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If You Are Learning Meta Model & Milton Model of NLP ONLY in English, You Are Wasting Your Time & Money! Part - 2



After the formation of the Meta Model, NLP Founders came across one more wizard of language, who was so powerful that without letting the other person know, he could change the behavioural patterns, thought patterns or emotions, just with his skilful use of language. His name was Milton Erickson. Milton Erickson had expertise in Conversational Hypnosis. Within some moments, Erickson could change major complicated problems from worry, anxiety, depression, disappointment, despair to tension, turmoil etc. with the help of Conversational Hypnosis.

He had helped many clients in their life-long problems & that also without letting them know about how did that happen. He used to talk in such a way that the conscious mind would stop working & suggestions would settle down into the subconscious mind. As soon as the suggestions would settle down in the subconscious mind, life used to start changing. He used to talk with the subconscious mind.

Because any change in life first takes place in the subconscious mind. Whenever the change occurs, it occurs at the subconscious level, or it never occurs at all. He used to talk in such a way that life used to get changed. NLP Founders collected these language-patterns & formed the Milton Model, which is an important foundation of NLP.

Let's see an example. Read more carefully.

I would definitely be surprised if you've experienced till now that how important it is to set a goal to succeed in life & it is not at all necessary to do it now, till there is no upsurge to do that from your heart. Any person, as you know who sets the goal in his life very easily, opens the door of learning something new, is filled with joy, becomes enthusiastic.

However, there isn't any need of setting the goal so eagerly, better would be to awaken that sense of unlimited happiness & self-confidence in yourself. Have you ever achieved any big or small goal, through which you've ever experienced the joy of achieving that goal, small or big, in childhood or your adult life? Do you have such a kind of experience, which would have touched your life, because every time, when you experience the success after the completion of any goal, your mind becomes eager to achieve other goals in future? It creates a hunger for achieving new goals.

Have you observed the usage of language? If not, read again. Here, I've used some Hypnotic Language patterns. These language patterns help us to get connected with our Subconscious mind.

01. I would definitely be surprised if you've experienced till now that ….easy, comfortable, satisfying, joyful, natural etc.

02. & it is not at all necessary to do it now, till there is no upsurge to do ….

03. &.......... not necessary till you have got that inner feeling ..........

04. any person, as you know ……

05. have you ever achieved …… through which……

06. because every time, when you experience …. your body, mind

I've written this example with the help of these six patterns. In this way, there are 114 hypnotic language patterns, through which we can create a trance state or hypnotic state in our casual communication & convey our message with full vigour to others. Now think for a while, if you've learnt these 114 language patterns in English & if you are using Hindi in your day to day life, you would never be able to use these Hypnotic Language patterns in your communication. The moment you learn these Hypnotic language patterns in your day-to-day language, it becomes easy to use them in English also. That's why we've to learn these language patterns in our colloquial language, then only we would be able to use them.

But unfortunately, in India, the NLP courses are conducted either thoroughly in English or thoroughly in Hindi, but at IBHNLP, you will learn Milton Model in English as well as in Hindi.

The conclusion is very simple. If you really want to learn NLP & become master in Human communication, learn it in English as well as in Hindi, which would be beneficial. There are still other reasons as well. Let's think about them in the next blog.

Till then…..

Enjoy Your Life & Live with Passion.

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