The Five Most Fundamental & Important Questions for Life Transformation


The Five Most Fundamental & Important Questions for Life Transformation

Some questions were hovering my head for some days. Whenever I think about the violence in Kashmir, these questions hover over my mind. Why are we Indians always full of anger towards Pakistanis? Why are Pakistanis full of hatred towards Indians? Why is nothing Ok with these two countries? In Cricket also, 'If we lose the World Cup, that's fine, but we shouldn't lose the match with Pakistan.' Why beating Pakistan becomes more important than to win the World Cup?

Whenever I think about these questions, some answers pop up in my brain, as 'Pakistanis are our enemies, they've only one dream, they want to win over India, so before they attack us, we should defeat them.' Whenever I think about these answers, I think these are not only the answers, but these are my beliefs, these are my convictions, they have become my deep faith.


But what are these Beliefs mean?

You must be aware that our Beliefs directly give orders to our brain. - Our Beliefs control our behaviour. 

- Our Beliefs means our firm faith. 

- Our Beliefs means absolute truth for us. 

- Our Beliefs means our thoughts or a structure of thoughts, on which we never raise a question. 

- Our Beliefs means a kind of thoughts which we could never be changed. 

If you dig a little deeper, you could easily see that our Beliefs run our life. It is such a foundation; on which we raise the structure of our thoughts. Most of the time, these Beliefs are so minute that we can't see them directly. They are so close to us that they hide away from us. They are so entangled in our life that we never raise the questions on them. If we can think a little profoundly, ultimately what is our life? Our Beliefs are our Life.

You must have observed that our whole life moves around these Beliefs. The entire life, we are trying to prove these beliefs. They may be negative or positive. In the end, our Beliefs are the prophecy of our life, defined by ourselves. Whenever we find somebody attacking our Beliefs, we become ready to do anything for that. Why is there so much violence in the world? Because everybody wants to prove that his or her Beliefs are right & others are wrong.

On the contrary, positive beliefs become staircase for success, for example, Mukesh Ambani says, "Our fundamental belief is to move forward in life & all the time, we are going to move forward," & the same belief pushes Reliance Industries ahead.

Now the question is: where do these Beliefs come from?

Our Beliefs come from our past experiences, from our education formal & informal, the way we are nurtured, from our parents, from the environment we live in. Most of the time, we carry such Beliefs with us, which are thrust upon us. In many cases, we even don't understand that there are some negative beliefs, which have become an inseparable part of our life.

How do these Beliefs work? 

Some days ago, I was reading about 'The History Project'. While reading, I thought that whenever one-sided view or fact is told to people again & again in several ways, it becomes a firm belief for them. The same thing had happened with people of India & Pakistan since the last 69 years. Today also, whenever the children from both countries read the History, which most of the time gives a one-dimensional depiction of events, fills the hearts of people with bias.

For example, ….

Let's take an example of Kashmir. It is taught in India, in the books of History that in 1947, the then ruler Maharaj Hari Singh, wanted to merge his kingdom in India, not in Pakistan. When armed intruders of Pakistan attacked Kashmir, Hari Singh signs the agreement for merging his kingdom in India. As a result, India sent the Indian Army to protect Kashmir.

On the other hand, in Pakistan's History textbooks, the same thing is told exactly in the opposite way. According to these books, Maharaj Hari Singh started expelling Muslims, oppressing them, massacring them, because he was a Hindu Ruler & most of the people in his kingdom were Muslims. To fight back, Kashmiris took the help of combatants of Pakistan & became successful in freeing the most of the part of the Kashmir. Being helpless, Hari Singh signs the agreement to get help from India.

Now it is a different question about who is right & who is wrong. I'm not a historian at all, so I don't know whose edition is right & who's wrong. But the point to be understood here is that how Beliefs are thrust upon us. Gradually, we become the slaves of those beliefs, which we haven't chosen, but which are taught to us. 

Now the time has come, when we should check our beliefs, think a little bit about them & most importantly, choose our Beliefs with awareness.

In the end, Beliefs are Beliefs. How can they be right or wrong, because my Beliefs are right for me, which may be wrong for others? The Beliefs, for which a person would get ready to die, can be wrong for me. There is only one parameter, on which we can choose our beliefs & that is: Which Beliefs can work positively & which are not. Which Beliefs are workable & which are not? Those who impact us positively, densify them & those which are negative, destroy them.

Now the most important question ….

What are my Beliefs toward my job?

If I really think that my job is a burden for me, or that is my helplessness, the job is a punishment; then maybe, whatever would be my salary, I won't be able to work with joy in its totality. Then think a little. Really, which are your Beliefs about your job? Write them down & you would be surprised that whatever results you are producing, good or bad, that is directly compared with your Beliefs, which may be positive or negative.

Which are my Beliefs about my Job?


Now ask the questions to yourself.

01. Do these Beliefs motivate me to work at my job with joy & enthusiasm?
02. On the basis of these Beliefs, do I feel happy after work?
03. Can these Beliefs bring positive impact in my life?
04. Are these Beliefs needed to be changed?
05. If yes, then which are the new Beliefs, which could change my life?


You would think that this is not for me; all my Beliefs are positive. But think a little, it is for you. Ok, let's meet on the next blog. Till then….

'Enjoy your Life & Live with Passion!'

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