Life Coach Training in Lucknow


Life Coach Training in Lucknow

Coaching is the universal language of Change and learning!

Now change your life completely by learning the Life Coaching Tools and Techniques. Become a certified Life Coach of IBHNLP in Lucknow.

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Today, a large number of people seek the assistance of a life coach in order to fulfill all of their life goals. It is believed that having a coach by your side will provide you the support you need to achieve your objectives. With the increased demand for Life Coaches, more people consider coaching a viable career option. Men and women of different ages and backgrounds doing quite well in this profession.

Even if you are here, looking for the best Life Coach Training Institute in Lucknow, I would suggest you to widen your search and look for the best Life Coach Training Institutes in India, because learning from the best institute gives you the better scope & opportunities to grow in this profession.

If you ask me, which is the Best Life Coach Training Institute in India?

I would simply say, IBHNLP - The Indian Board of Hypnosis &Neuro-Linguistic Programming. IBHNLP is India’s only Life Coach Training Institute, with the largest network of Life Coaches in India & abroad. IBHNLP is dedicated to life coach research and development, as well as the promotion of life coach training, life coach programs, life coaching sessions, and life coaching workshops in India. IBHNLP regularly conducts Life Coach Training workshops in Delhi, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Pune.


Now talking about Life Coach Training in Lucknow’, we must agree that it has put up its roots in the last 2 decades. Becoming a certified Life Coach is an exciting journey for those who are looking to seek a profession that is highly satisfying as a career goal.

Let’s delve into the Life coaching concept first!

What is a Life Coach?

A Life Coach is a professional who has been trained to assist people in moving out of various life situations where they feel trapped or stagnant. Everyone has the inherent potential to adapt, overcome challenging conditions, and live a more rewarding life. However, without the right spark, this skill can often remain dormant. A Life Coach can act as a catalyst in this situation. A life coach is someone who assists people in becoming the best versions of themselves. They enable clients to set, achieve, and surpass professional and personal objectives.

The main purpose of a life coach is to guide and support their client to live their life to their full potential. Although not many individuals are assertive over this profession, it is becoming a lot more mainstream than you’d expect.

Also, life coaching caters to people from different age groups, requirements, and life crises. So, a potential client can approach a life coach to get help with a complex life situation, an issue with work, or even something that is prohibiting them from reaching their potential.

A life coach Training can help you through:

  • Active listening
  • Paraphrasing
  • Questioning skills
  • Leveraging the correct coaching tools
  • Guiding the clients through mental roadblocks
  • Creating awareness and reflective space
  • Unlocking a client’s full potential

Typically, a session starts with a general introduction where a life coach tries to understand the blockages in one’s life and tries to clear and resolve them throughout the session. 

What are the Roles and Responsibilities of a Life Coach?

  • Helping people identify their passions, skills, talents, and unique abilities
  • They help clients set or refocus their goals
  • Encouraging and motivating their clients to see how they can get ahead
  • Holding clients accountable for their inaction in a non-judgemental way.
  • Appreciating the client when they meet their goal.
  • Communicating regularly and honestly with the client
  • Use questioning and conversation to understand the client better. Asking the right questions helps to uncover the individual’s goals, motivations, and obstacles, and effective communication help to build a relationship with the client.
  • Developing strategies and plans for each client and keeping track of their progress.
  • Challenging clients to be better and act as their support system.
  • Keeping professional and personal life separate to help the clients

What Essential Qualities a Life Coach should have?

  • Effective Communication and Excellent Listening Skills
  • Increasing the self-awareness of a client’s behaviors, ideas, emotions, and beliefs.
  • Language mirroring, or speaking the same language as the client, makes it easier to communicate with them.
  • Non-judgmental, and instead of instructing clients what to do, they assist them in taking action.
  • They must be patient and empathic with their customers.
  • Good questioning skills are beneficial in assisting their clients in resolving their problems.
  • Eye contact, facial expressions that show you’re there and focused, body language, and remaining silent when necessary are all examples of nonverbal listening tactics.
  • Being aware and truthful.
  • To help enhance the client’s lifestyle, you must have a good attitude and be challenging and motivational.
  • Maintaining confidentiality is important

What are the benefits of becoming a life coach in Lucknow?

