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What is that really pulling us back?

A vicious circle starts in life; we get stuck, we get tired, gradually start crumbling & finally we accept the defeat. But how does this all happen? What is that which is holding us back?

One day in the evening I went for a walk on a hill near the city. It was a rainy season. The rain had stopped just a little while ago. The sun was setting in the west. Birds were returning to the nest. Wind as if, had stopped. A brooklet was flowing down the hill. There was deep silence around. While watching that brooklet lines from a Hindi song struck my mind. Lines were …

 “ओ दरिया मुझे नहीं जाना उस पार, आया रांझा मेरा, आया रांझा मेरा, 

“ओ दरिया जरा रोकन दो मंझधार आया रांझा मेरा, आया रांझा मेरा ”

The somewhat meaning of it is: I had a dream for ages. Since I become conscious, I had only one thing in my mind & that was to go on the other shore of the ocean as early as possible.

I’ve heard a lot about the world beyond these shores. Many interesting stories are being told of that shore. The world on the other shore is quite different than this one. It is more prosperous, more joyous, quieter & happier. There is no rush like here. There is neither despair nor disappointment & tension. I wanted to go to that world. I’m preparing myself for that for ages. Today, I’m totally prepared for the voyage.

I was about to set out, my lover came, with whom I had an attachment, eternal love & a deep bonding. Now there was confusion. One part of the mind is saying, “Come on, it’s time to leave” & the other half is saying, “Let’s stop for a while. This moment won’t come again.” Now I’ve to choose between these two. There is a duality in my mind & at last, I’ve to say…..

 “ओ दरिया मुझे नहीं जाना उस पार, आया रांझा मेरा, आया रांझा मेरा, 

“ओ दरिया जरा रोकन दो मंझधार आया रांझा मेरा, आया रांझा मेरा ”

I stopped, because of love, because of bondage, because of a deep connection I felt. I decided not to go. I kept aside my year’s preparation, for which I had prepared myself. It’s ok, let’s move on.

But don’t you think that most of the times in life petty things prevent us from achieving our dreams? How do they take away the strength of going beyond ‘the shore’? How do they imprison our powerful soul? A vicious circle starts in life, and we get stuck, we become tired, gradually start crumbling & finally we accept the defeat. But how does this all happen? What is that which is holding us back? What stops us from moving ahead? What becomes shackles in our progress?

This is called ‘Disempowering Thought Pattern’ which makes us feel helpless. Sometimes this thought pattern frames such a web, where we get entangled in such a way, that we can’t even understand that we are entangled in a vicious circle. Unknowingly by practising these empowering thoughts every day, they become so powerful, that they start ruling our life.

I was attending a client. He was an HR manager in NMC. He had everything in his life, but still, he was feeling apathy in his life. There was a feeling of hollowness, a feeling of despair. He had everything, but still, nothing was working. Life has become mechanical & as a result, there was no enthusiasm has vanished from his life.

As if he was waiting for his life to end. I asked him, “Do you want to live like this, or do you want to change this situation?” He said, “No doubt, I want to change this. Not only this, but I had been thinking of changing this for the last 15 years. I have a dream. I want to start my own hotel. I’m thinking this for years, but can’t dare to start it.

Friends, don’t you think that most of us get stuck at a particular stage in our life? We can neither go forward, nor there is a way to go back again. Life stops. The CD of life starts replaying the same song again & again.

There are basically three things which drag us behind, which create a vicious circle in our life.

- Our Disempowering Thought Patterns.

- Our Negative Habits

- Our Negative Emotions, which we feel every day.

Come on. Let’s look inside. Let’s search for our ‘Disempowering Thought Patterns’. Let’s think About our habits & let’s become aware of our negative feelings. For this, we’ve to search some answers & these questions are…..

- Which are the Disempowering Thought Patterns in your life, which stop you from moving ahead?

- Which are your habits, preventing you from moving forward?

- Which are the negative emotions, which you experience every day, that stop you from moving ahead?

If you ask these questions in relation to a particular dream, then you would get exact answers. For example, you want to top in competitive exam. Then ask these three questions in relation to a competitive exam. As you’d get answers, you would understand own your own, that which exact changes you should make to fulfil your dream.

Always do remember.

To change these three things told above is very easy. As easy as flip your fingers & the change is there. But before changing anything, let’s work on what is to be changed. Let’s write down the answers to the questions above. Come on, start thinking & start writing. Let’s meet in the next blog.

Till then ‘Enjoy your life & live with passion!’

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This blog talks about the disempowering thought patterns which paralyse our personal & professional life. Most of the time we get stuck at a certain stage because of some or other reason. At the same time, every one of us has that beautiful, delicate dream of our ideal life inside us, which keeps us alluring us all the time. That ideal life consists of all joy, happiness, fulfilment, satisfaction etc.

We also start heading towards that dream passionately, but something happens & that dream is shattered into pieces. Either we have to forget that dream or sacrifice so many valuable things from our life to attain that dream.

Here intervenes the NLP Techniques. NLP Training equips us with concrete tools & techniques to deal with adverse situations in our lives. After getting trained in NLP, Hypnosis & Life Coaching formats, we as NLP Practitioner can easily find out those disempowering thought patterns, which literally suck our most of the life energy. NLP conditions empowering thought patterns consciously in our subconscious brain. Really a magical journey begins as soon as we get hold of our own destiny.

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