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Hypnosis Training in Chhattisgarh

Now design your destiny with the help of Hypnosis!

As you are here that means, you must have googled ‘Hypnosis Training in Chhattisgarh’, ‘Hypnosis Workshops in Chhattisgarh’ or ‘Hypnosis Courses in Chhattisgarh’. 

You must be looking for the answers to the one or more than one of the following questions:

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● How to get Hypnosis Certification in Chhattisgarh?

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● How to choose the best Hypnosis Trainer in Chhattisgarh?

● Which is the best Hypnosis Training Institute in Chhattisgarh?

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● What should be the criterion for choosing the best Hypnosis Training Institute?

If ‘yes’, then you are at the perfect place. Read this post till the end to get all the answers to the above questions.

If you are willing to learn Hypnosis in Chhattisgarh, you must be looking for a Hypnosis Training center to help you with your difficulties, personal changes, or professional changes, such as making a career through Hypnosis. There might be some Hypnosis Training Institute in Chhattisgarh providing Hypnosis Training programs. But enrolling in any novice or inexperienced Institute can be your poor decision. I would suggest you to choose the best option because only the best Hypnosis Training Institutes can meet your expectations and give you the desired outcomes. Choosing the correct Hypnosis Institute or Hypnosis Trainer for your Hypnosis Training is the most crucial part in this whole journey.

If you ask me, which is the Best Hypnosis Training Institute in India?

I would say, 'IBHNLP - The Indian Board of Hypnosis &Neuro-Linguistic Programming is the best option for the Hypnosis Training. IBHNLP is the only Hypnosis Training Institute in India which is having the largest network of Hypnosis Practitioners all over India.

IBHNLP is dedicated to the Research & Development of Hypnosis as well as for promoting Hypnosis Programs, Hypnosis Coaching & Hypnosis Workshops in India. IBHNLP regularly conducts Integrated NLP Training workshops in Delhi, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune & Bangalore in which Hypnosis training is provided absolutely FREE.

Click here to attend our Upcoming Integrated NLP Practitioner, NLP Coach, Hypnosis Practitioner & Life Coach Certification Workshopswhich is for 6 Days with 45 days’ post-training assistance.

So if you want to learn Hypnosis or get trained in Hypnosis, you need to take a step and travel to the nearest city to you i.e. Delhi. It is always better to choose the best option for yourself if you really want to take a step and transform your life.

Now talking about Hypnosis, there are many myths and assumptions that many individuals consider to be true. Many people feel that Hypnosis is a tool to control someone’s mind. I would like to share some of the Myths here.

16 Myths about Hypnosis:

1. Hypnotic trance makes you lose your willpower and self-control.

2. Hypnosis is mind control.

3. Hypnosis trance means you are asleep or unconscious and you then wake up with no memory but changed.

4. Only gullible people or people with no willpower are hypnotizable.

5. The hypnotist dominates and manipulates people.

6. There are mysterious and magical powers involved with hypnosis.

7. Hypnosis only works face to face.

8. Hypnotic trance is dangerous because it can last a long time, sometimes many years.

9. You can be awoken from hypnotic trance only by the person who induced it.

10. Hypnosis can cure any condition or illness.

11. Hypnosis is unscientific and doesn’t work.

12. Hypnosis can cause dangerous aftereffects. It can cause psychosis or traumatize someone.

13. Hypnosis is the work of the devil and/ or is unchristian.

14. Self-Hypnosis is much the same as meditation.

15. Under hypnosis people can accurately recall any memory you want them to recall- from childhood or even from past lives.

16. People in a hypnotic trance can be forced to tell the truth.

Are you also under impression that one or more than one of the above-given statements is true about Hypnosis? If ‘yes’, then I think, you need to reconsider your notion about Hypnosis.

Let’s dive deep into Hypnosis!

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis can be seen as a waking state of awareness, (or consciousness), in which a person’s attention is detached from his or her immediate environment and is absorbed by inner experiences such as feelings, cognition, and imagery. Hypnotic induction involves focusing attention and imaginative involvement to the point where what is being imagined feels real. By the use and acceptance of suggestions, you construct a hypnotic reality. 

Using Hypnosis, you may quickly and simply retrain or re-imprint your subconscious mind. By learning and mastering Hypnosis reprogramming, you would be able to overcome your issues and create a brighter future for yourself easily. Because Hypnosis allows you to discover and cure the source of your issues, it's achievable. It teaches you how to manage the excess energy you use on thinking and problem solving so you can put it to better use.

