Want To Publish NLP Research Paper?


Some Guidelines for Submitting Blogs/Articles or Research Papers to IBHNLP

Welcome to the World of NLP Research!

Indian Board of Hypnosis & Neuro-Linguistic Programming (IBHNLP) is one of the reputed NLP Boards, dedicated to inspire research and new thinking in the field of NLP. We offer the best quality, educational & professional blogs, scholarly articles & genuine Research Papers related to NLP on our website. We attempt hard to ensure really great quality blogs. In this regard, we don’t want to publish low quality, degrading and illogical content on our website. We primarily focus on ‘New Thinking in NLP’, so we want blogs on different perspectives of NLP, Innovative Thinking, Challenging Old Beliefs and Assumptions Regarding NLP. These blogs or articles should be based on your research, experience, your extended thought on an old topic or discovering something completely new.

Don’t forget that your blog or an article is your voice and that voice will be echoed for years. People will read it, ponder over it, it will give a new dimension to their life, it can open up new avenues for them or it will transform their life also. So before submitting your blog to the Indian Board of Hypnosis & Neuro-Linguistic Programming (IBHNLP), give as much time as possible to develop it. Don’t be in hurry to send us something to publish. Your blog reflects your thinking, your values, and your beliefs. In short, your blog is you, talking to someone with written lines. Remember, it is not only a blog that contains a few lines, it’s a vision that might transform the field of NLP.    

You even can write a blog that disagrees with our thoughts on NLP. I personally welcome this, because this is the only way we can grow as human & learn something new. No one has a monopoly on NLP. It might happen that your article will help someone to think in completely New Direction. It might help someone to change his or her own Pre-suppositions. This will help us all as NLP community to become stronger, more accurate and more practical.

While writing Blog, Article or Research Paper, please avoid attacking someone personally. If you disagree with anything in the domain of NLP and attacking someone personally to prove your point, is not accepted instead prove your point with your Research, Experiment and Judgement. We don’t have the right to degrade anyone’s efforts. 

Also, IBHNLP reserves right to edit your Blog, Article or Research Paper if necessary. We won’t publish it without the consent of the Author. It doesn’t mean that we are Intelligent than you, but it simply means that we just want to bring your Blog, Article or Research Paper in our style of blogging. We will just make it more readable, reduce or increase the size of it, etc.  

Criteria for Blogging or publishing an article or Research Paper:

  1. Don’t forget to write footnotes and endnotes, if necessary. 
  2. Write your article in 1000 to 1500 words. Avoid going more than that.
  3. Use images and graphics if possible. But check their copyrights first.
  4. Avoid personal attacks. Write with the respect, that you would want in return.
  5. Proofread twice before sending your blog.
  6. Avoid using jargons or too many Technical Terms. Make it Readable.
  7. No selling or marketing through Blogs or Articles.
  8. If you want to write a book review, you are welcome.
  9. You can also write about your own book in the domain of NLP & Hypnosis.

You enjoy Your Blogging; we will take care of publishing.

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