Get Free Hypnosis Training & Certification in India


              Get Free Hypnosis Training & Certification in India

Now get Free Training & Certification in Direct Hypnosis in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, and Delhi from India's Best NLP, Hypnosis Training Institute

Enroll in Integrated NLP Practitioner Certification Course & get Hypnosis Practitioner Certification absolutely FREE!

If you are searching for Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy Courses anywhere in India, then the Indian Board of Hypnosis & Neuro-Linguistic Programming (IBHNLP) would be the best option for that. IBHNLP provides FREE Hypnosis Training Workshops in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, and Delhi. This is free of cost for those who enroll for the NLP Practitioner Workshop or have done any other courses from IBHNLP.

Before we dive deep into the Hypnosis Practitioner Course details, I would like to ask you a few questions: why do you want to learn Hypnosis? What is the purpose of learning Hypnosis? Before going further, take a pause and think about these questions. Really! Don't need to be in a hurry, because this clarity would pave the further way for you.

Usual responses are as follow:

1. Hypnosis is a good way to control another person’s mind (needs great courage to answer honestly.)

2. I want to achieve something by hypnotizing others (It means I want to manipulate other people.)

3. I want to impress peers by showing some Hypnosis experiments (I want to show off.)

4. I want to perform a stage show based on Hypnosis (Interested in becoming a magician.)

5. I want to transform my own life & help others to transform their lives by altering their negative emotions and habits with Hypnosis. I have gone through enough of the personality development stuff; the effect is momentary. I want something concrete & I think Hypnosis Training could meet my need.

These are some common responses that we usually get. Again, I would like to ask you same question, what are your intentions to learn Hypnosis?

If your answer is close or the same as the last one, then surely this article would help you achieve your goals, but before moving ahead, let’s understand, ‘What is Hypnosis & how could it benefit an individual?'

What is Hypnosis?

Let’s understand Hypnosis & its process. There would be ‘the altered state of mind’ when a client gets hypnotized.  This altered state of mind is usually also called a trance state. In a trance state, a person is completely relaxed and highly responsive when a master hypnotist is seeding the suggestions. Trance state helps us get better access to the subconscious mind. Between the conscious and the subconscious, there is a critical factor. This performs the role of a door. When it’s open, then communication with the subconscious gets easy. Suggestions that have been inserted while the client is in the trance state directly go into the subconscious mind and initiate the process which leads to the desired outcome. When an individual induces a trance state & gives suggestions to oneself, it is called as Auto-Hypnosis or Self-Hypnosis & when a Hypnosis Practitioner does it for others, it is called as Hetero-Hypnosis.

What is Trance State?

1. It is a relaxing and calm experience.

2. Individual focus and concentration are heightened.

3. The client is highly responsive to the suggestions given by the hypnotist.

4. An individual feels isolated from the external world. It is also called disassociation.

5. The imagination of the client is heightened with pre-hypnotic induction.

In short, Hypnosis gives us access to the subconscious mind and successfully communicates with it & initiates the change work process by seeding suggestions.

What is Hypnotherapy & Stage Hypnosis? What is the difference between Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy? Is Hypnosis different from Hypnotherapy?

Let’s see the answer to the second question first. Hypnosis is the process of initiating a change process, where we generate the trance state through pre-hypnotic suggestions, and the actual change work script deals with the subconscious issues through critical factors. As mentioned earlier, the critical factor could be imagined as a door between the conscious and the subconscious. If Hypnosis is used in therapy or in counseling to bring an expected change in the client’s life, it is called Hypnotherapy. The primary job of a therapist in hypnotherapy is to generate a trance state and to seed positive suggestions. In Trance State, the hypnotist directly works on the client's subconscious mind. This is particularly helpful while working on

  • the suppressed memories
  • behavioral abnormality
  • Negative emotional responses, etc.

Hypnotherapy is a magical tool because it helps people modify their subconscious programming for the desired outcome. Usually, the hypnotherapists have a clinical background & mostly use hypnotic processes for pain management or psycho-somatic diseases. If you don't have a clinical background, then what? Don't worry, keep reading, shortly this query will be answered. Now we are focusing on Hypnotherapy & the role of the Hypnotherapist.

