Financial Freedom Through NLP


Financial Freedom Through NLP 

Do you work for money or Does the money work for you? This is the fundamental question I ask the participants of 3 Days' Financial Mastery Through NLP Program', after the much hustling & popping up of the ready-made answer, the real session starts. Right from Childhood, many of us are raised in families where financial freedom is only a dream. But in my opinion, Financial Freedom comes from the mentality of Abundance. There is enough of everything for everyone to live happily.

In our NLP Programs in India, we explain this theory in detail. Those, who want to do their NLP practitioner course in Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Ahmedabad will get Free Training in Direct Hypnosis if they do their NLP Practitioner in Indian Board of Hypnosis & Neuro-Linguistic Programming. (To read more, click here.)

Having money is not only about the material stuff in the world, but it's also about a state of mind.

The language about money is a funny old mix. We talk about "hard cash", a "solid investment" and "stretching your money" as if it is a physical thing that is as real as the nose on your face.

But at the same time, we also use phrases like "business confidence", "market stresses" and "investment shocks", as if it is all a state of mind.

What's more, if you look at what's written on a ₹ 100 note, it merely says: "I promise to pay the bearer the sum of Hundred rupees."

So, money is a promise in India, while in the US the dollar bill has a declaration that "this note is legal tender", signed underneath. Now, that could be seen as either a promise or a contract with the Reserve Bank of India. Either way, in the end, money is about faith and belief, as well as the solid facts of the world. As Indian people have seen that old notes of ₹1000 & ₹500 were declared as illegal by Indian govt. in a single day.

Throughout India & abroad, while conducting NLP Seminars, I've met so many entrepreneurs. I have seen people find the entrepreneurial spirit inside themselves, and become increasingly aware that doing the opposite of worrying about money - planning, seeing how money can be spent, opening themselves to opportunities and identifying great investments - offers massive returns

Some people consider themselves as the "victims" of money and feel helpless to do anything about it. They think that money is playing a vicious circle around them. But if there is anything that NLP teaches us, it is very simply that thinking of yourself in a certain way, imagining yourself to be helpless will generate a state of mind that will give you more of the same, and fulfil the prophecy you have given your unconscious.

Doing the opposite, and learning how to control your thinking to see and reach out for the chances money provides you is most definitely a skill - especially in the current economic climate in which doomsayers abound to affect our expectations. Indian Board of Hypnosis & Neuro-Linguistic Programming regularly arranges various NLP courses like NLP PractitionerNLP Master PractitionerNLP Master Trainer etc. to enhance this understanding among the people.

It's best to insulate yourself from the unrealistically negative. A little while ago I met someone who had attended Master NLP Trainer Sandip Shirsat's NLP Practitioner course, who told me in confidence that on that very day she had received a ₹100,000 cheque as her commission for selling real estate. When I had met her on the NLP Practitioner Course a year before, she had only talked about modest plans to set up a small business. So what had changed?

She told me: "While doing NLP Practitioner Course with IBHNLP, I learned to get rid of my Negative Emotions & Self Limiting Beliefs about Money. I started thinking in a completely new way about how to make money."

She told me that one of the major things she did was uncouple the idea that she would earn money on an hourly basis. She looked again at the service she provided and wondered what it was worth to the person she was working with.

It wasn't then just a question of "seeing herself richer" as some people think NLP tells you to do. Yes, that's the big picture, but there are then all the strategies involved in making money. She joined a business networking club. She watched how other people made money. She mixed with wealthy people and learned the attitudes that made them tick. She got rid of the ideas of being a "wage slave" and began to think of money as the natural counterpart of building business relationships and offering services to wealthy people.

That money becomes a mindset, and is not about the economy is also evidenced by another friend of mine who told me his attitude was "all about catching nothings". I asked him what he meant, and he said to me:

"There are always going to be numbers in your bank account. They could be any old number, but the numbers that count are the ones at the END of your statement, not at the beginning. The difference between 1 and 1 Crore is six nothings. This is going to sound crazy, but I imagine myself with a net, catching zeros. And somehow that works for me."

Another friend who had attended last year's Master NLP Trainer Sandip Shirsat's 'Mind-Set Mastery Program' in Mumbai stated it differently. "After attending the training, I realized that I was worth more. I went to my boss, and I told him he was going to put up my salary, and in return, I was going to do so much more for his Business. I laid out what I could do for him, and he put my salary up. It really was that simple."

It's just the inner wiring inside our brain, which we have to set properly. Things never change on the periphery first. We have to change them at a deeper level. One has to change Self-Image from being a "Salary Slave" to being free to make money is one of the things that I have seen many people learn during their NLP Training.

That said, NLP won't make everyone millionaires. My own experience shows that. For a long time, I struggled with just getting a decent salary because, to be frank, I was depressed. Since my NLP training, I have had a regular income from writing and other work which has brought stability and happiness to my life. I am not mega-rich, in monetary terms. But I am happy, and my life has a positive quality it never had before, despite that fact that I was running a successful but very stressful business before my NLP training. NLP Courses like NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Master Trainer etc. are effectively arranged by Indian Board of Hypnosis & Neuro-Linguistic Programming. One could get much more benefits by attending one of those programmes in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore, Ahmedabad & other major cities of India.

It is this assurance, this confidence, that in times of "low business confidence" we all need, to ensure we get ahead in life.

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