Life Coach Training in Goa


Life Coach Training in Goa

Hello Philomath, welcome to the land of life coaching! Now become a Certified Life Coach of IBHNLP in Goa.

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  • What is Life Coaching? 
  • What does a Life Coach do?
  • What are the benefits of Life Coaching?
  • How to become a Life coach in Goa?
  • Which is the best Life coach training Institute in Goa?
  • How can I get certified with Life coach training in Goa?

If ‘YES’, then I must say you are at the perfect place! Read this article till the end to get all these queries solved.

Despite the fact that the coaching industry is rapidly expanding in India, many individuals are still unaware of what a life coach is or how coaching contributes to an individual’s personal & professional growth and success. Many people consider life coaching to be similar to that of a mentor, teacher, consultant, or advisor. It's frequently confused with being an expert in a field and guiding others via their own knowledge. On the contrary, it's the exact opposite. Ultimate, we can select coaching topics in which we have prior experience; nonetheless, in coaching, the client is the true expert in their own life. Everyone possesses answers within them. It is the role of the life coach to bring such answers to the public.


Before diving deep, let’s first understand what is Life Coach?

What is a Life Coach?

A life coach is one who acts as a guide to partner with clients to discover their highest potential. A life coach is the change catalyst who works with the clients in identifying goals, improving focus, developing clarity, and working on strategies. 

A life coach helps one to align focus on what one can do rather than what one cannot do. Being a life coach in India is rewarding - you can choose to work in different areas which are your passion. A Life Coach helps the client build on their existing skills while working on flexibility to add new ones as well. The process of every life coach varies to work with clients to inspire, empower, and transform every individual. Life coaches may work with individuals as well as large teams (for corporates) depending upon the purpose as set by the client. 

What are the benefits of becoming a life coach?

Let’s discover the top ten benefits of life coaching.

  1. Having Greater Understanding of Life
  2. True Satisfaction of Helping Others’ to Get Out of Their Problems
  3. Serve your Life’s Purpose
  4. Honor another’s Life Purpose
  5. Encourage others without passing judgment
  6. Help individuals perform at their highest levels
  7. Assist others to live in the possibilities
  8. Support clients in their professional endeavors
  9. Offer clarity through financial coaching
  10. Guide others to awareness in their personal lives

What are the responsibilities of a Life Coach?

• Assisting people in identifying their life's vision.

• Refining the client's vision with their knowledge and experience.

• Using supportive and targeted inquiry, encouraging the client to uncover goals, impediments, and tactics on their own.

• Making clients responsible for the goals and tactics they've devised in collaboration with you.

After enrolling into the course, I got to know many types of Life Coaches, in which we can make a good career. So what are those?

Here are the some of the types of Life Coaches,

  • Executive (Leadership) Coaching
  • Business/Small Business Coaching
  • Finance Coaching
  • Spiritual Coaching
  • Health and wellness coaching
  • Relationship and Family Coaching
  • Career/Academic coaching
  • Emotional Intelligence Coaching
  • Personal Development Coaches
  • Mindfulness Coaching
  • Work-Life Balance Coach
  • Life Transition Coaches

Where can you get Life Coach Training and Certification in Goa?

As mentioned above, there are various types of coaches, but they basically follow the same framework designed for Life Coaching in general. You need to get trained in the framework from the renowned Life Coach Training Institute in India. Though you want to practice as a Life Coach in Goa, I would suggest you to choose the best option available in India. Goa, is a tiny emerald land on the west coast of India. Goa is visited by large numbers of international and domestic tourists each year because of its white-sand beaches, active nightlife, and places of worship. When talking about becoming a Life Coach in Goa, there might be some Life coach Training Institutes in Goa, but the question is: Will they provide you the right path to develop your skills as well as grow in this profession? And most importantly, what would be their post-training assistance to grow your life coaching business?

That’s why I would suggest you choose the best Life Coach Training Institute in India instead of wasting your time or money on any novice Institutes. Choosing the best option would be your best decision which will always lead to the desired outcomes.

If you are looking for the best option available in India, then I would definitely recommend you: IBHNLP - The Indian Board of Hypnosis &Neuro-Linguistic Programming. IBHNLP is the only Life Coach Training Institute in India that has the largest network of Life Coaches all over India.

IBHNLP is dedicated to the Research & Development of NLP, Hypnosis & Life Coaching as well as for promoting Life Coach Programs, Life Coaching & Workshops in India. IBHNLP regularly conducts Integrated Life Coach Training workshops in Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, & Bangalore. You could easily travel to Mumbai or Pune from Goa to attend this workshop.


With the Life Coaching, IBHNLP provides some exclusive certifications which help you in master the art of Life Coaching.

What Additional Certifications would be offered by IBHNLP for a Life Coach?

  1. NLP Practitioner
  2. NLP Coach
  3. Hypnosis practitioner

If you are serious about making a career in the field of Life Coaching, then get trained in NLP as well. NLP gives you concrete tools & techniques to program or reprogram the brain of an individual for the desired outcome. Specific tools are developed by NLP to work on clients’ past or future related issues. NLP tools are so powerful that you could easily bring change in a client’s life.

One more change work tool is quite important for the successful Life Coaching career i.e., Hypnosis.

How is Hypnosis useful in the Life Coaching process?

Hypnosis is an effective process that every Life Coach should learn and practice. Hypnosis is useful in areas where clients have gone through years of trauma. In this case, Hypnosis combined with the coaching process creates a new thinking process for the client where he/she is able to work on the trauma-related areas and resolve them. This gives clients a new direction to move ahead toward coaching goals. 

Hypnosis is useful to increase self-esteem levels in a client, make them better at managing relationships, increase concentration levels, reduce depression, and more. These certifications add depth to your coaching sessions by elevating the sessions to a whole new level. 

Training & Certification in Hypnosis will help you while:

1. Working on the client's subconscious mind

2. Working on suppressed memories or negative memories

3. Helping the client to change his negative thinking

4. Programing the client's subconscious mind for a better future

5. Helping the client in changing his/her habits, etc.

IBHNLP provides NLP Practitioner course & Hypnosis Training and certification for FREE with the Life Coaching course.

In an Integrated Life Coach Certification Workshop, in a single course, you would learn powerful strategies of NLP, Hypnosis, and Life Coaching. You would be trained in using these tools appropriately as per the need of the situation.

At the end of the day, you will get paid to help people improve their lives. Applying the skills you acquire through training, makes this possible.
So, without wasting your time, enroll now for the upcoming Life coach Training program and get NLP and Hypnosis Training with certification absolutely for FREE. 

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