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Now get Free Life Coach Training & Certification in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Ahmedabad and Delhi from India's Best NLP, Hypnosis & Life Coach Training & Certification Institute    Do you want to become a Life Coach or start your career as a Life Coach in India? If you are thinking of becoming a Life Coach or if you want to become a Certified Life Coach in India,

The Life Coach Certification by IBHNLP


‘Life Coach’ Certification Program This Unique ‘Life Coach’ Certification Training Program is the part of the NLP Practitioner Course conducted by IBHNLP. Major Focus is on: Seeing the Future Taking the Action Producing the Result Coaching is Useful in the following 4 Contexts 1. Coaching for Designing the Client’s Life 2. Coaching to Find out

Life Coaching & NLP


Why do some Life Coaches use NLP? Before discussing anything about Coaching and NLP, let me ask you three simple questions, 1. How can you define the term Life Coaching/Coaching? 2. Does coaching produce desired results in a client's life? 3. If yes, then why is there a need to use NLP? I request you to reflect upon the above three questions before reading anything ahead. Life