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Do you want to become a Life Coach or start your career as a Life Coach in India?

If you are thinking of becoming a Life Coach or if you want to become a Certified Life Coach in India, you must read this article, which will enlighten you about all the aspects of Life Coach Certification & its implications.

What are the business opportunities as a life coach in India? What are the prospects after doing a life coach certification course?

Life Coaching is a recent business stream that has flourished in the U.S., and this trend is spreading all over the world. A survey done by claims that the estimated market value for a life coaching business was $707 million in 2011, $955 million in 2015 and $1.02 billion in 2016. The way life coaching business is growing every year; it is estimated that the market value will reach $1.34 billion by 2022. In short, an average yearly growth rate is 6.7%, and that is really fabulous.

In 2017, similar research was done in India specifically in metro cities like Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Ahmedabad and Delhi for Life Coaching opportunities and its prospects in India. It claims that 79% of educated people are now aware of life coaching in general. Most of them were inclined to have a life coach just as they have a personal physician or a gym trainer. These individuals think that it would improve the quality of their life. Approximately 91% who have hired the services of life coaches were satisfied with their progress in the desired areas. In short, it is really the right time to join this booming industry and establish yourself as a successful Life Coach. You can definitely think of joining Life Coach Certification program organized by the Indian Board of Hypnosis & Neuro-Linguistic Programming in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune & Ahmedabad. Before we embark on the journey of becoming a life coach, I want to ask you one fundamental question. Please, be honest while answering.

What is your real intention behind becoming a Certified Life Coach?

I have been helping my clients as a life coach as well as guiding individuals to become a Life Coach for so many years. When I ask people about their real intention behind being a Life Coach, most of the times, they come up with two common answers:

1. There is easy money in Life Coaching.

Surely, Life Coaching is one of the flourishing profession (I am against using the term 'business' in the context of Life Coaching because it's a noble profession, where you are becoming a catalytic agent in someone's life for happiness, joy, fulfilment, growth & success.) Definitely, it fetches you a pretty handsome amount. However, it doesn't mean that it is as easy as pie. It requires efforts, dedication and time to work on developing your skills as a Life Coach. Simultaneously, your own understanding about life transformation process, your own life experiences & your reflections on them, your up-to-date knowledge about modern psychology, mastery over various alternative therapies like NLP, Hypnosis, CBT, REBT, Emotional Intelligence etc. all are at play at the same time.

2. I like to advise people around me; my advice helps them to get out of their problems, that's why I think I can become a good Life Coach.

If this is your answer or near to your answer, then to your dismay, I would say 'giving suggestions' is one of the least important aspects of the Life Coaching process. While doing Life Coaching, we focus on making our client responsible and accountable. Most of the times, the habit of giving a suggestion becomes a hindrance in the Life Coaching process.

If Life Coaching doesn't mean giving some advice, then what exactly does it mean? Let's find out the answer to this question.

What is Life Coaching? What do we do in Life Coaching Session?

We intend to achieve four significant outcomes through Life Coaching

1. Life Coach unlocks the client's potential

2. Life Coach helps the client to improve his/her own performance

3. Life Coach helps the client to learn rather than teach

4. Life makes the client responsible for his/her life

Life is Coaching is not about:

- convincing the client about our point of views.

- giving advice about do's and don'ts in a particular area.

- forcing the client to see the problem through your eyes.

In reality, it is a process of exploring multiple facets of the problem at hand from all the dimensions & then trying to explore the possible solutions for it.

Life Coaching is all about:

- helping the client to create an action plan.

- supporting the client to keep taking action(s) in the desired direction.

- making him/her responsible for his/her own decisions.

In the Life Coach Certification Training & Certification Course at the Indian Board of Hypnosis & Neuro-Linguistic Programming (IBHNLP), one gets in-depth knowledge of various meanings and contexts of the Life Coaching process. All world-class formats & modules of Life Coach Program will be discussed & practised through demo case-studies. Participants not only understand the theory part but through pair work & group assignments very shortly, they master the whole process. That's why Life Coach Training & Certification provided by IBHNLP is considered a unique & compact one. We proudly claim that IBHNLP is one of the best life coach training institute in India. Our Coaches work not only in India but also in the U.K., U.S., Australia, Dubai, Nepal & in so many other countries as well. Our Life Coach Certification Course is the most exhaustive & comprehensive one and the most important thing, we offer it as a complementary course to our NLP Practitioners.

