NLP and Coaching


NLP Training and relevance of NLP Coaching

IBHNLP has the privilege of working with and facilitating some outstanding people over the years and that is because of the combination of an Effective Coaching Structure and process together with the powerful tools and language patterns from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). As an NLP Trainer, you must have some skills like sensory acuity, rapport building etc. & mastery over NLP tools & techniques. You will learn all these skills in NLP practitioner course, conducted by the Indian Board of Hypnosis & Neuro-Linguistic Programming. If you want to make your career in coaching, then also, you have great opportunities waiting for you.


Thus, NLP is a model for facilitating change in thinking, emotional response and behaviour across all areas of our lives like phobias, addictions, for generating specific behaviour, conditioning etc.

Well, NLP may have started with the study of a group of therapists but it wasn’t very long before its applications across the full spectrum of life became very obvious. Leaders were able to communicate and motivate far better; salespeople learned how to build ethical and effective relationships with clients and prospects; teachers and trainers began to realize the differences that could be made by adjusting language and behaviour to suit different earning styles; Health care professionals developed an awareness of the power of language in the healing process.

And Coaches found the great value of a wide-ranging and highly effective & result-oriented toolkit to add to their skill set. As a coach, your intervention with the techniques of the Milton Model & Meta Model, which are taught in NLP, becomes much more effective. Basically, NLP is a Language-based model. Doing NLP in Hindi is very important because the backbone of any NLP Course is Meta Model & Milton Model. They are totally based on the use of language. In courses conducted by IBHNLP in various metro cities of India, we teach all these Coaching Skills FREE of the coast. In our NLP workshop, we cover coaching skills also. Learning these skills will make you adept at solving problems of yours as well as of others. These coaching principles can take your career in coaching to a higher dimension. The attendees of the NLP Practitioner Workshop would also get an NLP Coach & Life Coach Certificate from IBHNLP. It would help you to conduct seminars in Corporate World as a Life Coach (Session hints would be provided for FREE). You can also help people at the individual level. The certificate would be issued only to the attendees of sessions. Click here to see Certificate Specimen.

So, how can you use NLP in a Coaching Environment to help your clients?

Let’s break a typical Coaching Process in chunks and explore:

Building Coaching Relationships:

The relationship between the Coach and Client is the basis for success. Key elements are trust, openness, commitment, and motivation. NLP helps at every step here by providing skills for developing relationships. This includes verbal and non-verbal communication; ability to ‘read’ the other’s world-view from their language and physiology; language skills for building motivation and self-belief n the client. Through the FREE Training in Direct Hypnosis, NLP Practitioner knows how to establish rapport with the client instantly.

Enough of Goal setting, now it’s time for Goal Conditioning:

Without a goal to aim for, there is little a coach can do to help his client. In our NLP Practitioner Coaching programs, we train attendees how to set highly effective goals and also how to consider the impact of achieving those goals in every area of the client’s life – personal growth, family, work and even their community. We also use some outstanding Effective Techniques and tools of NLP & Hypnosis for developing a strategy and plan that will help ensure success. But the only setting goal is not going to yield results for greater goods. NLP’s conditioning tools will teach you to the condition that particular goal, which you’ve set for yourself.

How to initiate a change work process in your client?

One of the biggest obstacles to a client’s success is usually his own mindset – beliefs that hold him back, attitudes developed over a lifetime and behavioural habits that can derail his success. Our NLP Coaching programs teach how to use the wide range of Patterns, NLP Techniques, and language skills from NLP in a structured and ethical way in order to facilitate the client. So, the clients could make their own changes based on the choice available for them.

Dealing with Specific psychological or behavioural issues

Many clients come to coaching with a specific issue or problem that they want help in resolving. These can include:

  • Managing emotional state
  • Expecting Emotional Stability
  • Phobias
  • Relationship issues
  • Discontinuing the unproductive habits
  • Limiting beliefs which are hindering the desired progress
  • Aversions and fears they may wish to resolve (for example, public speaking is one of the biggest fears worldwide and impacts on a huge number of professionals and their career prospects)
  • Self-motivation
  • Building self-confidence
  • Motivating peers in the workplace

Actually, the list is quite big, where NLP can intervene & produce tremendous results.

The key is to build a Strong and Effective Communication & bonding between the coaching process and the NLP. Participants in our NLP Practitioner programs learn how to create an effective rapport between themselves and the client; how to establish rapport; how to explore the real issues; to develop a coaching program that will work for the specific client’s needs; to operate an effective and structured process at each session and to use the NLP toolkit in an effective and ethical way.
Yes, one can use NLP outside of coaching and yes, one can use coaching without NLP. Together, they combine to create a powerful chemistry.

To find the best NLP Coaching Trainer in India, you must check out the portfolio of that Trainer as well as his own coaching experience, the clients, he has handled. Reviews for his own coaching programs will help you to choose the Best NLP Coaching Trainer in India. Here at Indian Board of Hypnosis & Neuro-Linguistic Programming, we suggest candidates watch his videos on YouTube. Talk to the trainer on Skype or through Video Call. Once you register yourself in any course offered by Indian Board of Hypnosis & Neuro-Linguistic Programming, you will be given a specific time slot according to your & Coach’s convenience, so you can talk to the Coach Directly.

So, join IBHNLP to become a life coach & prosper in your career.


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