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In the last few years, Life Coaching as a profession has grown significantly. People are taking the help of Certified Life Coaches to solve their personal issues, do better in professional life, and to create a bright future. Many institutions have also started providing individual and team coaching to improve the performance of their employees and to make their working life productive and happy.


With the help of Life Coaching, we try to strengthen the clients' ability to learn better and improve their life. By deepening the clients' understanding of the change process, their behaviour undergoes a positive transformation, boosting their self-image. To achieve this goal of Life Coaching, we have NLP and its various tools and techniques, that's why it's called 'NLP Coaching'. In short, we combine the NLP tools & techniques with Life Coaching formats, which can be of substantial help to get the client out of the immediate problem in the short term span and bring about the expected results, while laying the foundation for the long term change.

Let us look at some important aspects to get a clear idea as to why it is crucial to use NLP tools with Life Coaching formats. 

  1. Life Coaching provides us with many frames and tools, with which we can help the client to bring about a smooth transition in their life. Many formats of Life Coaching are compelling and result-oriented. Still, the difficulty comes when we have to alter the internal representation of the client to bring some distinguishable external changes. (Whenever we see or experience an event, an internal image of that event is created in our mind. The problem arises when we build a wrong or negative internal representation of an event in our mind.) If the client is struggling with a particular issue, sometimes we have to modify his/her internal model for that problem. NLP, for this, provides us with a handy tool in the form of submodalities. Applying this tool quickly resolves the client's issues.
  2. Through Life Coaching tools, we can design a plan together with the client to experience and stabilise the positive emotions in life. However, the problem arises when we have to program those positive emotions or feelings into the client's subconscious mind. NLP provides us with a powerful and practical tool called 'Anchoring' to program these positive emotions into our subconscious mind. Through anchoring, we can program many positive emotions & feelings of the client, such as confidence, enthusiasm, pleasure, creativity, and others in such a way that the client can experience these emotions at his/her wish. The use of anchoring in Life Coaching sessions multiplies the chances of better results.
  3. A coach's biggest weapons in actual Life Coaching are his questions. The Right question asked at the right time, can open up many facets of a particular case. Hence, as a coach, you need to ask the right questions at the right time, and to make this process smooth various questioning patterns are provided to use in Life Coaching sessions as per the demand of the situation. The quality of questions ultimately decides the direction of the coaching session. Practising these questions would enable you to ask the right questions during the session.

But the problem comes when the coach is unable to ask the right questions at the right time, and just one wrong inquiring blemishes the entire session of Life Coaching. One weak or irrelevant question from the coach and the client spirals into narrating meaningless stories for the next half hour. To save the coach from getting caught in this trap, NLP provides us with a very potent tool, called the 'meta-model'. The 'meta-model' does not give you ready-made questions, but it teaches you the skill to formulate the exact problems so that you can listen to the client with full attention; ask the right questions where necessary. This tool is so helpful that many times only a few but precise questions if asked resolves the problem. With the help of Life Coaching formats and structure, we can help the client to design an effective action plan to create a bright future while ensuring his/her active participation. This plan can be so precise and powerful, that it would definitely give a new direction to the client's life. It would make his/her dreams come true, and with confidence, they will create a golden future. 

However, the problem arises when the client has a promising plan for the bright future, but the negligible programming at the subconscious level. As a result, the client works on that plan for a few days and then discontinues it. To program the subconscious mind of the client for a golden future, we can employ various tools of NLP such as sub-modality, Milton-model, and timeline during Life Coaching session.

There are many other tools in NLP which you can use along with Life Coaching formats. Such as

  • Rapport Building 
  • Identify Pattern
  • Identify Linguistic Usage
  • Communicate at the core of the inner thoughts (Milton Model)
  • Re-framing the frame of thoughts
  • Belief Change Framework

In this way, different tools of NLP can be utilised in a Life Coaching session.

Here we must remember one thing, this method of the NLP goes one step ahead of Life Coaching, such as…

Life Coaching tries to change the behaviour of the client. At the same time, the process emphasises that clients learn new skills. 

The NLP Coaching focuses on transforming behaviour, and learning new skills, in addition to changing their fundamental conceptions of life and improving their self-image. 

In Life Coaching, many times external behaviour of the client is given more attention, and different formats and tools are used keeping that behaviour in mind. 

In NLP Coaching, we pay attention to the external behaviour of the client as well as his internal representation. NLP Coaching is trying to find out what is causing the client's behaviour, and how is the client's mind operating, which is leading to his negative behaviour. Here we pay more attention to the client's internal brain processes.

Many times in Life Coaching, the work is limited to the 'client's problem and its solution' called a linear change. In Life Coaching, we think in a straight direction. 

In NLP Coaching, the focus is not just on the 'Problem and Solution', but on the whole system. We have an all-inclusive approach here. We try to find out whether the solution used is leading to another problem or if there is any negative aspect related to this approach. At the same time, we also consider some factors in the client's life that may lead to a relapse. Thus, in NLP, we work on a systemic change.

In short, in NLP Coaching, we use the formats and tools of Life Coaching and NLP along with them. This approach takes Life Coaching one step further.

Finally, could you imagine how easy it would be to help people transform their lives by using the magical tools of NLP along with the powerful techniques of Life Coaching? With the powerful tools of NLP in your hand, you would be able to solve problems, control negative emotions and create a future full of positivity. 

I hope that this NLP Coach training will give a new direction, and new meaning to your life and will reveal some new dimensions, and some unknown secrets about the human mind.

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