Get Trained in NLP from the Best NLP Master Trainer in India


I think there are a few presuppositions behind asking this question:

1. Learning from the ‘BEST’ will allow you to master NLP strategies easily and quickly.

2. ‘BEST’ implies the leader of the industry, and it is better to learn from the leader instead of a novice.

3. Learning from the ‘BEST’ also validate that you choose wisely.

So what have you presupposed before asking this question?

Now, some excellent trainers have contributed to the field of NLP in India, like

David Lincoln

Ram Varma

Vishal Avchar etc.

Definitely, there must be other few good trainers also, who are honestly contributing in the development of NLP in India. If you ask about me, I would certainly call myself ‘one of the best NLP Trainer in India’, instead of ‘the best NLP Trainer in India’.

Now whatever may be your presuppositions behind searching for the BEST NLP trainer in India like learning from the best NLP Master, from an industry leader or validate your choice, etc., I would request you to reflect upon following key contributions.

Please take a look at my contribution in the field of NLP in India with my team under the company name of Indian Board of Hypnosis & Neuro-Linguistic Programming (IBHNLP). In this regard, the vision of IBHNLP is “Creating Better World with NLP & to become the First Choice in the field of NLP Training!” to realise this vision we have taken a lot of efforts like…

1. Creator of Mindfulness-Based Neuro-Linguistic Programming (MBNLPTM)

I have been training people in NLP, Hypnosis, Life Coaching, CBT & Emotional Intelligence Coaching for years. While training, I realised that a particular category of people picks up NLP concepts very quickly, while others struggle to do so. Then I observed those who were more aware of their inner world, instantly understood NLP tools and techniques. Basically, in NLP, we learn ‘how to run our brain’ means we learn the ‘the inner mechanism of information processing’. This observation led me to refer and teach Mindfulness in the combination of NLP in Mindfulness-based Neuro-Linguistic Programming (MBNLP®) workshops. This helped participants to master NLP tools quickly and created awareness of subtleties of the mind. This workshop is absolutely FREE for IBHNLP members who have done at least NLP Practitioner Certification Training with us.

2. Presenting Research Papers in Various Universities & Educational Institutes across India –

NLP has tremendously powerful tools & techniques to transform human life still; unfortunately, it has not entered in the conventional educational system. To create awareness about NLP in educational campuses, IBHNLP is continuously taking efforts. Recently we have presented a paper on ‘Innovation & NLP’ in 4th National Conference on Innovation arranged by IMRT & Pune University, Maharashtra. Click here

to read the abstract of this research paper.

3. 5 Box Leadership Development ModelTM (Based on NLP)

Now let’s talk about the relevance of NLP in Corporate Training:

Usually, corporate training workshops are designed to address various issues faced by an organisation, which are defined after the TNA process. (Training Needs Analysis – TNA – this concept is discussed in detail in NLP Master Trainer Workshop at IBHNLP. I am a certified TNA Consultant by Government of India). I just want to say that corporate is more interested in resolving their issues and improve the performance of employees rather than learning core NLP skills. So in order to use NLP in corporate training modules, one needs to merge NLP concepts with the most popular organisational topics like leadership, team building, motivation, resilience, etc. Whenever I train corporate clients in NLP, I basically, train them in 5 Box Leadership Development ModelTM. I have designed this model by combining the fundamental principles of leadership with powerful NLP tools and techniques. Click here to learn more about this model.

4. Customised NLP Based Workshops for various Indian Government Institutes –

To spread knowledge and powerful tools of NLP, Hypnosis & Life Coaching, I have taken one another initiative. Years ago, I started training Government Employees in soft skills and NLP. Considering the specific needs of Government Employees. I have created customised training modules to help them to resolve their personal and professional issues. This initiative got a tremendous response, and by God’s grace, I touched the lives of more than 5000 class I & class II government officers till date.

Finally, coming back to the question:

who is the best NLP Trainer in India?

My answer would be the same as it was in the beginning. Here I just want you to share the vision of IBHNLP once again, “Creating Better World with NLP & to become the First Choice in the field of NLP Training!” Definitely, my team and I is not enough to realise this vision; I would request you to join hands with us and together let’s make this earth, a better place to live.

There is a lot more to share if you are curious to know then feel free to contact us @ +919834878870 or mail us at for FREE consultation & clarity, believe me, you would be getting the best quality NLP Training in India.

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