There are major 4 benefits of becoming a life coach. Some of the life coach benefits are as follows –

  1. You’ll have professional flexibility- Life Coaches are self-employed, so you’ll be able to pick how many hours you want to devote to your work. This gives you a fantastic chance to strike a nice work/life balance.
  2. You’ll be working with amazing individuals - If you enjoy working with people, this is the job for you. Every day, you’ll get the chance to collaborate with intriguing people in a variety of scenarios. You might discover that you have as much to learn from them as they have from you.
  3. It’s quite satisfying – It’s been said before, but it’s worth repeating. Working as a life coach is really fulfilling, especially when your clients reach their objectives. The happiness and pleasure. It’s wonderful how happy people are when they win a promotion or reach their weight-loss goal. Every day, you assist others in advancing and excelling, and your efforts have a huge impact on their life. That doesn’t get any better than that!
  4. Every day is new! - As a life coach, every day is different since no two clients are dealing with the same issues or pursuing the same goals. Diverse daily routines and work environments give a fascinating challenge while also keeping your job choice exciting and fresh.

What is the relation between NLP & Life Coaching? How can NLP Techniques be used in Life Coaching? Can we use NLP in Life Coaching? Why should a Life Coach get trained in NLP?

NLP is the better option than Life Coaching for working on a client’s belief system.  Belief is defined as “a concept that we accept as an unalterable truth or a thought that is undeniably true for us.” Unfortunately, because most Life Coaches are not NLP trained, they are unable to assist their clients in achieving positive outcomes. If you’re serious about a career in life coaching, you should also get NLP training.

Some of the effective strategies you’ll learn in NLP that will help you succeed as a Life Coach are as follows.

1. Meta Model – This model would help you know: ‘how does the client process the information in his head?’

2. Sub-modality Framework – This framework would assist you to understand: ‘how does your client decode an event in his brain?’

3. Rapport Building – As a coach ‘how to build rapport at the sub-conscious level?’

4. Sensory Acuity – As a coach ‘how to develop your senses to see what others fail to observe?’

How can Hypnosis be used in the Life Coaching process? How are Hypnosis & Life Coaching inter-linked? Why should a Life Coach get trained in Hypnosis?

As you might be aware that IBHNLP provides free training and certification of Hypnosis in its integrated life coach training certification course. Hypnosis is a safe and effective process a coach can learn and practice with clients who are open for this healing method. Hypnosis is useful in areas where clients have gone through years of trauma. In this case, Hypnosis combined with coaching creates a new thinking process for the client where he/she is able to work on the trauma-related areas and resolve them. This gives clients a new direction to move ahead toward coaching goals. 

Hypnosis is useful to increase self-esteem levels in a client, make them better at managing relationships, increase concentration levels, reduce depression, and more.

Adding these qualifications help Life Coaches to -

  • Focus on Swift Coaching methods
  • Ensure quick goal completion
  • Develop deeper professional connections
  • Add higher value to personal branding

If you intend to work with a client’s subconscious difficulties, Hypnosis is a preferred way over Life Coaching. You should also get trained in Hypnosis if you want to become a professional Life Coach and open your own coaching center. Your path will be far more productive and result-driven than you could have dreamed if you master Hypnosis. Most significantly, Hypnosis Practitioner Certification will add to your professional expertise.

The Most Comprehensive Certified Life Coach + Hypnosis Practitioner + NLP Practitioner + NLP Coach Program at the Indian Board of Hypnosis & Neuro-Linguistic Programming (IBHNLP) 

You may make your Life Coaching practice far more productive and result-oriented if you combine Hypnosis and NLP with Life Coaching approaches. Life coaching can give you with formats, concepts, and methods. The only thing it lacks is the potential to quickly bring about subconscious personal transformation. Being a Hypnosis and NLP master can assist you in getting the results you desire from your Life Coaching sessions.

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Life coaching is a fairly new career but is fast growing in today’s fast-paced lifestyle and business world. Pursuing a career as a life coach can be exciting and challenging at the same time. So, if you are ready to become a life coach and help others achieve their true potential then Enroll now for the NLP Practitioner course and get Hypnosis Training and Life coaching Training with certification absolutely for FREE. 

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