NLP Master & NLP Trainer Workshop in India


Course: NLP Master, NLP Master Trainer, CBT Practitioner, Emotional Intelligence Coach, Corporate Trainer Workshop

Duration: 9 Days

Dates: 09th February  to 17th February 2025

Trainer: Master Trainer Sandip Shirsat

Venue: Andheri East, Mumbai

Fees: 79,999/- (including Taxes + Food Charges)

How can only IBHNLP cover NLP Master & NLP Trainer Workshop in just 9 Days?

This in-depth & intensive course requires your complete Dedication & Focus to rip all the benefits of becoming an NLP Master & NLP Trainer.

Structure of NLP Master & Trainer:

  • 4 Months Comprehensive Preparatory Course, in which participants are expected to study advanced NLP & Training literature and they also have to design the outline for three NLP training modules.
  • 9 Days of In-house Training
  • 10 Days of Assignments & Evaluation Process
  • 6 Months Post-Training Support after the successful completion of NLP Master & NLP Master Trainer. This post-training support is confined to developing training skills, coaching skills, module designing skills & presentation skills.


Exclusive NLP Master & NLP Trainer Workshop with all the benefits of Emotional Intelligence Coaching & Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Training.


“NLP Master Certification Course at IBHNLP is one of the most detail and in-depth courses in India. In this course, you will learn about all major streams of NLP and change work philosophy of important contributors in NLP. This course is specifically designed to train you in the basic principles that hold NLP together. You will learn the most important tools, techniques and advanced NLP patterns. One of the aims is to make NLP part of your personality. This will help you to conduct advanced change work process for individuals and groups.”

In NLP Master You will learn:

  • Success Modelling
  • Modelling World’s Greatest NLP Trainers & their Change Philosophy
  • The magic of Mind Lines – Advanced Reframing
  • NLP Self-Concept
  • Personality Profiling – NLP Meta-Programs
  • Current Developments in NLP
  • Psychology of Meta-States
  • Self-Actualization & NLP
  • Advanced NLP Patterns
  • Dealing with Inner Conflict – Confusion to Clarity
  • Core Change Work with NLP
  • Behaviours & Decisions Drivers
  • Designing your Own Patterns & Techniques
  • How Others Achieve Mastery with NLP
  • Unconscious sorting based on Values
  • NLP for Health
  • Advanced Linguistic Models
  • Click here to check the Syllabus in Detail.

Bonus: Taught Only at IBHNLP- Indian Board of Hypnosis & Neuro-Linguistic Programming

  • Emotional Intelligence Coaching
  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy
  • Games of Frames
  • Introduction to Integral Psychology
  • Virginia Satire’s Approach towards Communication
  • Digital Marketing & Branding

You will learn tools to achieve the following things:

  • how to deliver messages consciously and unconsciously
  • how to teach people to think in new ways to arrive at specific outcomes
  • how to build directions into people's thoughts and behaviours
  • how to help a person prioritize his thinking effectively
  • how to get out of fear and anxieties and do the same with clients
  • how to change beliefs quickly


  • You will hold a ‘Complete Change Work Session’ at the course
  • You will design an outline of the modelling project and present it at the course


  • You will learn modelling secrets to transform your personal and professional life.
  • You will learn how your unconscious drive your behaviour.
  • You can develop an NLP based business.
  • This course is a perfect blend of NLP theory and practical.
  • You will learn original NLP as well as recently developed approaches.
  • You can join the growing community of NLP master of IBHNLP
  • After this course, you can start training & consultancy business, become a life coach or executive coach, start your own NLP training company etc. and enjoy financial success.

NLP Trainers’ Training Program:

Nowadays, Training field has become competitive in India. To be successful, you need to stand out from the rest of the Trainers. You can do this by offering high-quality Training Courses to your audience. To make sure that you achieve your goal of becoming the best NLP Trainer, IBHNLP offers the best NLP Trainers’ Program in India.


This is the best and comprehensive NLP Trainers’ Training Course by IBHNLP. The training program is conducted by Master Trainer Sandip Shirsat, Founder & CEO of IBHNLP. This is the most valuable and authentic Trainer’s Training program to train you to become an NLP Trainer. The major objective of this course is to help you learn skills and attitudes to be the best NLP trainer. You will be demonstrated all major NLP skills, so you could model them and learn quickly.

Getting trained with IBHNLP would prove to be one of the most important decisions of your life. This will accelerate your career as an NLP Trainer and a coach. This course will help you learn outstanding training skills and fetch lucrative business opportunities after the successful completion of NLP Master & NLP Trainers’ Training Workshop.