Let’s understand how the Hypnosis session is conducted! 

01. Hypnosis Practitioner uses Relaxation and testing approach for the body

02. Then he/she uses Relaxation and testing procedures for the mind

03. Technique for increasing the Hypnotic trance state is used.

04. Once the client goes into the trance state, sow recommendations for resolving the issue. (Change work script)

05. Later on, Post Hypnotic suggestions are used to bring out the client from a Hypnotic trance state. (Emerging technique)

In the Hypnosis Practitioner course, these 5 phases will be addressed in-depth with demonstrations & practical case studies. Although the theory could be understood anywhere, our goal is to provide you the experience of Hypnosis in a practical way. After you've sorted out the complexity of each stage, you will know you have made significant progress in mastering the strategy.

Training in Hypnosis can benefit you and others in various ways, like,

● Positive thoughts or notions are implanted in your subconscious mind.

● Changing behaviors and resolving challenges are established in your subconscious mind.

● Controlling and calming the mind's continual stream of thoughts.

● Conversation with your subconscious mind.

● By putting positive beliefs in your subconscious mind, you may lay the groundwork for a brighter future.


In the NLP Practitioner Training Workshops, we provide free training and certification in Direct Hypnosis. This course will teach you how to use Hypnosis to effect good change in other people's subconscious minds, solve difficulties, and give their life a better direction.

Why do we teach Direct Hypnosis in NLP Training?

Now, this is the most important question, because many institutes charge from 10 to 15k for the same course. IBHNLP exclusively provides the training of Hypnosis in the Integrated NLP practitioner program. You must be aware that NLP is also called Conversational Hypnosis. It is the art of seeding suggestions in someone's subconscious mind without letting that person know. 

If the participants are not aware of Direct Hypnosis, they find it challenging to understand the mechanism of Conversational Hypnosis. Hence, it serves the role of foundation for Conversational Hypnosis. Taking this need into consideration, IBHNLP started providing Hypnosis Training complimentary to its participants. Click Here to know more about free Training in Direct Hypnosis. 

Why should you learn NLP rather than just Hypnosis?

In a sense, Hypnosis is part of NLP. No doubt, while Hypnosis process you will learn to grasp all the positive thoughts within your subconscious mind. But when it comes to implementing all those positive thoughts and controlling your mind in actual life circumstances, you get the assistance of NLP. NLP is like a Pandora's box (having so many tools & techniques to program or reprogram our brain).

Why Life Coaching with Hypnosis Training?

NLP and Hypnosis are ultimately the tools and techniques to control the subconscious processes, but there are certain issues, which can be better dealt with life coaching. In the Life Coach Certification program, our focus is on enabling you to become your coach. If you wish, you could help others as well.

It is a great honor to be in this profession, where you help others to realize their dreams and also earn your livelihood. This is how you get deep satisfaction by assisting people to transform their personal and professional life. That's why, we here at IBHNLP, have a holistic approach towards all these fields. We cover Life Coaching along with Hypnosis in Integrated NLP Practitioner, NLP Coach Certification Workshop.


The Hypnosis Training program will teach you self-Hypnosis and to Hypnotize others in order to help them improve their life. Without a doubt, learning Hypnosis will be one of the most amazing experiences of your life.

After learning and applying Hypnosis in your everyday life, you will find it easier to work on a variety of issues, such as altering habits, managing emotions, and moving forward in life with a good attitude. Hypnosis would enable you to make positive changes in your own life while helping others.

Unfortunately, the term 'Hypnosis' has a bad reputation. We'll go into the reasons in further detail in the NLP Practitioner course. We'd also discuss the precautions to take when using Hypnosis. Every step of the Hypnosis process detailed above would be carried out in real life. It would give you a better understanding of the entire procedure.

So stop overthinking and enroll now for this most exclusive Integrated NLP practitioner course to get them all in one benefits of life transformation. 

Click here to enroll now.

Now Experience a Sample Hypnotic Induction for Leading a Positive Life

To undergo this process, spare 15 minutes of solitude preferably early in the morning. Listen to the following audio track, when you can relax completely. Use headphones for a better effect. Just follow the instructions given and let yourself fall into a relaxed state of mind. Here being completely passive is the key. Enjoy the Track!

Your today's small investment of Time & Money will reap you great benefits tomorrow.

Click Here to View Sample Certificates for Hypnosis Practitioner.

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