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Before we dive into the details of the CBT Practitioner Certification course, I would like to share an extract from the conversation between a client and myself during a CBT Coaching Session. Just pay attention to the client's thought process while reading this conversation.


Client: I don't think I will be able to achieve anything. I am exhausted and fed up of trying. I have failed miserably as a businessman.

Coach: Could you please elaborate on this?

Client: Until last year, I was working as an HR Manager in an MNC. My annual package was great, and so was the work. Everything was functioning smoothly. However, the thought of becoming a businessman kept nagging me constantly. It made me restless. I felt, as an HR Manager, I was simply wasting my days at work. I started feeling very unproductive. My mind continuously pestered me to pursue my dreams. I felt like following my dream, acting on it, taking the leap. So, finally, after years of contemplation and planning, I resigned from my company last year and launched my HR Consultancy firm.

Coach: What happened next?

Client: Nothing. For a year, I have been working day and night, but all I could taste was a disappointment. I don't think; I will succeed in running this firm.

Coach: What have you done so far to run your HR firm successfully?

Client: After leaving the company, I rented an office for my firm. I hired three employees to work for the firm. I visited many huge MNCs and got the opportunity to consult some big companies. Initially, I earned considerable money. However, since the past three months, the earning has decreased considerably. Currently, I am consulting only 3-4 SMEs. I have failed, lost everything. I don't think I shall get any more orders or the chance to discuss with any conglomerate. My firm has collapsed into nothing. My decision of leaving the company has turned out to be a suicidal disaster. All I have is the ruins of my firm and the smear of my failure on my name.


Could you understand the mindset of the client?
How is he thinking?
Can you label his thinking style?
Is it possible to alter his thought process? If 'yes', how?
Let us first try to understand and analyse the client's style of thinking?


In general, I suppose the client thinks in the following manner

- I feel I can do nothing

- I am tired and exasperated

- I have failed miserably as a businessman

- My business is ruined

- I think I will not receive any consulting order in the future

- There is a tag of being a failure on my name

Do you feel this is the right attitude towards life? Will this thinking enable the client to move forward in life? Will he be able to flourish in his consulting business? "Not at all."

You must have noticed that the client did experience initial success, he consulted some big multinational companies, and as of today, he is advising a few medium enterprises. It means that the clients belief that he is a failed businessman is fundamentally far from reality.

If we can help the client to discard the negative thoughts and teach him constructive thinking, then his life would take a positive turn. He can move forward in life with new goals and concrete action plans. His business could again blossom and reach new heights of success. The client's dream of becoming a successful businessman can be fulfilled provided that he chooses to grow in his life with confidence and ingenuity. But to achieve all these, we have to change his attitude at first. It can effortlessly be accomplished through CBT sessions.

The client's style of thinking in CBT is termed as "All or Nothing". According to this concept, the client adapts an extreme negative thinking style that is far from reality. This highly negative thought process creates negative emotions which in turn lead to negative behaviour, like a destructive cycle. The client either leans towards acute negativity or positivity. There is no in-between for him. A few examples are, either people love you or despise you, either you are completely free or a slave. 

In CBT, we believe that most of our problems are the result of our thinking errors, just as it's happening with the client mentioned above. CBT aims to provide you with a positive perspective in life by teaching you to control your thinking errors. It tries to simplify our rigid thinking process. In this way, by bringing flexibility in our thinking, we can lead a blissful life.

Take a moment and think, how many times do we create problems just because of our thinking errors? Many times we complicate a trivial issue only because of our over-thinking which could have been resolved quickly. CBT shifts the course of our thinking from complexity to simplicity, which changes our thought process, and we engage more in the behaviour of finding solutions than creating problems in life.

CBT is a robust psychological process. By learning this therapy, you will be able to control and influence your thoughts and lead a happy life and move ahead with confidence. In the CBT Practitioner course, you will learn many useful and powerful techniques, by which you could help others while improving your own life. For instance,

- Finding hidden errors in your thought process
- Managing extreme negative thoughts
- Raising awareness towards thinking style
- Analysing the emotional process
- Modifying the destructive thoughts
- Developing strong beliefs
- Strengthening self-concept
- Employing the ABC frame of CBT in daily life and others.


During the CBT Practitioner Certification Course, when you learn these techniques, study them meticulously and ingrain them in your mind and employ them in everyday life, you will develop a new attitude towards life. Post which changing your personal and professional life will become simple and easy for you.

NLP Master and NLP Master Trainer Program of IBHNLP constitutes nine days. CBT is taught on the fifth day of the training program, and the rest of the days are spent polishing various tools of CBT. Many times people ask me, "Why do you include CBT workshop in NLP Master and NLP Master Trainer program?" The fact is, no psychological therapy in this world is perfect in itself. So, if we blend different psychotherapies and techniques, we could produce better results in training and coaching.

For example, CBT has done a splendid job with thinking error. When we study meta-model in NLP, we cover a few patterns of thinking errors, but not entirely, which makes it essential to consider CBT. Apart from this, CBT has designed an ABC format that simplifies the entire method of coaching. The frame makes it very easy to conduct coaching sessions. To be honest, NLP does not possess any such tool. So if we use these CBT techniques with NLP tools, we could resolve client's and our issues with swiftness and ease and change our lives for the better.

Take a moment and imagine, how effectively you could conduct training or a coaching session with the help of CBT and NLP methods? With these techniques, you could understand the functionality of people walking into your courses, convert their negative thoughts into positive ones, instil confidence in them and inspire them to create a better future. Don't you think this will mesmerise people? And the dream that motivated you to attend the workshop will also be fulfilled.

(The NLP Master along with NLP Master Trainer is a comprehensive course at IBHNLP, which requires at least 6 months' exhaustive pre-training course (virtual + assignments) & 9 days of practical classroom training in a group of 15 + 3 months projects. In the 'NLP Master & NLP Trainer Certification Course', participants will also get complimentary Training & Certification in CBT, Emotional Intelligence Coaching & Corporate Training absolutely FREE. After the successful completion of this course, participants will be conferred with the following certifications:

1. NLP Master

2. NLP Master Trainer

3. CBT Practitioner

4. Emotional Intelligence Coach

5. Corporate Trainer

It's mandatory to complete an NLP Practitioner Certification course at IBHNLP in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Ahmedabad or Bangalore. Regular Batches of NLP Practitioner training are conducted in all the above-mentioned cities. Only after the successful completion of NLP Practitioner Training at IBHNLP, one could apply for NLP Master & NLP Trainer certification course. If you want to make a career as an NLP Master & NLP Master Trainer in India, IBHNLP would be the best option to start your journey with all its unique, incredible & marvelous features. Those who have done their NLP Practitioner Certification course from some other NLP Training Institute in India would have to commence their journey from NLP Practitioner Training at IBHNLP.)

(In NLP Training Workshop, along with NLP Practitioner Certificate, you will get Training and Certification of Hypnosis Practitioner + NLP Coach + Life Coach absolutely FREE.)


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