To be a successful NLP trainer, you need to develop the ability to engage your audience and become a charismatic public speaker. This course will help you learn how to design and hold NLP based sessions with full of enthusiasm and confidence. You will also understand strategies for using verbal and nonverbal communication to hold the attention of the audience. This will help you to convey your message with clarity and precision.

In this course you will learn: 

  • Go into ‘Trainer’s State’ (Mindset) & Transform Your Stage Presence
  • Adopt ‘Beliefs’ of world’s greatest Trainers & Public Speakers
  • Build a Rapport with the group and become ‘Friendly Commander’
  • Modelling enchanting style of geniuses of training
  • Develop your own Unique Style of public speaking
  • Be energetic throughout your training seminars (whether it is one day, 5 days, 10 days or 21 days)
  • Develop your sensory acuity (senses) to locate minute happening while training
  • Speak the magical language that will spellbind your audience
  • Be the master of non-verbal communication (speak without saying anything)
  • Deliver embedded (hidden) commands to your audience that they are bound to follow
  • Change ‘states’ (emotions) of your audience at your will.

You will also learn:

  • The Secrets of Charismatic Delivery
  • Exploring & Developing Your Own Delivery Style
  • Becoming Enchanting Story Teller
  • Leading Enchanting Group Discussion
  • Creating Thought-Provoking Case Studies
  • Audience Engagement Strategies
  • 15 most Important Management Concepts
  • Innovate your Own Games & Activities
  • Leading Actual Group Discussion Session
  • Program your Brain to be a World-Class Trainer

Bonus: Emotional Intelligence Coaching training by the Indian Board of Hypnosis & Neuro-Linguistic Programming (IBHNLP)

What is Emotional Intelligence Coaching?

Emotional Intelligence (EI) means our overall capacity to realize, express, understand and direct our emotions and the emotions of people around us in an effective & proper manner, both in the workplace and in our personal lives.

Most of us commonly get stuck in the realm of emotions. Emotional Intelligence Coach helps the client to deal with his or her own feelings and the feeling of those around them. In short, EI means being aware and control (it includes expressing emotions inappropriate manner) our emotions and help others to do the same.

Decision-making is one of the crucial area of our life that shapes our destiny. Mostly, the basis of our decision-making ability is our emotions. Our emotions are the most important contributing factor that motivates us to act and make decisions. Even our entire experience of the quality of our life is determined by our ability to handle our emotions.

As an emotional intelligence coach, you need to do two things:

1. Master your own emotions first

2. Help clients to handle their emotions effectively

As an Emotional Intelligence Coach, you will be working on two major emotional issues.

1. Low Self-esteem – When the client feels that he is not capable and competent to achieve something.

2. Low Self-worth – When the client feels that he is not worthy of love and respect from himself and from others.

These two issues are created because of experiencing unhealthy emotions in the long run. Tools and techniques of Emotional Intelligence Coaching will help your client to get out of low self-esteem and low self-worth.

Bonus: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) training by the Indian Board of Hypnosis & Neuro-Linguistic Programming (IBHNLP)

What is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)?

Cognitive behavioural therapy is a school of psychotherapy that aims to help people overcome their emotional problems.

✓ Cognitive means mental processes like thinking. The word ‘cognitive’ refers to everything that goes on in your mind including dreams, memories, images, thoughts and attention.

✓ Behaviour refers to everything that you do. This includes what you say, how you try to solve problems, how you act and avoidance. Behaviour refers to both action and inaction, for example biting your tongue instead of speaking your mind is still a behaviour even though you are trying not to do something.

✓ Therapy is a word used to describe a systematic approach to combating a problem, illness or irregular condition.

What will You learn in Cognitive Behavioural Training?

A central concept in CBT is that you feel the way you think. Therefore, CBT works on the principle that you can live more happily and productively if you’re thinking in healthy ways.

Progressing from problems to goals:

CBT aims to help you move from defined emotional and behavioural problems towards your goals of how you’d like to feel and behave.

Thus, CBT is a goal-directed, systematic, problem-solving approach to emotional problems.

Making the Thought–Feeling Link (CBT Equation)

A (An actual or activating event) + B (beliefs and meanings about the event) = C (emotional and behavioural consequence)

This is the formula or equation that CBT uses to make sense of your emotional problems.

CBT has developed its own mechanism to solve emotional and psychological problems. Here you will learn and master some of the most effective tools and techniques of CBT for Chang Work.

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