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Hypnosis Training in Jaipur

Hello Jaipur, Greetings from IBHNLP!

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Jaipur is the biggest and most popular city in Rajasthan. It is also known as 'Pink City' has many renowned educational & technical training institutes. As literacy & technology is taking a grip on society, general awareness about psychological well-being is also increasing. People are searching for the solution to their problems in Hypnosis & other alternative therapies. Eventually, Hypnosis Practitioners are in demand in Jaipur.

But when it comes to choosing the right Hypnosis Training Institute in Jaipur, one need to widen the search from ‘Jaipur’ to ‘India’, because there is no point in choosing any novice Hypnosis Training Institute as it couldn’t properly enable you in the self-transformation process as well as in personal growth. I would choose the best option for me even if I have to travel to another city to get the best outcomes.

Talking about the best option in India, I would suggest 'IBHNLP - The Indian Board of Hypnosis & Neuro-Linguistic Programming IBHNLP has been training individuals how to apply Hypnosis in personal & professional life so, that one can get rid of personal issues & achieve the desired outcomes. IBHNLP is dedicated to the Research & Development of Hypnosis as well as for promoting Hypnosis Programs, Hypnosis Coaching in India. It has the largest network of Hypnosis Practitioners all over India. IBHNLP regularly conducts Integrated NLP Training workshops in Delhi, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Pune & Bangalore in which Hypnosis training is provided absolutely FREE.

For that, you just have to enroll yourself for the Upcoming Integrated NLP Practitioner workshop, which is for 6 Days with 45 days’ post-training assistance.

Coming to the Hypnosis Training course, there are some assumptions about Hypnosis that many individuals consider in the wrong way. Also, some individuals want to achieve something by controlling someone’s mind or they want to perform a stage show based on Hypnosis. But Hypnosis is much different than these assumptions. Hypnosis is a way or process of seeding positive thoughts in our minds. It is a powerful way of transforming your complete thought process.

Let me clear this!

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis can be seen as a waking state of awareness, (or consciousness), in which a person’s attention is detached from his or her immediate environment and is absorbed by inner experiences such as feelings, cognition, and imagery. Hypnotic induction involves focusing attention and imaginative involvement to the point where what is being imagined feels real. By the use and acceptance of suggestions, you construct a hypnotic reality.

There are mainly two types of Hypnosis, which are usually used in coaching, counseling, or the self-transformation process.

1.    Hetro-Hypnosis: In Hetro Hypnosis, licensed physicians and psychologists treat your conditions like depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorders, etc. During the hetero-hypnosis sessions, the Hypnotherapist or Hypnosis Practitioner establishes your supportive role acting as a positive parent figure. The hypnotherapist uses words of encouragement throughout the session and helps you tap into your inner strength.

2.    Self-Hypnosis: Self-Hypnosis is the process of self-seeding the positive thinking and actions to control your subconscious mind while triggering situations. The focus for self-hypnosis is imagery. It is often used as a self-help tool for controlling pain or managing stress.

The whole Hypnosis process is carried out in 6 steps, which you will learn and apply in the actual session.

1. Body Relaxation - (Guided Instructions & Techniques for Testing)

2. Mind Relaxation - (Guided Instructions & Techniques for Testing)

3. Deepening Techniques - (For Inducing Trance State) 

4. Pre-Induction - (Leading to Trance State)

5. Actual Change Work - (Seeding Process)

6. Post Induction - (To Bring You out of Trance State)

The individual goes through all these processes, with his/her prior permission and this process helps in changing the thought process and implementing positive thoughts into the subconscious mind while the person is in a trance state.

Now, what is Trance State?

trance is a state of altered consciousness in which a person’s general awareness is decreased and his/her receptivity (ability to grasp given suggestions without hindrance) is increased. This state of mind helps us establish better communication from the conscious to the subconscious mind. Suggestions given in the Trance State directly go into the subconscious mind and initiate the process which leads to the desired outcome.

IBHNLP provides Hypnosis Training with individual practice sessions complementary to the NLP practitioner course.


Let’s have a look over the benefits of Hypnosis Training:

  • You can pour suggestions or thoughts into your subconscious mind without any effort.
  • Your continuous chattering mind can be calmed by using Hypnosis.
  • You can make a concrete foundation of positive beliefs in your subconscious mind for building a better future.
  • You can solve problems and change required habits by settling them deep into the subconscious mind.
  • You can make direct contact with the subconscious mind.

Why IBHNLP has made the presence of Direct Hypnosis in NLP Training?

Now, this is the most important question. Because many institutes don’t even teach Direct Hypnosis in NLP Certification Course. IBHNLP exclusively provides the training of Hypnosis in the Integrated NLP practitioner program. We must be aware that NLP is also called Conversational Hypnosis. It is the art of seeding suggestions in someone's subconscious mind without letting that person know. 

If the participants are not aware of Direct Hypnosis, they find it challenging to understand the mechanism of Conversational Hypnosis. Hence, it serves the role of foundation for Conversational Hypnosis. Click Here to know more about free Training in Direct Hypnosis. 

Why should you learn NLP rather than just Hypnosis?

In a sense, Hypnosis is part of NLP. No doubt, while Hypnosis process you will learn to grasp all the positive thoughts within your subconscious mind. But when it comes to implementing all those positive thoughts and controlling your mind in actual life circumstances, you need the external triggers which NLP training will help you with.

Now, this is the most beneficial part! 

Why Life Coaching with Hypnosis Training?

NLP and Hypnosis are ultimately the tools and techniques to control the subconscious processes, but there are certain issues, which can be better dealt with in life coaching. In the Life Coach Certification program, our focus is on enabling you to become your coach. If you wish, you could help others as well.

It is a great honor to be in this profession, where you help others to realize their dreams and earn your livelihood as well. This is how you get deep satisfaction by assisting people to transform their personal and professional life. That's why we here at IBHNLP, have a holistic approach towards all these fields. We cover Life Coaching along with Hypnosis in Integrated NLP Practitioner, NLP Coach Certification Workshop.

You must have heard “as you sow so shall you reap”. In the same way, the subconscious mind work. If you pour negative things then negative results get generated, if you pour positive thoughts then obviously you would have positive results. Once things are deeply rooted, it is difficult to change them. Therefore, it is necessary to change the programming of our subconscious mind. This subconscious re-imprinting or reprogramming can be done smoothly and swiftly through Hypnosis.

So stop overthinking and enroll now for this most exclusive Integrated NLP practitioner course to get the all-in-one benefits of life transformation. 

Click here to enroll now.

Now Experience a Sample Hypnotic Induction for Positive Life

To undergo this process, spare 15 minutes of solitude preferably early in the morning. Listen to the following audio when you can relax completely. Use headphones for the best effect. Just follow the instructions given and let yourself fall into a relaxed state of mind. Here being completely passive is the key. Enjoy the Track!

Your today's small investment of Time & Money will reap you great benefits tomorrow.

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