Life Coaching & NLP


Why do some Life Coaches use NLP?

Before discussing anything about Coaching and NLP, let me ask you three simple questions,

1. How can you define the term Life Coaching/Coaching?

2. Does coaching produce desired results in a client's life?

3. If yes, then why is there a need to use NLP?

I request you to reflect upon the above three questions before reading anything ahead.
Life coaching is one of the powerful ways to help clients to bring transformation in their personal and professional life. Life coaching is all about…

- Unlocking a person's potential

- Maximize their own performance

- Helping them to learn rather than teach them.

Now, please read the last point once again. In coaching, a lot of emphases is given on creating an atmosphere, where the clients learn on their own, instead of a coach teaching them or guiding them. In short, a coach is a person who helps the clients to

- identify what they really want

- check the reality

- create options to achieve the desired outcome

- make an action plan

Once the agreed action plan is designed, the coach makes sure that the client sticks to that plan until the results are achieved.

In other words,

1. Coaching is mainly about creating awareness and choices.

2. Coaching is a way to empower people to find their own answers.

3. Coaching is all about encouraging and supporting them in realizing their dreams.

To help clients, life coaches use various coaching tools, formats, and exercises, etc., like,

Wheel of Life

GROW Model

Job Performance Worksheet

Life Purpose Worksheet

Professional Assessment Wheel

Values Identification Exercise, etc.

Now, the question is, does coaching produce the desired results in the client's life?

My answer is YES.

I have been doing life coaching for years, and I have seen the life transformation of thousands of clients. Tools, exercises, and worksheets provided by the coaching system are very powerful. Coaching provides a framework to perform magic and help clients to help themselves to transform their lives. In short, life coaching works and works wonderfully.

Now, the final question: If life coaching has its definition, beliefs, processes, etc., and they are working successfully, then why is there a need to use NLP?

Frankly speaking, despite having robust processes, life coaching has its limitations. Not only life coaching but each therapy, coaching, or personal transformation approach has its limitations. No single therapy in this world applies to all individuals in all circumstances.
While working with clients using coaching processes, life coaches mostly get stuck when they want to help clients on the following issues.

1. Negative Memory

2. Phobia

3. Emotional Turbulence

4. Modifying Self-Talk

5. Changing Negative Kinesthetic

6. Eliminating Negative Beliefs

7. Setting Powerful Beliefs

8. Subconscious Rapport Building, etc.

Life coaching, as a stream, does not provide concrete tools and techniques to resolve the issues mentioned above. Fortunately, Neuro-Linguistic Programming has a robust framework to solve all these problems.

Apart from this, while dealing with the clients, usually coaches get stuck when it comes to asking the right questions at the right time. Here NLP gets cutting-edge advantage compared to coaching as a stream. Coaching provides you with ready-made questions to use in the coaching process. Unfortunately, this approach does not work most of the time. Initially, when I began my career as a life coach, I used these ready-made questions in my coaching, but I used to get stuck and wondered what is to be asked next. It used to happen because coaching system gave me ready-made questions, but did not teach me how to ask questions.

You can learn this art of asking questions in NLP, with powerful and easy to understand framework. In NLP, this framework is called the Meta Model. Meta Model fundamentally works on three aspects,

1. Deletion

2. Distortion

3. Generalization.

NLP created this framework by modelling Virginia Satire (world's renowned family therapist) and Fritz Perls (creator of Gestalt Therapy). This framework is powerfully magical and helps life coaches to carry their coaching process effectively.

These are the few reasons why Life Coaches have started using NLP tools and techniques in the life coaching process. In NLP Practitioner, NLP Coach workshop, we do cover NLP Skills, but simultaneously we also learn the life coaching formats & structure, that's why IBHNLP's Practitioners get cutting edge advantage. Those who want to pursue their career in life coaching, get concrete tools & techniques of NLP as well as interventions of hypnosis to help clients in a real sense.

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