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As you already know that our subconscious mind is way more powerful than our conscious mind. The conscious mind is just the tip of an ice-berg. There is no direct way for us to know this world, so we collect the information through our senses & process it in our brain. All our sorrows & joys mostly depend upon how we process that information inside our head. With the help of Hypnosis in combination with NLP, we can re-wire the programming of our brain. We can fill it with positive beliefs and sow the seeds of a completely new future. If your life seems off the track, or you are struggling for success, money or self-esteem etc. at any stage of your life or if you are not getting the expected desired outcome, this course will really help you to sort out all the problems & eradicate, change, modify or re-program the behavioural patterns, thought patterns etc. which are necessary.

We used to run a separate two-day workshop for Hypnosis Practitioner major cities of India like Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Delhi and Ahmedabad, but on the demand of our past course attendees, we have decided to embed this Hypnosis Practitioner course into the NLP Practitioner Course. So now onwards, instead of 5 Days, NLP Practitioner Certification course would be stretched up to 6 days. We have decided to offer it FREE for the participants of NLP Practitioner. This 2 Day Hypnosis Practitioner used to cost ₹ 8499/-, but henceforward it would absolutely FREE!

Attendees will also get 'Hypnosis Practitioner Certification' on the successful completion of the course. Click Here to see Sample Certificates.

It will be a complementary add-on certification program here onwards. Direct Hypnosis helps NLP Practitioners to understand the mechanism of Conversational Hypnosis and Milton Model. It becomes easy to understand & implement NLP in a better way with this course. IBHNLP always aspires to add the value to our participants’ personal & professional growth. This FREE Hypnosis Practitioner Course is just a token of gratitude from our side. Most of the other Hypnosis Training Institutes in India charge 15-20 thousand for the same course.

Please note: This Hypnosis Practitioner course is FREE, just for the participants of the NLP Practitioner Workshop.

What can you expect after the successful completion of this course?


  • Mastery over the art of successful communication with other individuals.
  • Mastering the art of self-hypnosis, you will be able to bring about desired changes in your personal & professional life without dependency on anyone.
  • Clarity about the different inductions of Self-Hypnosis & Hetero-Hypnosis
  • Eradication of the age-old beliefs or negative patterns, emotions
  • The ability to replace negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs in life, with the art of seeding positive suggestions into the subconscious mind.
  • Ability to develop a confident & dynamic personality
  • How to formulate positive suggestions for the self & others as per the requirement.
  • Make a career in counselling, coaching or therapy field, as a Certified Hypnosis Practitioner
  • Develop the ability to hypnotize an individual if that person is willing & wants to undergo the change process.
What will we cover?


• Introduction of Direct Hypnosis and Brief History of Hypnosis

- Clarification of all the myths, misconceptions & limitations as well as you will learn the applications Hypnosis in varies fields.

• What Is Mind? Various Famous Theories About Human Mind

- An insightful session with practical group activities to understand how the human mind operates & impacts our day to day life, how it experiences & forms memories or thinks about the future.

• Mind Model – Understanding the Ways Mind Functions

- Clarity about how the mind functions. Theory of Conscious & Subconscious Mind and practically understanding how do they work & impact in our day-to-day life.

• What is Hypnotic State & How to Induce it?

- Introduction of various methods of induction for deep relaxation and greater suggestibility. Hand Claps, Finger Spreading, Arm Raising, Reverse Count, Auto-Dual Induction

• Transformation with Does & Don’ts

- How to induce the trance state for better access to the subconscious mind. Easy steps with Practicals and various activities

• Introduction to Elman Induction & its usability to change work process

- Understanding the history of Elman Induction & its significance in the change work process. The detailed descriptions with all pros & cons.

• Importance of Developing Visual, Auditory & Kinesthetic senses

- Understanding & practising various ways of developing the visual, auditory & kinesthetic senses to access our sub-conscious resources

• Developing Suggestions for the Desired Outcome

- Learning how to communicate with different individuals having different modalities, creating visual, auditory & kinesthetic suggestions as per the need of the individuals.

• The Standard Rules of Suggestibility

- Learning the standard norms of designing suggestions & dealing with individuals and wording our conversation for the desired outcome in career, relationship, health, habits, emotions and overall performance.

