Why is it very important to do 6 Days’ NLP certification?


As the CEO of the Indian Board of Hypnosis & Neuro-Linguistic Programming (IBHNLP) and as a Master NLP Trainer, some questions are asked to me very frequently. Like ...

इसी ब्लॉग को हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए, कृपया यहाँ क्लिक करें।


1. Is NLP Certification Course Important for Learning NLP?

2. Is it possible to learn NLP by reading books?

3. Can I learn NLP from correspondence or online NLP Course?

4. Can I master NLP skills by doing a short introductory NLP course of a day or two?

To be frank, there are myriad possibilities in the world. Everything is possible in this world. One can do anything. That's why, if someone has decided that he will learn NLP just by reading books only, he might learn NLP. To be Straightforward, it’s not possible for me to answer 'yes' or 'no' to questions, such as "Is this possible? Can it be done? Can I do this?”, because this world is so diverse, that there are infinite possibilities here. Anything is possible here. As it was about a hundred years ago in 1916, Einstein had predicted that there are gravitational waves, which are not seen by our eyes. If your pen is falling on the floor from your table, the waves of gravity are pulling it down. But our eyes can’t see those waves. Years ago, Einstein talked about this theory, which was rejected by the scientists of that time. Now in 2017, Doctor Rainer Weiss, Doctor Kip S. Thorne and Doctor Barry C. Barish were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics, because they proved Einstein's concept of gravitational waves after 20 years of continuous research.

I just want to tell you that it’s difficult to give a concrete answer like ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to anything in the world which has infinite possibilities. If you have decided that you want to learn NLP without any course, you will probably learn, but if you feel that your journey of learning NLP should be faster, better & cheaper as well it should be pleasurable and bring positive results, then we must look at some things.

First of all, I’ll answer the second question: is it possible to learn NLP by reading books?

More than a thousand books have been written on NLP. If we only extracted the most important hundred books, it might take a year or two to read, understand and implement them and for most of the people, it’s impossible to spare this much time.

Now the third question: Can I learn NLP from a Correspondence course?

NLP is not a theory; it is a skill-set. It is easier to understand the concepts of NLP through the demo. Live training has a lot of demos and it is quick and easy to understand NLP Skills. You might have read that in NLP, we work on our sub-conscious brain, so it’s important to experience NLP than reading it, which is easily possible in live seminars. At the same time, a skilled trainer can do the work of hours in a few minutes.

Now the fourth question: Can I attain mastery in NLP by doing a Short NLP course for a day or two?

This is almost impossible, because understanding a wide range of topics of NLP in a day or two, is very difficult. It’s impossible to experience the power of NLP. “Yeah! in a day or two, you can learn some patterns of NLP, but whole NLP can't be learnt in detailed. Some NLP trainers take courses of one or two days, but believe me that participants only learn ABC… of NLP in that specific time. IBNNLP runs the NLP Practitioner Course for six days, but still, I think that it should be conducted for at least eleven days than six days. Initially, when NLP came into practice, the course duration was about twenty-one days. So there should be at least six days teaching & learning NLP. Some people enrol for one or two days’ workshop by paying around 10,000/- INR, but it proves to be just an introduction to NLP or a workshop for further selling. Many new learners fell into this loophole and waste their time, energy and money as well. Believe me, there is no FREE lunch in this world. Overtly seeming FREE NLP One Day courses are just further selling strategy courses. Be aware of them. That much knowledge can be obtained from YouTube also.

Finally, the first and the most important question: Is it necessary to do NLP Certification Course to learn NLP?

I think that is not only necessary but mandatory as well. The NLP Certification Course at IBHNLP is conducted for six days. In these six days, IBHNLP teaches NLP’s twenty most important concepts. There are demos, there are practicals, there are activities, outside classroom exercises and a little homework too. Due to which, it becomes easy to understand, whatever we learn and it is only possible in the NLP Certification Course.

Perhaps you might have read that the Meta Model and Milton Model are the foundation of NLP and at IBNNLP, we learn these models continuously for two days and practice them. To extend these two models in detail for two days in a stretch is possible only in the NLP Certification Course.

In NLP we learn patterns. Patterns play an important role in any change work. These patterns bring change in our life so that they should be used carefully and moderate consideration. There are some patterns in which, the participants need personal assistance, which is provided by the experienced & competent trainer. This personal intervention of the trainer is possible only in the NLP Certification Course.

At the same time, if you are associated with training field or if you are the manager in any company, working in the field of coaching, or connected with the field of psychology, then NLP Certification Course opens the door of myriad opportunities for you. NLP certification also helps you with your professional progress and it is possible only with the NLP Certification Course.

So, think for a while that you are learning NLP skills with a complete focus for six days, enthusiastically taking part in different activities going on, you are laughing heartily while learning, thinking & reflecting on your own thinking, experiencing the great joy in the process. You are getting into the subtleties of NLP, understanding your own mind mechanism using different patterns. As if someone has opened your mind in front of you. It is a great experience to understand your own mind & its intricacies, which makes you feel in control of your own life. Your self-confidence level is rising; you are feeling good. Six days, you are again enlivening your student life. The sense of Curiosity is awakening in life. You are learning something new, which is making your life better and fulfilling. It is possible only in the NLP Certification Course, that is why it is very important to do 6 Days’ NLP certification Course.

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