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It was early 1973. A product called 'Fat Reduction Shock Machine' was being sold in the market. There was a provision of mild electric shock in that machine which would reduce the weight. It was the most bizarre and utterly unsuccessful product of the era.


Can you guess which company sold this product in the market?

HP Inc.

'Yes,' you guessed it right. HP Inc., one of the best companies in the world of Computers, had launched this product in its early stage. It entered in the business with 'Fat Reduction Shock Machine'. During the initial days, HP Inc. faced many afflictions and failures. But gradually, it found its groove and the road ahead became clear.

After graduation, Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard had decided to set up a company. They had only one goal in mind, that is, to work together and make this company a victory. At the time, they had only five hundred dollars. You can say that they began this journey with peanuts in their pocket, however with the spirit to flourish and triumph in the commerce. 

Their objective was crystal clear. All they wanted was to be the number one in their industry. They started by assembling and building a team of exceptional qualities and competencies. They stood steadfast in the face of all the challenges and hardships. Their positive attitude and excellent leadership qualities enabled them to provide a reliable and robust direction to the company. Also, their talents and instincts helped them to blossom at every step. Thus, HP became one of the most successful companies in the world.

In short, to thrive in a business or corporate world, you need a specific mindset. Managers and workers in the corporate world are trained in particular skill sets like leadership, team building, positive attitude, emotional intelligence, creativity and other skills to develop this peculiar mindset.

During the NLP Master & NLP Trainer Certification program, you will also receive the training of all the topics of corporate training, so that once you complete this Corporate Trainer's Certification program, you could right away begin to conduct training programs for managers as well as employees as per their requirement. To further smoothen your career as a corporate trainer or a soft skills trainer, you would receive the 'Soft Skills Trainer' or 'Corporate Trainer' certification. In my experience, NLP Trainer Certification, along with Corporate Trainer Certification, is much more beneficial as it ensures myriad opportunities in the field of corporate training. 

As I said that the companies are interested in enhancing the productivity and performance of the employees, therefore attaining mastery alone in NLP will not gain you many training contracts in the industry. They want that as a trainer, you should be able to train their employees or managers in leadership, team building, positive thinking, emotional intelligence, and other imperative skills. Therefore, during the NLP Master & NLP Trainer Certification course, IBHNLP provides the necessary training and assistance to become a Corporate Trainer.

NLP Master Trainer Certification along with Corporate Training Certificate, will not only equip you to train the participants in NLP but also in Leadership, Team Building, Time Management, Conflict Management and several other imperative competencies. It will smoothen your path of success in the field of corporate training and help you give new directions to others lives. Your ability to conduct efficient training programs in various disciplines and your comprehension of different aspects of the corporate world will help you reach your destiny of becoming a flourishing and creative trainer. 

Along with this, you will have another skillset in your pocket to use at your discretion. 

NLP tools and techniques are found to be very efficient and result-oriented in different discipline of corporate training (leadership, team building, positive attitude, time management, and many more). Therefore, when you would embed NLP techniques while conducting a leadership training program, the program would turn out to be very engaging, effective and change-driven. The Leadership workshop will be one of a kind and stand out for the participants, even if they would have attended various other leadership programs, because your training module will have the fine blend of NLP, Hypnosis, Life Coaching, CBT and Emotional Intelligence in the training program. This one skill set will distinct you from the rest of the other corporate trainers and will take your career to new heights of success. 

For example,

While training participants in communication skills, you could use the rapport-building technique of NLP.

Elman Induction of Hypnosis can be applied while training participants in a positive attitude.

During a leadership training program, you can take the help of the neurological alignment of NLP.

You can apply the timeline technique of NLP while taking a session on time management.

You can make use of GROW methodology for training individuals in goal setting.

You can use the concept of thinking error from CBT while conducting a session on a positive attitude.

During confidence building sessions, you can apply the self-awareness technique of Emotional Intelligence.

It is advised to learn the use of techniques of NLP, Hypnosis, Life Coaching, CBT and Emotional Intelligence with the disciplines of Corporate Training. Your Training Programs would be engaging, practical, experiential, change-driven and result-oriented. You would be able to impact the lives of the participants in a real sense through your training programs.

But would it be easy to accomplish all these things?

Of course not. You would have to work hard with dedication and perseverance. You would have to study regularly, contemplate for hours on different notions, and experiment in a real-life situation. However, remember this may be difficult, but it isn't impossible. To ease this process and help you realize your dream of becoming a corporate trainer, IBHNLP will assist you through its course of Corporate Trainer Certification.

Before coming to the training program, you will be given a list of more than 20 topics of corporate training, on which most training programs are conducted in the corporate sector. You will be provided with approximately 70 books in PDF format related to these 20 topics. Detailed instructions regarding note-making, module designing, developing your own philosophy from whatever you are reading etc. will help you understand, design, and develop your own content.

Out of these 20 topics, you will have to prepare and design training modules on at least 3 topics, prior to coming to the Corporate Trainer's Certification Course. These modules will be further improved and refined during the course so that, once you finish the course, you can immediately embark upon the path of becoming a trainer. We would do many other things that would help you to emerge as a successful, productive and eminent trainer.

(The NLP Master along with NLP Master Trainer is a comprehensive course at IBHNLP, which requires at least 6 months' exhaustive pre-training course (virtual + assignments) & 9 days of practical classroom training in a group of 15 + 3 months projects. In the 'NLP Master & NLP Trainer Certification Course', participants will also get complimentary Training & Certification in CBT, Emotional Intelligence Coaching & Corporate Training absolutely FREE. After the successful completion of this course, participants will be conferred with the following certifications:

1. NLP Master

2. NLP Master Trainer

3. CBT Practitioner

4. Emotional Intelligence Coach

5. Corporate Trainer

It's mandatory to complete an NLP Practitioner Certification course at IBHNLP in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Ahmedabad or Bangalore. Regular Batches of NLP Practitioner training are conducted in all the above-mentioned cities. Only after the successful completion of NLP Practitioner Training at IBHNLP, one could apply for NLP Master & NLP Trainer certification course. If you want to make a career as an NLP Master & NLP Master Trainer in India, IBHNLP would be the best option to start your journey with all its unique, incredible & marvellous features. Those who have done their NLP Practitioner Certification course from some other NLP Training Institute in India would have to commence their journey from NLP Practitioner Training at IBHNLP.)

(In NLP Training Workshop, along with NLP Practitioner Certificate, you will get Training and Certification of Hypnosis Practitioner + NLP Coach + Life Coach absolutely FREE.


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