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NLP Training in Junagadh

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You are here because you might be looking for ‘NLP Training in Junagadh’ or ‘NLP Training Institutes in Junagadh’ or ‘NLP Training workshops in Junagadh’. Or you might be having questions, 

  • Which is the best NLP Training Institute in Junagadh?
  • How can I get trained in the NLP Practitioner course in Junagadh?
  • Which NLP Training Institute should I choose?
  • Who is the best NLP Master Trainer in Junagadh? & likewise. 

If ‘yes’, then you are at the right place! You will get all your doubts cleared in this article.

If you are looking for ‘NLP Training in Junagadh’, or ‘NLP Training workshops in Junagadh’ then, first of all, I would say that you need to widen your search and look for the best NLP Training Institutes in India, because the topmost NLP Training Institutes conduct their NLP Training programs in metro cities like Ahmedabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune & Bangalore. After all, you will choose the best NLP Training Institute to help you in getting all the changes within you, and choosing any novice institute will waste your time as well as your money. So, investing your time in the best NLP Training Institute will give you better exposure and creative ways to think.

I would suggest the most popular and preferred Institute in India- ‘IBHNLP’ -‘The Indian Board of Hypnosis & Neuro-Linguistic Programming’. IBHNLP is the only NLP Training Institute in India having the biggest network of NLP practitioners, NLP coaches, NLP Trainers, and NLP professionals all over India. IBHNLP regularly conducts NLP training programs in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, and Ahmedabad. This NLP Training program is 6 Days’ workshop followed by 45 Days post-Training assistance. IBHNLP is the only Institute that will give you the golden chance to transform your life. So if you are thinking to get yourself transformed, you need the best NLP Master Trainer to assist you in transforming your life.


Let’s have a look at the profile of Master Trainer because the outcome of the NLP Training Program primarily depends on the experience & expertise of the Master Trainer.


· Master Trainer Sandip Shirsat is the founder and CEO of IBHNLP, India’s topmost NLP, Hypnosis, Life Coaching, Mindfulness Research, and Training Institute.

· Sandip Shirsat is the author of the book ‘NLP - The Adventurous Inner Journey!’ which explains how to transform the 10 most important areas of our life. He is been exploring several psychological ways to help people make personal and professional changes. He conducts 12 to 15 batches of NLP practitioner training in India every year. This demonstrates his competence and fame.

· He is the originator of MBNLP (mindfulness-based Neuro-linguistic programming), a new dawn in the development of human consciousness.

· He is also an inventor of the ‘5 Box Leadership Development Model’ which is a leadership model used in executive coaching for CEOs, CFOs, HR professionals, etc. to strengthen their leadership skills as well as to improve personal and professional relationships. It also helps in becoming a powerful leader, influencer, and communicator.

Now here is a big deal for you!

IBHNLP provides the 6 most exclusive features complimentary with the NLP Practitioner Course.

01. FREE Training and Certification in Direct Hypnosis:    

As you know NLP is also known as Conversational Hypnosis. Ultimately Meta Model, Milton Model & overall structure of NLP is based on conversational Hypnosis. But if you want to get mastery over Conversational Hypnosis, you must have at least basic knowledge of Direct Hypnosis. And if you want to get this training separately, then some institutes charge you from 8k to10k for Hypnosis Training only. So, considering this need IBHNLP has started providing this Hypnosis Training FREE of cost. To know more about Free Training & Certification in Direct Hypnosis Click Here.

02. FREE Training and Certification in Life Coaching:

Life coaching is a type of wellness professional that helps people make progress in their lives to attain greater fulfillment. Most of the participants, who enroll for NLP Training are willing to make their career in NLP or want to use NLP professionally, even if you just seeking NLP for your personal growth then also I would recommend you to get the aspect of life coaching. Because life coaching gives you the formats and structures to clarify your thinking. And with these formats of life coaching, you could solve your issues, move ahead in your life, achieve your dreams and you can do many other things with the help of all these formats. And you can also help others professionally. Even if you go to any other institute to do the Life Coach Training separately, then it will cost you from 25k to 2 lakhs. But IBHNLP covers this life coaching course FREE if you enroll for the NLP Training workshop.  Click here to read more about Free Training and Certification in Life Coaching. 

03. Well Designed Pre-Training Course Content:

When you enroll for any educational course, it is expected that you should at least have prior knowledge about the course proceedings. Because if you go for the course without having the basic knowledge about that subject, you might miss the practical aspects during the workshop. Taking this into consideration, IBHNLP gives you Pre-Training self-study material before the workshop to give you prior information about the concepts. So, in the actual workshop, you can more concentrate on acquiring the tools and techniques of the NLP program. Click here to know more about Pre-Training Course Content.

04. Extensive Post-Training support:

Learning and practicing are two different things. No doubt, you will learn all the tools and techniques in the workshop itself. But practicing them is the most crucial part. Hence when you practice all these skills in your daily life, you need guidance to get mastery over them. Hence Master Trainer Sandip Shirsat gives you full-time post-training assistance for 45 days for FREEClick here to know more about Post-Training support.

05. Get Training in English as well as in Hindi:

As we already know India is a multi-language country and NLP is a language-based skill. IBHNLP understands the importance of the need of the client, and hence IBHNLP meticulously has translated all the Meta model, Milton model, and language patterns into Hindi. So all the content you are going to get is in Hindi as well as English. To know more about Training in English as well as in Hindi Click here.

06. Get all the above features in your Budget:

If you observe minutely, you will notice that IBHNLP is the only NLP Training Institute in India that is providing you all the benefits with just for ₹ 24, 499 /-.

And if you compare IBHNLP with any other Institute in India, you will never find such an NLP Training Institute with such benefits. Click here to know more.

So, Use the power of your conscious and subconscious mind to create a vibrational match for the abundance you desire and deserve by being part of the best NLP Training Institute.

Don’t waste your time and take a step towards your transformation. Click here to register now.

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