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Indore - is one of the leading education hubs in India, having IIM and IIT as well as many pieces of training, coaching, and educational institutes. But when it comes to professionalism, you need NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Training to adopt rational thinking, personal transformation, and positive behavior. If you are just exploring ‘What is NLP?’ or ‘How NLP can help you personally & professionally?’, browse through the website, you would get ample resources, but if you seriously want to do NLP Training or want to join the NLP Training Program in Indore, keep reading till the end, because in that case, you might have to come to Mumbai, Pune, Delhi or Ahmedabad to attend the training from professional.

Let’s know more about NLP in brief:

‘NLP’ stands for ‘Neuro-linguistic preprogramming’ is a model of interpersonal communication skill, which is concerned with the link between successful patterns of behavior and personal experiences, which aims to teach people self-awareness and effective communication skills, as well as improve their mental and emotional patterns.

The master trainer’s experience and expertise are the most crucial aspects to get the successful outcomes of NLP training. If you are an NLP practitioner or NLP coach, your mastery of a life-changing work process ultimately determines your success.

If you are looking for ‘NLP Indore’ or ‘NLP training in Indore’, you are probably looking for an NLP training institute in Indore to assist you to manage personal concerns, personal transformational or professional opportunities with the help of NLP Training. Without any doubt, you must be looking for the best NLP Trainer in Indore, so could get yourself trained in NLP from the best NLP Trainer of India.

IBHNLP (Indian Board of Hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic programming) is the only Indian board since 2010 committed to NLP research and innovation, also for promotions of NLP programs, training sessions. We also provide Free Training in Hypnosis and Life coaching. We have built this platform with a vision to provide NLP professionals with the purpose to bring something new to the world.

So are you ready to start your 2022 with the massive transformation from the best NLP master trainer- Sandip Shirsat?

About the master trainer Sandip Shirsat:


Sandip Shirsat is the founder and CEO of IBHNLP, India’s top NLP, Hypnosis, Life Coaching, Mindfulness Research, and Training Institute.

He is the creator of MBNLP (mindfulness-based neuro-linguistic programming), a new dawn in the development of human consciousness.

He is an inventor of the ‘5 Box Leadership Development Model’ which is a leadership model used in executive coaching for CEOs, CFOs, HR professionals,s, etc. to strengthen their leadership skills as well as to improve personal and professional relationships. It also helps in becoming a powerful leader, influencer, and communicator.

Sandip Shirsat is the author of the book ‘NLP - The Adventurous Inner Journey!’ which explains how to transform the 10 most important areas of our life. He is been exploring several psychological ways to help people make personal and professional changes. He conducts 12 to 15 batches of NLP practitioner training in India every year. This demonstrates his competence and fame.

Advantages to choosing IBHNLP for NLP training across India:

1. FREE Training and Certification in Direct Hypnosis:

We have discovered that individuals who have been trained in Direct Hypnosis at the least acknowledge the process of Direct Hypnosis can rapidly grasp Conversational Hypnosis. Click here to know more about free training and certification.

2. FREE Training and Certification in Life Coaching:

IBHNLP provides life coach training and certification absolutely free. Here you will learn the latest cutting-edge NLP tools and techniques that will help you create more impact in the world. Click here to read more

3. Concrete Pre-Training for Better Understanding:

The Pre-training program has been designed to cover all the major concepts of NLP, Hypnosis, life coaching, and personality development, so that when to enroll in the actual training program, we can simply focus on experimenting, learning, embedding all these skills. Click here to read more.

4. Extensive Post-Training Support for Practice:

We believe, to practice and implant all these skills, one requires actual post-training support. All of these skills require guided practice. Hence, our master NLP trainer Sandip Shirsat provides you full-time guidance for a month to practice your post-training. Click here to know more about our Post-Training support.

5. World Class Training in Your Budget:

IBHNLP’s mission is to promote NLP, Hypnosis & Life Coaching all over the world. According to our master trainer Sandip Shirsat, NLP is such a powerful tool for personal transformation and it can literarily transform the lives of so many individuals. That’s why, here at IBHNLP, we are offering 35% Off on our Integrated NLP Practitioner Course in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, or Ahmedabad.

Even if you search for the best NLP training at the lowest price, around every corner of India, you will find IBHNLP is offering all the best features at the most affordable price.

You can attend the NLP practitioner course just by investing ₹ 24, 499 /- with all the above-mentioned exclusive features.

Click here to know more about our offer in detail.

This is a place where you can reflect, explore yourself, personally connect, express your truth, assist others and feel totally aligned in order to be yourself. So what are waiting for….?

Register now to get the best NLP training from India’s best NLP master trainer and coach- Sandip Shirsat.

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