How long does it take to hypnotise someone?

Well, it depends. I mean, the hypnotizing isn’t really the important thing for me. That’s a tool. It’s what you then do with it. So it depends on the person; it depends on the skill of the operator. There are so many variables. You know, I mean it doesn’t work every time for everything. In fact, we have a saying: anyone who says they’ve got a 100% success rate doesn’t have enough clients.

But after learning Direct Hypnosis, you would be able to judge it on your own. Then, through experiments & practice, you can exactly tell how much time do you need to hypnotize a person. In a normal situation, it takes 10 to 15 minutes to take a client into a deep trance. There are shows in which they use the instant hypnosis, but it's of not much use in coaching or in therapy. Our focus is on training you in that part of Hypnosis, which is used in coaching, counselling or therapy.

Listen to the following audio track for a better understanding of how Hypnosis works & how to seed suggestions into the sub-conscious mind?

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