How to become a Certified NLP Trainer?


How can I become an NLP Trainer?

There are two options for becoming an NLP trainer. The first option is an easy one and the second is a little challenging.

First Option:

Find out a good NLP training institute and finish following courses.

Level 1 - NLP Practitioner Certification.

Level 2 - NLP Master Certification.

Level 3 - NLP Trainer Certification.

And you will be declared as an NLP Trainer.

At IBHNLP, we have only two levels.


Second Option:

Apart from completing the above courses, you need to master 5 skills which might take some time and a lot of efforts.

Reading Mastery (Followed by experiments) –

The golden rule to achieve success in the training field: ‘Content is King (but the marketing is queen and runs the household)’. To make your content 'King', let me tell you the most important formula, READ, READ and Keep READING!

If you want a creative expression of your content, you need to follow three steps:

Step 1. Read More, Read Faster and Read Between the Lines

Step 2. Contemplate and digest what you read

Step 3. Experiment with what you read (This is the most important step.)

These steps look simple and easy but often overlooked by many trainers. As per my observation, new trainers are ready to do anything but reluctant to sit and read for hours together.

Before launching my career in NLP, I read more than 80 core NLP books and around 100 books on personal development and I still go on reading (Currently reading Byron Katie's book 'Who Would You Be Without Your Story?') Moral of the story, Read More, Read Faster and Read Between the Lines.

If you want you can refer 'How to read better and faster by Norman Lewis.'

Writing Mastery -

Remember, talking is not enough to be a successful trainer. You must master writing skill as well. Writing skill is necessary for the following reasons:

1. Writing Blogs for your website, Facebook page, etc.

2. Writing Book on training topics that you deliver

3. Writing Workbook for training purpose

4. Writing Scripts for YouTube Video & Podcast

If you master writing skill, it will be easy for you to share your message on various platforms.

Now, for getting mastery in writing skill, here are a few things you need to remember:

Don’t think that you need to be an author like R. K. Narayan, Salman Rushdie or Khushwant Singh. Your agenda is not to be a novelist (but if you want you can be a novelist also).

Remember, your target is very simple, you are going to write blogs, scripts or a book on your training topic. You will be writing your own experiences and experiments that you have done with your topic. So whatever you deliver in your training programmes, the same stuff you may write (by making little changes considering norms of written content). That's why for a trainer to write something is really easy in a way.

And most importantly, the language of motivational writing must be simple and descriptive. You don’t need to be Shashi Tharoor (if you want you can be) for that. Remember, to write on motivational topics is much easier than writing a novel. Jodi Picoult rightly says, ‘You can always edit a bad page. You can’t edit a blank page.’

In NLP Practitioner Certification Course at IBHNLP, you learn the Milton Model and this model will help you write and write well.

Public Speaking Mastery -

To be a successful trainer, I don’t think I need to explain a lot about the importance of Public Speaking Mastery. As per my experience, there is one skill that changes the whole game in the field of training: ‘holding the interest of the audience & involving them in the mainstream of the content delivered.’ Training doesn’t mean only talking but it means holding the interest so intensely that time should vanish.

Dale Carnegie in his famous book 'How to Develop Self-Confidence And Influence People By Public Speaking' says, ‘There lies one of the secrets of interesting delivery. That is a significant truth, one that we ought to profit by in our everyday intercourse. The entirely new is not interesting; the entirely old has no attractiveness for us. We want to be told something new about the old.’

In NLP Master Trainer Certification course, you will learn all the important public speaking techniques and practise them in the workshop itself. You will learn how to design a questionnaire, case study, demo, etc. In addition to this, you will master the art of creating an innovative content design for your training workshops which can hold the interest of your audience for hours and days together.

Business Mastery –

To achieve success in the training field, you need to get mastery over the above-listed training skills. Apart from this, you need to be a business person as well. I have seen so many good trainers, having mastery over training skills, but lack the mindset of the business person. When it comes to the sale, they say 'NO'. They ask themselves, "how can I sell? I am a trainer, not a marketing person or a businessman. Selling a product or service is not my job."

Majority of the trainers face this problem because they have a self-concept of a trainer and with this limiting self-concept, it becomes difficult to sell.

In NLP Master Trainer at IBHNLP, we work rigorously on every aspect of the self-concept. By this, you can build a self-concept that allows you to freely do everything necessary to grow yourself in the training profession.

To grow in the training industry, you need to master the following areas:

Creating Attractive Offer

Designing Concrete Business Plan



Sales etc.

You can do all this stuff on your own or you can hire an agency. Hiring an agency works only when you have in-depth knowledge of your field and good business sense otherwise it backfires.

Second last day of NLP Master Trainer Programme at IBHNLP is dedicated for the Business Plan Presentation. Here all participants present 1 to 3 years prediction of their business. As well as we work on various aspects of the training industry throughout the course.

Digital Mastery -

The world around us is changing rapidly. We must continuously be adaptive and agile to stay ahead of the time. Digital Presence is at the core of every business today. You must pitch your training product on various digital platforms. Either you have to hire a good agency that will look after all digital platforms or you need to learn how to operate all these various digital platforms. My recommendation is to learn these digital skills initially, later on, you can hire an agency. In this scenario, no agency can befool you.

Following digital platforms are normally used to spread your training seminars.

Your Own Website






Quora & many more...

Now it is all about the process of being an NLP trainer.

Finally, let me ask you a fundamental question that will direct and control your destiny in the training field.

What is your motive (intention) behind being an NLP trainer?

Please reflect upon this question. Stay with it for a while. Don’t let your mind give you the ready-made answers. Brainstorm about it. Spend at least a weekend with this same question.

Because answers to this question will provide you, your purpose of being a trainer. And remember, very few trainers can clearly articulate their purpose behind being a trainer.

What is your purpose, cause or belief?

Why does your training institute exist?

Why do you get out of bed every morning?

And why should anyone care about your training workshops?

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