NLP Training in Chandigarh


NLP Training in Chandigarh

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Are you looking for something like,

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Usually, whenever someone wants to do NLP Training in Chandigarh, he/she comes up with the following questions:

- Which is the best NLP Training Institute in Chandigarh?

- Who is the best NLP Trainer in Chandigarh?

- Or how can I get NLP Training in Chandigarh? Likewise.

If you need the answers for these questions, then you are at the right place!

There are so many NLP Trainers, working in various major cities of India providing NLP Training, NLP Courses, and NLP workshops, but if you want to get trained in NLP by one of the best NLP Trainers in India, then I would suggest you choose IBHNLP. 

‘IBHNLP’ stands for ‘The Indian Board of Hypnosis & Neuro-Linguistic Programming. It is a membership-based organization working in India and abroad. IBHNLP is the biggest platform having the largest network of NLP practitioners, NLP coaches, NLP Trainers, and NLP professionals all over India. IBHNLP conducts NLP training programs in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, and Ahmedabad. This NLP Training program is 6 Days’ workshop followed by 45 Days post-Training support.

So, if you are planning for NLP Training in Chandigarh, definitely IBHNLP is not going to provide you NLP training in Chandigarh, but I would suggest that if you want to make your career in NLP or if you want to transform your own life, as well as grow professionally in your life with the help of NLP, then you should choose IBHNLP and take efforts to travel either of the cities mentioned above. Getting yourself completely cut off from your daily affairs & dedicating the focus efforts to self-transformation could bring amazing results, which you might not even imagine. If you ask me if I am getting NLP Training in Chandigarh, why should I travel to either of the cities mentioned above? Please check out the following features whether the institute providing NLP training in Chandigarh, is offering you these features? If not, then you must think twice before you enroll. So, let’s check the features offered by IBHNLP to its Practitioners and why most of the participants who want to get trained in NLP, choose IBHNLP.

There are 5 questions that you should ask yourself before enrolling in any NLP Training or course happening all over India.

1. Is the NLP Training Institute providing you Free Training in Direct Hypnosis? 

You must be aware that NLP is also called conversational Hypnosis. Ultimately Meta model, Milton model & overall the structure of NLP is based on Conversational Hypnosis. If you want to get mastery over Conversational Hypnosis, it’s hard without the understanding of Direct Hypnosis. And if you want to get this training separately, then there are institutes that charge you from 8k to10k for Hypnosis Training only. But considering this need IBHNLP has started providing this Hypnosis Training FREE of cost. Click Here to know more.

2. Is the NLP Training Institute offering you complimentary Training and Certification in Life coaching?

Most of the participants, who enroll for NLP Training are willing to make their career in NLP or want to use NLP professionally. Even if you are just seeking NLP for your personal growth, then also I would recommend you to get the aspect of life coaching. Because life coaching gives you the formats and structures to clarify your thinking. And with these formats of life coaching, you could solve your issues, move ahead in your life, achieve your dreams and you can do many other things with the help of all these formats. And you can also help others professionally, but if you do life coach training separately, then it costs you from 25k to 2 lakhs. But IBHNLP covers this life coaching course FREE if you enroll for the NLP Training workshop. Click here to read more. 

3. What is the Pre-Training strategy?

If you google ‘NLP books’, you would find more than 3000 results on google just for NLP books. More or less same is the case with Hypnosis and life coaching. So, it’s very difficult for any skilled Trainer to train others in NLP, Hypnosis & Life Coaching in just 5-6 days. So here at IBHNLP, we have developed a very intensive preparatory course. It would cover all the theoretical and conceptual aspects of NLP, Hypnosis as well as life coaching. It will take around 2 to 3 months to cover the preparatory stuff itself. It’s a self-study material-based course. It will cover all the theoretical and conceptual aspects of NLP, Hypnosis as well as life coaching. So, when you come for the offline integrated program of NLP, we would be more focused on practicing, experiencing, exploring, and experimenting with all the tools and techniques. To know more click here.

4. What is post-training assistance?

I would like to make you clear at the beginning itself, that NLP is the art as well as the science of human transformation or mind programming. So, it’s not only enough to get trained in NLP or Hypnosis, we need consistent support till we get mastery over these skills. So, make sure that in whichever institute you are enrolling yourself for your NLP Training, they are also providing you the most assistance. IBHNLP has the most concrete post-training strategy all over India. IBHNLP provides you 45 days’ post-training support in which we make sure that all the skills which are learned in the practical workshop would get practiced. And the Master Trainer is all time available for you to assist your queries and questions as well as we also provide a free video course of NLP in which all the topics are revised. Click here to know more.

5. Are you getting trained in English as well as in Hindi?

Let me clear this. As we already know India is a multi-lingual country and NLP is a language-based skill. So, getting an understanding of NLP in either of these languages is not enough. If you want to work professionally, then as per the need of the client, we have to shift between the languages. Sometimes we have to use Hindi and sometimes we have to use English, and sometimes we use the regional language as well. And if we talk about English and Hindi or any Indian language, there is a fundamental difference in the sentence structures. So here at IBHNLP, we have meticulously translated all the Meta model, Milton model, and language patterns into Hindi. So, all the content you are going to get is in Hindi as well as English. Click here to know more.

6. All these features in your budget?

Last but not least, I would like to say that this most comprehensive and integrated NLP practitioner, NLP Coach, Hypnosis Practitioner, and a life coach training program is offered to you at a very affordable price having a discount of 35%. Click here to know more.

One more important aspect of the NLP Training Program, I would like to discuss. The outcome of the NLP Training Program primarily depends on the experience & expertise of the Master Trainer.

Let’s know about Sandip Shirsat- the Founder & CEO of IBHNLP:

  • The founder and CEO of IBHNLP are Master Trainer Sandip Shirsat. He is India’s topmost NLP Trainer.
  • He is the author of the book ‘NLP - The Adventurous Inner Journey!’ which explains how to transform the 10 most important areas of our life. He is been exploring several psychological ways to help people make personal and professional changes. He conducts 12 to 15 batches of NLP practitioner training in India every year. This demonstrates his competence and fame.
  • He is the originator of MBNLP (mindfulness-based Neuro-linguistic programming), a new dawn in the development of human consciousness.
  • He is also an inventor of the ‘5 Box Leadership Development Model’ which is a leadership model used in executive coaching for CEOs, CFOs, HR professionals, etc. to strengthen their leadership skills as well as to improve personal and professional relationships. It also helps in becoming a powerful leader, influencer, and communicator.

So, what are you are waiting for? Get trained from India’s best NLP Master Trainer with such amazing features!

 Don’t waste your time and be a part of India’s largest NLP Community with IBHNLP.

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