLP and participants without the proper research about NLP, enrol for the NLP Course. Actually, these tricks are performed only to impress the audience; there is no relation of NLP and this crap.

Major point one should consider that Memory techniques are not part of NLP. That's why, if anyone is claiming like that, you should read the book written by Harry Lawrence, who is considered as the father of memory techniques. Read the book and start practising the way he tells you to, you would also become a master in remembering all that stuff, you usually forget. NLP doesn't have any role here. NLP particularly is related to your brain mechanism. NLP tells you – How does your Brain Function?' and if you want to produce a certain kind of results in your life, how should you program your brain. That's why it's full form is Neuro-Linguistic Programming. It's all about that programming.

The reason, I am telling you all this is don't have a misconception about NLP. Choose the genuine NLP Master, who is not only good at NLP but also master conveying all the subtleties and intricacies of NLP in a very easy and practical way.

We, at IBHNLP, after the proper research of so many years, are trying to convey the spirit of NLP to the common people for their benefit. Indian Board of Hypnosis & Neuro-Linguistic Programming (IBHNLP) is not only involved in NLP Training but also in NLP research as well. That's why, along with NLP, we train participants in basics of direct hypnosis and Life Coaching, because if you want to help others with the tools and techniques of NLP, you must have the proper guidance for that.

Watch the video how live-change work process takes place in Our NLP Practitioner Workshop itself.

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