What is Hypnotic State or trance?

Every trance is different but it’s very relaxing. It’s a state like you experience before you fall asleep at night, you know; you’re not really asleep, you’re not really awake; you’re in the sort of dreamlike state half awake, half asleep. However, sometimes you can be fixated on a TV Show or a Public Speaker. It’s a state, in which you can lose your sense of time and place or everything around you. You become totally engrossed in it. That’s equally as hypnotic.

Trance is a state of mind, where our total attention is on the inner world. As soon as we focus our total attention on the inner world, on our feeling, our attention is shifted from the external world around us. Whenever we are in trance, we are quite aware of our own inner world. Trance is a state, where we can utilize our inner abilities properly. As soon as we enter into this state of trance, our conscious mind is put to sleep & subconscious mind is awakened. As the conscious mind disappears, given suggestions settle down in the subconscious mind & the change happens.

Suggestions seeded in this Hypnotic State or Trance State are directly inserted into our subconscious mind. As a Hypnotist or Hypnotherapist one should be very careful that proper suggestion should be seeded in the state of trance. To read more about Hypnosis & Trance, click here.

Listen to the following audio track for a better understanding of how Hypnosis works?

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We should know ‘Trance’ before we study Ericksonian Hypnosis. Milton Erickson introduced this concept of Scientific Hypnosis. He introduced the concept of Trance. Trance means the state of mind, where our total attention is on the inner world. After trance comes the Milton Erickson Hypnosis Model. Model is a collection of Language Patterns, which helps us to create a state of trance. Ericksonian Hypnosis is also called Indirect Hypnosis.

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