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Emotional Intelligence is a fascinating approach that has gained tremendous importance in today's world. It has become one of the essential element for emotional & psychological well-being. However, before we talk further on this subject, let us take a test for self-reflection.


Indicate the extent to which each item applies to you using the following scale.

1 = Not at all

2 = Sometimes

3 = Half of the times

4 = Most of the times

5 = All the time

1. I can easily identify, whenever I am in a bad mood.

-  1               2               3               4               5

2. I am aware of my happiness; the moment I feel so. 

-  1               2               3               4               5

3. I immediately understand, when I am stressed. 

-  1               2               3               4               5

4. I am aware of the times; I feel emotional. 

-  1               2               3               4               5

5. Whenever I am restless, I know the reason. 

-  1               2               3               4               5

6. I know the moment I behave insensitively. 

-  1               2               3               4               5

7. I am aware of my emotions.  

-  1               2               3               4               5

8. I know which activities make me happy. 

-  1               2               3               4               5

9. When someone gets upset or in a bad mood, I immediately sense it. 

-  1               2               3               4               5

10. I know how to pull myself out of negativity; hence, negative emotion does not last long. 

-  1               2               3               4               5

Before I share the results with you, let me tell you the story of 'Lee Iacocca'

It was July 13, 1978. Henry Ford II asked Lee Iacocca to meet him in his office. Henry Ford II was the proprietor of Ford Motor Company, while Lee Iacocca was the CEO of the company. At the time, Ford flourished a lot under the guidance and leadership of Iacocca. Due to Lee Iacocca's diligence and hard work, Ford Motor Company earned more than eight million dollars in that fiscal year. It had happened for the first time in the history of Ford Motor Company. 

The meeting started. During the meeting, Henry Ford II and Lee Iacocca entered into a dispute, leading to a huge rift, and in the heat of the moment, Henry Ford said, "You are fired!" Iacocca was shocked. Appalled, he asked, "Why? What is my fault?" To which Ford replied, "I don't like you."

And in this obtuse way, a brilliant CEO was fired from a booming and successful motor corporation. A corporation for which he had worked day and night for his entire life, put in blood and sweat to make it a huge success, to increase the profits, the owner of that company fired him just because he did not like him. It was a shock not only for Lee Iacocca but for everyone in the business world as well!

This incident gravely shook Lee Iacocca. Deeply hurt and discouraged, he lived an obscure and murky life for a year. Gradually, he learned to deal with the negative impact of that incident and moved forward in life. Finally, he emerged like a phoenix, confident and fierce.

Lee Iacocca became the CEO of a company called Chrysler. The company at the time was on the verge of bankruptcy. Within three years of him becoming the CEO, Lee Iacocca, with his dedication and hard work, made Chrysler one of the finest and most successful companies in America. Due to his miraculous achievement, he was ranked 18th in Portfolio Magazine's list of America's Best CEOs.

The question that arises is, how would Lee Iacocca have controlled and managed his negative emotions?

How would he have overcome this devastating episode of his life and experienced positivity?

How did he keep the spirit of fighting alive even in the face of adversity?

Just like Lee Iacocca, could we learn to transform our negative emotions into positive ones and keep growing in life?

You would get the answers to all these questions in the 'Emotional Intelligence Coach Certification Course'. Actually, in today's era of emotional volatility, intricate lifestyles & insecure futures, learning Emotional Intelligence and being emotionally intelligent has become the need of the hour. Talent alone cannot lead you to success. Along with it, you must learn to be conscious of your emotional energy, control it and channelise it into a positive direction. This one skill can flood your life with constructive changes. For a coach or trainer, it can prove to be an essential tool to transform others' lives.

According to Daniel Goldman, Emotional Intelligence (EI) means the ability of a person to recognise, understand, control and direct one's own emotions as well as others. There are five components of EI.
1. Self-Awareness
2. Self-Regulation 
3. Intrinsic Motivation 
4. Empathy 
5. People Skills 

During the Emotional Intelligence Coach training course, we would work on all these five aspects in detail as well as we would prepare a road map to channelise all the dimensions in others as an Emotional Intelligence Coach. We would also learn various tools to develop these abilities in ourselves, simultaneously as a trainer; we would devise concrete strategies to develop those abilities within the participants of your training program. All sessions are full of fun & enjoyment, interactive and experiential.

You can easily visualize yourself being emotionally intelligent & enhancing your hidden potential, unleashing your creativity. Being emotionally intelligent in a real sense can fuel your will to create a golden future for yourself as well as for your near & dear ones. Do you know that with the help of Emotional Intelligence Coaching, you can establish greater control over your emotions as well as you can give a constructive direction to your client's or training participants' life? It would not only bring a drastic change in your life but as a trainer or coach, will also play a vital role in writing a new chapter of victory in your career. I can say with confidence, that the certification and training of the Emotional Intelligence Coach will prove successful in weaving new dimensions of positivity in your life.

Now, let's see how much you have scored on the test. The questionnaire that you have solved at the beginning of this article is based on the 'self-awareness' component of EI. Now, add all the marks given to each statement and tally the total score with the below-mentioned scorecard.

35-50 - You are conscious of your emotions. 

18-34 - You need to pay attention and become aware of your emotions.

10-17 - Working on Emotional Intelligence should be your priority.

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