• Basics of Conducting a Hypnosis Session

- Practising Self-Hypnosis & Hetro-Hypnosis. Learn how to heal yourself & also help others around you to experience and make a difference in their day to day life.

• Deepening Techniques

- experiencing the deeply relaxed state for seeding of suggestions into the subconscious mind and experiencing the power of the sub-conscious. Applying the deepening technique on other individuals with self-designed scripts.

• Designing the Change Work Scripts

- Formulating speech and suggestions based upon personality traits keeping visual, auditory & kinesthetic implications of suggestion. Learn to convert the constant negative self-talk with positive suggestions or get rid of past traumatic events easily or create the desired reality around you. How to formulate really transformative change work scripts.

• Post-Hypnotic Inductions (Does & Don’ts)

- How to come out of Self-induced Hypnotic state or bring someone out of the trance state. Precautions & necessary steps to be followed.

• Awakening Techniques 

- How to regain control & function in a normal state, initiating the silent process of change work at the subconscious level. Celebrating the Experience!

• Self Hypnosis Homework

- 21 Days’ practice of Self Hypnosis for self-development, covering the major areas of life, like goal setting, goal conditioning, developing self-confidence, boosting self-esteem, removing bad memories, creating a golden future, improving the quality of sleep and get rid of stress, anxiety, worry or depression

Mastering the technique to improve oneself as well as helping clients to execute behavioural changes, emotional changes and successfully launch the career as a Hypnosis Practitioner in India or abroad. IBHNLP is the fastest growing community of NLP Practitioners, Hypnosis Practitioners & Life Coaches across the world.

Who should attend?


The workshop is ideally suitable for all those who are fed up with superficial Fundas & quick-fixes of the personality development field. Those who are really determined to change their life in a positive sense, those who want to prosper in every aspect of their life, but are stuck!

  • Ideal for Teachers, Corporate Trainers, Soft Skills Trainer, Technical Trainers, HR Professionals, Health Coaches, Relationship Experts, Career Coaches, Psychology Students, Counsellors, Doctors, House Wives, Social Workers, Individuals who are associated with NGOs or welfare organizations, Corporate Consultants, and all those who want to make a difference in their own life & in the lives of their near & dear ones by helping them to move ahead in their life.
  • CEOs, HR Heads, Business Heads, Directors or Decision-makers at all level who are in a corporate/professional leadership role and want concrete change in personal & professional life.
  • Individuals who have already studied alternative therapies like Reiki, Healing, Meditation, yoga, psychotherapy etc… and are motivated to study the scientifically proven tool or technique to bring the concrete change in human personality.
  • All those who want to experience the trance state and those who are seeking peace, bliss, relaxation, serenity of mind & growth in their profession as well. Anyone who wants to boost his/her confidence, develop communication skills, increase self-esteem, establish a better relationship with spouse or husband, have excellent physical & mental health, get rid of any kind of addiction, overcome depression, anxiety, worry & insomnia, want expected career or professional growth and many more…
  • Students who want to increase their focus on studies, struggling with teenage issues
  • Parents who are concerned about their children’s progress, who want to help them in the study and are facing difficulty in dealing with their ward’s high energy levels, and are facing parental issues…

Basically, it's for all those Soul searchers, who want to dig deeper into the human behaviour, thought patterns, emotions or feelings & create a golden future for everyone around them.

Frequently Asked Question:

How can you cover Hypnosis in such a short duration? Why do you offer it for FREE?


I think I have answered the second question in the initial paragraph itself, but definitely will answer the first question here. We are quite aware that the domain like Hypnosis can’t be covered in a such a short span of 6 Six Days that is too with NLP, which is again a major stream in itself.  That’s why, we have designed an exhaustive Pre-training course (Home-study material-based course), which would cover all the theoretical & conceptual aspects of Hypnosis. It helps individuals to understand the class-room teaching & Practicals very easily. Detailed notes of all the stages & inductions save the time of the participants from unnecessary donkey work. Demos & activities are so much action-packed that participants learn through live-change work sessions of Master Hypnotist Sandip Shirsat. Participants are advised to come fully prepared with their study material provided. Post-Training Support activities which go on continuously for a month give enough practice required. Hand holding & personal & professional guidance is available at each stage.

Certification Offered: Hypnosis Practitioner

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