Leadership Training Module worth ₹ 34,999/- Absolutely Free!


Friends, we are thrilled to introduce this new feature to everyone attending the upcoming NLP Master Trainer course. Believe me, with the help of this new feature, your journey to becoming a trainer is going to be very easy. As you are aware, becoming an NLP Practitioner was an important milestone in this journey for you, but the ultimate goal for many of you is to become an NLP Master Trainer. In this course of NLP Master Trainer, you will learn the advanced tools of NLP. Additionally, you'll put a lot of effort into developing the training abilities and mindset needed to become a trainer. You are also aware that when the course is over, you'd be standing on stage. You would be fully prepared, brimming with confidence and enthusiasm. With the skills you've learned in the Master Trainer course, you're going to help the participants in your training program with ease and in a joyful mindset.


As I mentioned during the NLP Practitioner Training, we have incorporated this feature into the NLP Master Trainer course to make your journey of becoming an NLP Trainer easier. A three-day leadership development training module, designed by I.B.H.N.L.P. Founder and CEO Sandeep Shirsat, will be provided to you during the Master Trainer course. You can use it to conduct a three-day leadership development training program at organizations, schools, and colleges, among other institutions. With the support of this module, you can enter the training profession right away and start earning money using the abilities you learned during your training. You can conduct training with the utmost ease, confidence, and enthusiasm with the assistance of this module.

This module includes the following:

1. In the Leadership Development Training module, you are going to cover 6 different topics related to leadership in 3 days, which are called the "Six Ps of Leadership". You will get the written script for each topic, which includes the story you must tell on that topic, the case study you would discuss, and the game you can play. You will get all this in written form. All you have to do is just read this script and put some work into it, and you will conduct the Leadership Development Training Program in an effective manner.

2. In this Leadership Training Module, you are going to get a Leadership Development Training Workbook to give to your participants. The case studies that participants must read, the questions they must answer and the exercises they must complete are all provided in this workbook.

3. In addition to this, you will also receive comprehensive training on how to promote this Leadership Development Training Program. Along with this, a PPT presentation and a brochure will also be given to you for marketing purposes.

4. All of the training materials you receive will be in digital form, making it simple for you to edit any part of it.

To put it briefly, you will receive all the needed details, from marketing to training, to successfully carry out a 3-day leadership development program. Don't you think, through this, it is going to be very easy for you to conduct training on leadership? You can approach various MNCs, schools, and colleges to market it and conduct this course successfully. In addition, you can also add different topics that you have learned in the NLP Master Trainer course. Basically, this Leadership Development Training Module will serve as a template for you, from which you may create a variety of training modules similar to this one.

Friends, at I.B.H.N.L.P., we want you to step into the training industry and start manifesting wealth immediately after the completion of the Master Trainer course. We try our level best to help you realise your dream of becoming a trainer. If you put in a little effort on your end and keep moving forward with a positive outlook, then I would like to say with confidence that you will soon become a trainer. The dream of becoming a trainer will come true.

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