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Now let's go to the next question:

How to become a Life Coach? How to develop oneself as a Life Coach? 

Here is the list of skills you would require to become the best Life Coach. These skills are the foundation of your Life Coaching career.

1. Attentive Listening

2. Mastering the Art of Communication

3. Ability to Ask the Right Questions at the Right point

4. Curiosity

5. Action Learning

There are a few more skills required to make your Life Coaching effective, but these skills and tools would be discussed in detail in the actual Life Coach Certification Training Program. We regularly conduct these Life Coach Certification programs in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Delhi & Ahmedabad.

Point to be Noted:

Limitations of Life Coaching as a Stream

Definitely, Life Coaching is one of the best streams to bring the desired change in human life. It provides different models & formats to a Life Coach to achieve this goal. One of the famous & widely used models in the Life Coaching process is the GROW Model. GROW stands for:

G – Goal

R – Reality

O – Options

W – What will you do?

Like this, Life Coaching provides different models and processes to bring concrete change in the lives of the clients.

Unfortunately, sometimes these Life Coaching processes and tools are inadequate while dealing with some clients. You might ask: why? There are certain reasons:

1. Life Coaching doesn't provide any direct way to work on the client's subconscious mind, which can be done very easily with Hypnosis. Most of the Life Coaches don't know anything about Hypnosis, so they solely rely on the limited resources of Life Coaching and fail to produce positive change in the client's life.

2. Life Coaching doesn't provide any direct way to work on the client's belief system. NLP gives us a framework to change the client's belief system. Unfortunately, many Life Coaches are not trained in NLP, so they fail with most of their clients.

How can Hypnosis be used in the Life Coaching process? How are Hypnosis & Life Coaching inter-linked?

As I mentioned earlier, if you want to work with the client's subconscious issues, then instead of Life Coaching, Hypnosis is more effective. To become a professional Life Coach and start your own coaching centre, you should get trained in Hypnosis as well. Mastery over Hypnosis will make your journey far more effective and result-driven than you would have ever imagined. Most importantly, Hypnosis Practitioner Certification will provide an additional credential to your profile.

Training & Certification in Hypnosis will help you while:

1. working on the client's subconscious mind

2. working on suppressed memories or negative memories

3. helping the client to change his negative thinking

4. programing the client's subconscious mind for a better future

5. helping the client in changing his/her habits, etc.

You can easily imagine yourself as a Life coach, who could hypnotize individuals and help them in transforming their lives. It would give you a cutting-edge advantage in Life Coaching Profession. That's why, if you are thinking of becoming a Life Coach, then get training in Hypnosis. At IBHNLP, we offer Free Hypnosis Training & Certification in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Delhi & Ahmedabad to the participants of NLP Practitioner, NLP Coach Training. If you have already registered for the upcoming NLP Practitioner Certification Workshop, then bravo! You are going to reap all the benefits of Hypnosis as well as Life Coaching.

What is the relation of NLP & Life Coaching? How can NLP Techniques be used in Life Coaching? Can we use NLP in Life Coaching? 

As I mentioned earlier also, if you want to work on client's Belief System, then instead of Life Coaching, NLP is more useful. Belief means 'a thought which we accept as a truth that can't be changed or a thought which is undoubtedly true for us'.

For example, a businessman fails to establish his business and loses his investment. This event develops a belief in him that he is not capable of running a business. Actually, behind that failure, there might be other reasons, like a failure in the understanding market, incompatibility of the product for the market, wrong marketing strategies, lack of focus, etc. Unfortunately, without proper analysis of all the aspects, if he hurriedly reaches to the conclusion & forms a belief that he is not capable of running the business, then surely life would be difficult for him. Now to change this belief and make him confident for 'running his business well' Life Coaching has some solutions. Still, my experience tells me that to eradicate the negative beliefs' sub-modality framework' of NLP works magically.

Unfortunately, most of the Life Coaches aren't trained in NLP, so they fail to bring positive results in the lives of such clients. If you are serious about making a career in the field of Life Coaching, then get trained in NLP as well. Following are some of the powerful tools, you would learn in NLP, which will help you become a successful Life Coach.