So, a Hypnotherapist does three things:

1. Assist the client to experience the state of trance with his pre-hypnotic process.

2. Feeds positive suggestions directly into his subconscious mind.

3. Aids the client to come out of the trance state into the normal consciousness state with post-hypnotic induction.

Let’s have an answer to the question that is left earlier. If you are not from a clinical background then what? I would say there isn’t any problem with that. We as Hypnosis Practitioners could work in the domain of psychological well-being. It does not require any type of specific degree or education. Hence IBHNLP provides an opportunity to have training in metro cities like Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Delhi, and Ahmedabad.

What is Stage Hypnosis? How to be a Stage Hypnotist? How to learn stage Hypnosis? Why does stage Hypnosis work on stage?

Stage Hypnosis is the tool that is widely used for entertainment purposes in front of the audience usually in a theatre or a club. Stage Hypnosis is very simple. It is just to impress the audience with the power of persuasion.

Have you ever observed the stage Hypnosis show? How have you ever paid attention to the mechanism?

The volunteer is invited on stage from the audience for a stage Hypnosis demo. Exhibitionist enthusiasts show up and become a part of this experiment. Then the magic starts. The hypnotist puts them into the trance using his skill of inductions and for those who don’t get into the state of trance, he sends them back. And this is how it is supposed to be done. Hypnotist gives various suggestions to the participants who are in a trance state, like dancing to music, eating bitter gourd by telling them it is a carrot, etc. This is enchanting to see on stage. Unfortunately, this creates a negative impression in the minds of common people. They run away from Hypnosis, and for them, Hypnosis equals mind control trick. Most individuals don’t want to get hypnotized because it scares them. They don’t like the concept of being hypnotized by anyone. The most important thing, stage Hypnosis doesn’t play any role in personal transformation. It’s just for showing off.

Therefore, at IBHNLP, we do train individuals in Hypnosis, but we never promote stage Hypnosis, nor do we include it in our workshops. We learn substantial tools and techniques to bring personal transformation through Hypnosis. Hypnosis Practitioner Training along with NLP can be transformational. You can attend our Integrated NLP Practitioner, Hypnosis Practitioner workshops in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore, and Ahmedabad.

What are the benefits of Hypnotherapy?

There are different applications of Hypnotherapy. One can figure out problems by getting to the bottom level and program one's mind for a better future. Following are some of the issues one can get rid of through Hypnotherapy:

  1. Depression
  2. Anxiety
  3. Phobias
  4. Sleep disorders or insomnia
  5. Negative thinking
  6. Unwanted behavioral patterns, etc.
Hypnotherapy is generally used for the following purposes:
  1. Programming oneself for a better future
  2. Building good habits
  3. Building new qualities like courageousness, positive attitudes, self-confidence, etc.


What is the relevance of Hypnosis in Coaching? Can Hypnosis be used in Coaching? How to use Hypnosis in Life Coaching? Is Hypnosis helpful in Life Coaching?

Many people nowadays are facing problems in their lives. They could end up with the wrong decisions too. They need guidance, a new viewpoint to see their lives. This is where the role of a life coach comes. Individuals are seeking the help of ‘Life Coaches’ to improve the overall quality of their personal & professional life. Life Coaches come in different forms like Relationship Coaches, Parenting Coaches, Corporate Coaches, Sport's Coaches, Health Coaches, etc., Life Coach is a broader term that encompasses all these.

Mahatma Gandhi has said that the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. It’s a great honor to help others and have that satisfying feeling when they get a new lifestyle, new purpose, new goal, and new tools to handle themselves. When they apply these tools in their routine, they get satisfying results. And it is a great pleasure to be in this profession, where you help others to realize their dreams and earn your livelihood as well. This is how you get deep satisfaction by assisting people to transform their personal and professional life. If you are thinking about making your career as a ‘Life Coach’ then you should know about Hypnotherapy. IBHNLP covers Life Coaching along with Hypnosis in NLP Practitioner, NLP Coach Workshop. These two certifications are free of cost to the participants in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Delhi, and Ahmedabad.

Using Hypnosis in your ‘Life Coaching’ sessions will facilitate your journey as a Life Coach because Life Coaching formats can define the problems properly. It has tests, questionnaires, procedures, etc. and Hypnosis has an effective solution for solving the issues related to the subconscious mind. As you can understand, this is something amazing!

