Happiness Through NLP


Most of the people think that happy is an adverb. One happily goes to the store; one happily discusses things with their wife; one happily looks at their children's progress in life... 

Happiness is more of a state of consciousness. People who look happy seem to have some characteristics. Why do people want to become happy? The answer is very simple. You live longer; you heal from injury faster, you get over operations and heal more thoroughly, you live healthily, your relationships are better, the list goes on and on. Even Medicinal Science is now searching for the relation between longevity & Happiness and even at how a happier person finds it easier to quit smoking and lose weight. In short, everyone at least knows the benefits of being happy. In Ayurveda also, Happiness is stated as an important factor to gain Good Health & Prosperity. It is said, "धर्मार्थकाममोक्षाणाम् आरोग्यं मूलमुत्तमम् |" means "Good Health is the Root of Religious Behaviour, Wealth, Material Wishes & Salvation."

Now, the procedures that you need to do in order to become a happier person.

It's one thing to say you want to be happy and that you want to lose weight. It's another to say "I'm going go to the gym for three months" so that tomorrow when you've gone once you can go 89 the next time, 88 and feel a little better as the number decreases because most people they get all worked up and then they run out of steam. 

Happy people seem to get more of a sense of satisfaction the closer they get to a goal, and they don't set insurmountable goals. It's one thing to say I want to run a big corporation; I want to be a millionaire, I want to own a big bungalow - than to lay out the pieces that it takes to get there and every time you get closer to achieving a piece feeling a little better. 

I believe this is because it relates to our neurology, and our neurology is designed when you look at a cup, and you want to drink a glass of tea. When your hand starts moving it moves slower but the closer you get to the cup, the more it hones in on the target, the faster your hand moves, till the moment it touches then all those muscles releases, and you switch another set of muscles, and it lifts off slower than it does to the moment it gets to your lips.

People who have a mission in their life have a tendency that they have a mission statement: "I'm going to accomplish these big things, now here's a chunk of it." and the more they get each chunk done, the better they are. It's not at all important that you have very lofty goals. Those goals can be raising really happy kids, or those goals can be owning a home and take care of it, that way every time you start to mow the lawn, as the lawn diminishes and gets done, you get to feel good about your overall Goal. If you read a book and you get all excited, and you read the first page, and then you're less excited and less excited, you never finish the book. As the pages go by, you look and say "150 pages", and you start reading through and as the numbers get higher and the number left decreases, you feel better, you'll finish the book. 

This is how our neurology is structured.

The other thing is to make clear ideas in success and move towards them rather than just moving away from. "I don't want to be fat" is different than "I want to be in shape", and the more people set these positive goals. 

When people come to one of my seminars they come to an NLP Practitioner for seven days and not only are they learning NLP techniques, I'm making sure that, for seven days, they practice feeling good, because most people are just not good at it. And while I lecture to them I make sure they stay happy, I'm a hypnotist, that's pretty easy to do.

All the exercises are designed to make you enjoy yourself while you're doing things and while you're solving problems and people have come up to me at the end of the seminar and go "it's the best week of my life". Now, to me, I'm thinking "that's a statement on their life, isn't that a shame" but now that they've had a good week they know what one is like so now it's easier for them to go "I want more weeks like this, I want more days like this, and I want more moments like that". 

The more you get used to feeling good it's just like riding a bicycle, the better you get at it. Start learning the process of being happy & keep practising it till it becomes the part of your unconscious habit.

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