1. Meta Model – This model would help you know: 'how does the client process the information in his head?'

2. Sub-modality Framework – This framework would assist you to understand: 'how does your client decode an event in his brain?'

3. Rapport Building – As a coach 'how to build rapport at the sub-conscious level?'

4. Sensory Acuity – As a coach 'how to develop your senses to see what others fail to observe?'

The Most Comprehensive Certified Life Coach + Hypnosis Practitioner + NLP Practitioner + NLP Coach Program at the Indian Board of Hypnosis & Neuro-Linguistic Programming (IBHNLP) 

You can make your Life Coaching practice much more effective and result-oriented if you would be able to combine Hypnosis and NLP with Life Coaching processes. Life coaching provides formats, structures, processes. The only thing lacking in it is the power to draw out personal change quickly at the subconscious level. Becoming a master of Hypnosis and NLP would make you successful in producing the desired results through Life Coaching sessions.

At the Indian Board of Hypnosis & Neuro-Linguistic Programming (IBHNLP), you can get all four certifications in a single course. In NLP Practitioner Workshop, in a single course, you would learn powerful strategies of NLP, Hypnosis and Life Coaching. You would be trained in using these tools appropriately as per the need of the situation. You would have multiple tool kit in your bag handy.


What would be my Life Coaching Business Plan? How can I run my own Life Coaching Business?

1. Step One:

Enrol in Upcoming NLP Practitioner, NLP Coach, Hypnosis Practitioner & Life Coach Training near your city– 

Grab this golden opportunity to become a Life Coach along with Hypnosis Practitioner & NLP Practitioner. IBHNLP regularly organizes a Certification Course of Life Coaching, Hypnosis & NLP in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Delhi & Ahmedabad. These Certifications and credentials are useful for running a Life Coaching Consultancy firm.

2. Step Two:

Do Additional Research & Consistent Practice –

Attending the workshop is the first step. It's a very crucial step because it gives you practical exposure. This domain is less of theories & more of Practicals. It would provide you with a road map and ease your journey into the Life Coaching Profession. Still, that's not enough. You need to do additional research and reading of Life Coaching field. You would get access to the digital library of latest books related NLP, Hypnosis & Life Coaching worth 20 thousand. Along with that make a list of skills you need to get mastery over and start developing them, day in and day out.

3. Step Three:

Define the Target Market – There are two kinds of Life Coaches all over the world. 1. Those who take any case related to any issue. 2. Those who prefer to work in a specific area. They define their area of work. They work only with a certain category of clients. For example, you can use your coaching skills for business people, corporates, senior citizens, etc. So define your target market and study it thoroughly. Even if you want to become a Life Coach of the first type who works on any issue, still I would recommend the second option at the initial stage. Later on, after gaining enough experience & expertise, you can start broadening your arena step by step.

4. Step Four:

Make a Plan for a single coaching session & define pricing factor – At this step, you need to define what you would do in the beginning, middle and at the end of the coaching session? Break down the coaching session into the different parts and make your plan for each part.  

5. Step Five:

Create a Marketing Plan – Marketing plays a crucial role after you define your product or service. How are you going to market your coaching business? How can you reach to your target market? What kind of marketing strategies will help you to achieve your goal? How would you use social media platforms?

6. Step Six:

Take Action – Once you gain mastery over coaching skills, go into the market and spread the message. Take action. Build a momentum. Define your ultimate goal but be flexible in choosing ways to achieve it.

At last, I just want to assure you that whatever Life Coaching tools & techniques you are going to learn in our Certified Life Coach Program are well-tested, proven & up-to-date. It would definitely fetch you a good business as a Life Coach, because in this profession ultimately, the result counts. Word of mouth is the key factor in building a high paying clientele. Demo Case studies & Practicals create real-life situations in our Training Workshops. Participants are requested to study theory part in advance, before coming to the actual in-house training of 6 Days. Genuine efforts taken for the Preparatory Course, which would cover all the theoretical & conceptual part of Life Coaching, will reap you amazing results. Hope I must have answered all your queries regarding Life Coaching profession in India. Still, if you have any queries regarding anything our lines are always open.

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