Can Hypnosis be used in Training? How to use Hypnosis in Training Sessions? Can we use Hypnosis in large groups?

In my opinion, Hypnosis must be learned if you want to be a trainer or life coach. Let me ask you some questions: what is the purpose of any kind of training workshop after all? What do we want to achieve through a 'training' workshop in any MNC or private organization? What do we expect from a ‘training’ session?

Take a pause and contemplate on these questions!

The answers to these questions could be more or like this:

1. We want to help participants transform their lives

2. We want to change, modify, intensify or rectify their current thinking patterns

3. We want to channelize a new thinking process in their mind

4. We want to help them get rid of negative or unwanted habits

5. We want to guide them in changing their negative emotional states etc.

And this is how a master hypnotherapist is supposed to be.

In our Hypnosis Practitioner training workshops conducted in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Ahmedabad & Bangalore, you will learn: how our brain functions, how our conscious and subconscious minds are interlinked & affect each other, how we think, how habits are formed, and ultimately, we get trapped into them, how our emotions run or ruin our life, etc. and this understanding of brain mechanism is essential for a soft skills trainer or a corporate trainer. This will give us a cutting-edge advantage as a corporate trainer or a soft-skills trainer and make our training far more effective and result-oriented.

What are the different types of Hypnosis? What is the relation between Hypnosis & NLP? What is the difference between NLP & Hypnosis? Is it necessary to learn Hypnosis before learning NLP?

Following are the types of Hypnosis, which are being used in Coaching, Training, and therapy for transforming our personal & professional life.

1. Direct Hypnosis – Here client knows that Hypnosis is used on him/her & willing to co-operate.

2. Conversational Hypnosis – Here client isn't aware that you are using Hypnosis on him/her.

Hypnosis is used for bringing change in the lives of people, but many individuals are afraid of getting hypnotized. They usually don’t get convinced to be hypnotized in this way. As we all know that every lock has its unique key and this is how ‘Conversational Hypnosis’ came into use.

Conversational Hypnosis is the latest term and it’s a powerful tool. In this, the client would not get the slightest idea that he/she is being hypnotized. Milton Erickson did extensive work on using Hypnosis conversationally. That’s why, Conversational Hypnosis is also called the Milton Model, and the Milton Model is one of the foundations of NLP! If you want to master Hypnosis, we suggest you learn NLP! Conversational Hypnosis, i.e., NLP, is way more powerful, subtle, sophisticated, that’s why we recommend NLP with Direct Hypnosis.

Else, you have to apply for two separate courses. First, you need to complete your Hypnosis Practitioner Course and then NLP Practitioner Course. At IBHNLP, you will get the opportunity to learn these courses at one stop. Some institutes train individuals only in NLP. So, participants have to enroll for the Hypnosis course separately & the NLP course separately. But at IBHNLP, you need not worry about the separate courses as we have combined them for your convenience. IBHNLP is recognized as the most affordable & trustworthy NLP, Hypnosis, Life Coach Training Institute in India. Here, you can learn Hypnosis FREE if you enroll for the Integrated NLP Practitioner Workshop organized in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore & Ahmedabad. You can master Hypnosis as well as NLP and Life Coaching in a single course, and that will help you reach the top of your field.

How to be a Certified Hypnosis Practitioner + NLP Coach + NLP Practitioner + Life Coach at The Indian Board of Hypnosis & Neuro-Linguistic Programming (IBHNLP)?

Apart from the Conversational Hypnosis, you would learn rapport building, sub-modality structure, Meta Model, sensory acuity, etc. an NLP practitioner course which is organized in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Delhi, and Ahmedabad. This learning makes you a magical hypnotist with mastery over advanced tools of NLP and Life Coaching.

What is the Syllabus of the Hypnosis Practitioner Course conducted by IBHNLP?

In the Hypnosis Practitioner course, you will learn:

1. History of Hypnosis

2. A process of seeding suggestions

3. Art of creating positive suggestions

4. Developing hypnotic script as per the requirement of a client

5. Steps for deepening the trance stage

6. Hypnotic processes

7. Voice modulation in Hypnosis

8. Testing suggestibility of a client

9. Creating post-hypnotic suggestions

10. The art of Self-Hypnosis

Your today's small investment of Time & Money will reap you great benefits tomorrow.

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