Life Coach Certification Course

There is a Chinese saying; if you want happiness for an hour, take a nap for that time. If you want happiness for a day, then go fishing. If you want happiness for a year, enjoy the inherited property. If you want happiness for a lifetime, help someone.



If helping others can bring happiness for a lifetime, then you will have to think over the following questions:

- If you have to help someone, how would you do it?

- What do you have that you could help others?

- Is there any other way to help others than social service?

- Can we make a professional career while helping others?

Yes, it is possible. Life coaching and training is an area where we can make a great career by authentically helping others. There are many opportunities in this field, but there's a shortage of authentic and talented people. If you are in a pursuit to do something different, help people enjoy a more fulfilling life, and create a positive identity for yourself, then this field is meant for you.

In NLP Practitioner Workshops, the participants also get training & a certificate of a 'Life Coach'. If you want to work as a professional life coach, or you want to help the people around you in a real sense, then this training will be a turning point for you.

With this training, you can professionally help people solve their problems, build a better future for themselves, and bring positive changes in the lives of your friends, family, and relatives. This life coach training makes an invaluable contribution to improving your personal and social experience. For some people, this training of IBHNLP has proved as a good career, and for others, it has helped in bettering their personal lives.

The fundamental framework of this training will not only make you a professional life coach but also give you an entire inclusive picture of life. If you work on this fundamental framework, develop a strong understanding of it and implement it in your daily life, then you will find yourself capable of solving all your problems and helping others with their issues as well. It will bring you a better lifestyle, immense confidence to fulfil all your dreams, and gratitude to help others.

In these frameworks, we look at three essential principles.

1. Change- How does any positive change happen in our life? How does our brain respond to this change? What are the aspects we need to work on to bring about change and bring it soon? We will have a detailed discussion and Practicals of all these aspects of the Life Coach process.
2. Learning- What are the best ways for you to learn? If you know which method makes your learning quicker, it is much easier to solve problems and learn new things with different coaching frameworks. In fact, 'self-learning' and 'helping the client to learn' are the most critical elements in the life coaching process. Here, the client first learns how to solve a specific problem and later how to learn it quickly and better.
3. Trust- During the coaching, the most crucial aspect is to establish a connection and create trust between the coach and the client. As a coach, you will learn some of the best ways to build this trust during the Life Coach training program. Apart from this, the coach needs to have confidence in his coaching skills. At the same time, he should also believe that people change; they just need a proper direction.



How wonderful would it be if you get an inclusive understanding of different frameworks of 'Life Coaching' and detailed information, which would enable you to change yourself and others? Problems, which have been going on for years will be solved. Wouldn't it be magic if you could explain it in a moment? It would bring you happiness and fill you with the zeal that you desired to build an ideal life for yourself.

When you attend the Life Coach Training workshop, you realize that with these powerful frameworks and tools of life coaching, you could make the impossible possible in your life, solve problems, and can make dreams come true. And to understand these frameworks, we work on them for half a day separately.

Along with learning the formats & structures of life coaching, you also have to take live demo sessions of life coaching during the Life Coach training. All the participants enjoy this session as they are introduced to some new facts regarding their own lives. It creates a more in-depth understanding in terms of life coaching. It helps you take another concrete step towards transforming your life.

(Along with NLP, in NLP Practitioner Certification Course, you will get Free Training and Certification of Hypnosis Practitioner + NLP Coach + Life Coach.)



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