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NLP - Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a term we have been listening to for decades. A term used so casually in our conversation was coined in the early 1970s. However, even today, when we think about NLP, it baffles us with numerous questions like, 'What exactly is NLP? How can we use it in our day-to-day lives? Does it really work in real-life situations? If yes, how? Probably several other questions would have consumed your mind while thinking about it. Well, you need not worry more...

 Let's understand it in a simple way…


The definition of NLP which thrills me every time, whenever I think about NLP, is: It's a way of Life Transformation. The tools and techniques of NLP are really powerful and strong enough to bring about astonishing changes in your personal & professional life. NLP is like the magic wand that, would make your dreams come true, enhance your relationships and rebuild your life, creating a person full of confidence and enthusiasm to face the world head-on! Yes, my dear friends, NLP is a magical way of modifying your reel into reality.

Let us see how...

There are millions of examples wherein people across the globe have reformed their lives with the help of NLP. You too can be one of them, witness the miracle of NLP in your life. You too can live the ideal life you have always desired. At the Indian Board of Hypnosis & Neuro-Linguistic Programming (IBHNLP), you can learn the concrete methods of NLP and devise proper strategies to inculcate them in your life and bring revolutionary changes.

Our organization, IBHNLP always aims to provide a live experience of NLP skills where you can feel and witness the wonders of NLP through interactive engagement. It lays the foundation and assists in realigning yourself to transform and realize your goals.

Hitherto, my vision and efforts have always created a unique and enthralling journey for the NLP trainees in IBHNLP. When you undergo the NLP training, you would realize that, not only can you create a golden future for yourself, but also experience it being weaved inside your mind, step by step as if your inner mind is a canvas and imagination is the brush running vivid and colourful, painting intricacies of your life. You will have the control to sketch your life the way you want and see it come alive. I have guided many keen soul seekers along this process and therefore can ensure that the minute you begin to visualize your life, and your aspirations, achieving it becomes a cakewalk.

The six-day experiential training program of the NLP Practitioner course will change your outlook towards life. It will train you to view problems as mere challenges to be solved and direct your ambiguous dreams into attainable and meaningful goals. At the same time, it will help you to understand and tap into your inner potential lying quiescent for years. The journey of self-exploration and accomplishing your goals along with helping others will become the most enjoyable and satisfying path of your life.

NLP is not simply a means for a career, but a commandment of life. After completing NLP Practitioner Training, you can help people as a professional coach, trainer, or counsellor. If that does not suit your quest, it will aid you in becoming a good friend, understanding your life partner, being a better parent, an efficient manager or a qualitative teacher. With the knowledge and employment of NLP tools, you can shed light on people's lives, and you will be the polar star of their lives. However, the change starts from within! So before you embark upon the chain of transformation, dive into your life to furnish inspiration!


So, the following are some of the tools and techniques, which are capable of bringing a drastic change in your life. Some of the methods you will learn during NLP Practitioner training are:

Milton Model - Did you know that by merely using the right, powerful words, you could initiate a positive change in the attitude, thoughts, habits and perspective of others? How wonderful would it be if you had the power of choosing apt words and sentences that could effortlessly influence people's mindsets in the right direction and lead to positive development?

Just imagine, wouldn't it be miraculous if you had this linguistic superpower at your discretion? The Milton model provides such flair for the art of engagement and persuasion. It enables you to smoothly communicate and explain things to children, family members, clients or participants of your training session. The most interesting factor of the skill set is: you will have the capacity to successfully shape and direct anyone's inner being, habit, attitude and decisions by feeding the information directly into their subconscious mind. You could do this very discreetly. Moreover, all this would take place simply through a conversation.

This very quality of the Milton Model has popularised it as 'Conversational Hypnosis'. With a little bit of practice after the completion of the NLP Practitioner Course, when you start using this skill, you would realise how effortlessly you can win over any person or group. You will become the wizard of words, always having the linguistic wand at your disposal. Furthermore, with this captivating ability, you would not only be able to help yourself but also motivate others to be a better version of themselves by guiding them in the right direction.

Meta Model - There is an immense power hidden in questions. One right question asked at the right time can change someone's life forever. The Meta Model is one such tool that will rip open every tangle of your mind and compel you to resolve it. It will teach you the art of questioning that will change the dimension of your conversation or interaction with other individuals. Moreover, this is not merely a statement but an experience of reinvention. You would be surprised to learn that my engagement with the Meta Model revolutionised my life. A few years ago, when IBHNLP was established, there was one question that consistently hovered my mind. It still does. The question is:

How can I lead IBHNLP as India's best NLP Training Institute while helping more & more people?

I kept asking this question again & again like a mantra in my head. As a result, I not only could train people in NLP under IBHNLP but also have contributed significantly to the development of the field. Due to this single quest, today IBHNLP is considered among one of the best NLP Training Institutions in the world.

Studying the Meta Model made me realise the importance of the mannerism of questioning. My understanding of the model and experiences of teaching it strongly makes me believe that any constructive change is the outcome of raising a positive, clear and powerful question. Therefore, during the training, you would develop the habit of asking the right questions at the right time and would definitely master this technique, to guide yourself and others in their journey. And to do so, you would learn different patterns of questions and styles of questioning present in the Meta Model with an understanding of the role of Deletion, Distortion and Generalisation.

The NLP workshop will teach you all these processes of meta-model through various interactive and engaging activities and case studies. Along with this, you will also be trained to implement these techniques in real-life situations through active role plays and stimulating exercises. This mode of learning will make the journey exuberant and swift. After several years of working diligently in this domain, I have realised that when you take pleasure in the process of learning, you remember it throughout your life. The conduct of the NLP Practitioner workshop has been designed on this principle.

The NLP Practitioner course will be experiential in every manner. It means that the entire workshop will focus more on practical utilisation and less on theory. You will learn all the methods and techniques of NLP by its hands-on application in real life. Once you realise the strength of NLP, I am sure that you would involuntarily do everything in your capacity to make the most of it and become successful in your personal and professional life.

Let me give a small frame of the modus-operandi of the NLP workshop through an example of Neurological alignment ( It is an effective method of NLP to direct your behaviour and accomplish your goals easily within the set time frame.)

1. Description of neurological alignment

2. Demonstration of neurological alignment (By the NLP Master Trainer)

3. Application of neurological alignment (participants, by you)

4. A thorough discussion based on the experiences, questions and doubts to gain further clarity on its usages

5. Suggestions on how to employ this technique in personal life and in coaching, counselling, training, marketing, business development, team building, etc.

Don't you feel, by learning the techniques of NLP in this way, you would gain mastery in no time? At the same time, you would accumulate detailed, pragmatic knowledge of all the skill sets making it easier to use in everyday engagement.

In my experience that when the participants actively engage in the process of learning the NLP tools & techniques, it becomes interesting and easily comprehensible. They enjoy the whole learning process, and the associations remain for a lifetime. By accomplishing the goals set before or at the beginning of the NLP Practitioner workshop, the purpose of attending the workshop would be served.

(Along with NLP, in NLP Practitioner Certification Course, you will get Free Training and Certification of Hypnosis Practitioner + NLP Coach + Life Coach.)



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