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  • Wednesday October 02, 2019
NLP Mumbai
02 Oct

Grab this golden opportunity of doing NLP certification or NLP Training in Mumbai. Get the Best NLP Course in Mumbai at an affordable price. NLP Mumbai Workshop dates are 02nd October to 07th October 2019. Fees for NLP Training in Mumbai is given below. IBHNLP is well-known for providing the world-class NLP Courses at affordable prices in Mumbai.

We are inviting you for a Fascinating Inner Journey of transforming your personal & professional Life by attending an Intensive Workshop of NLP Practitioner. Rewrite your own future and make your life a celebration!

Attend this NLP Workshop & Get Exclusive Benefits:

  • Huge 35% Off on Certified NLP Practitioner Course!
  • Get Free ‘NLP Magic – The Complete Audio NLP Course’
  • Establish Coaching/Counselling Business after Learning NLP
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Get a Free Training & Certification in Direct Hypnosis
  • Get Free Training & Certification in Life Coaching
  • Become a Member of IBHNLP


Watch the Introductory Video of our NLP Practitioner Training:


Some of the Prominent Techniques covered in this NLP Practitioner Training:


The skill of connecting with people instantly and at a deeper level. You will learn how to make the stranger comfortable and build a win-win relationship; How to get people to trust you? You will learn how to make them feel at ease. Concrete tools and techniques to make them feel safe and carefree with you. After building a strong rapport anything becomes communicable and this is a rare skill that everyone should know about if one wants to prosper in his/her personal and professional life. Imagine how nice would it be if we could communicate effortlessly with each other…

Need Analysis

Getting an understanding of ‘WHY’ and ‘HOW’ of human behaviour. Every action is motivated by some motive. How nice would it be to learn the WHY behind all your or your client’s behaviour? Hours of therapy has been spent searching for the WHY behind our client’s self-destructive or self-illusive behaviours. NLP will help you to understand the drives behind every action. Not only that but you will also know ‘How’ to change the behaviour patterns with concrete tools because just getting to the root cause of any problem doesn’t make any difference. We need concrete tools to change it.

Sub Modalities Change

You will learn to encrypt brain patterns. Each behaviour has a pattern inside the brain. Once you get to know those patterns and their smaller distinctions, it becomes easier to change. Human Perception frames the external reality for the individuals and if we know the sub-modalities of our perception, beliefs, behaviour etc…., we can literally change those sub-modalities and see the change in our own or our client’s behaviour. It opens the doors of infinite possibilities.

Hierarchy of Ideas

This model helps you to take your art of communication to a whole new level. You learn the secrets of becoming the master communicator who can increase or decrease the level of specificity or vagueness in any given conversation, depending on what will serve you. This is something very unique about NLP skills. There are times when it is helpful to remain vague and there are times when you have to use very specific in your communication to get the expected results. Mastering this skill empowers you and puts you in charge of any given conversation and lets you determine the direction of it.

Meta Model

How nice would it be to learn the art of asking a few specific questions, that would lead the client to the root of the problems and in most cases, simply resolve the whole problem? You can’t solve the problem on the level which you have created. To solve it, you need a whole new dimension of thinking. Meta Model exactly does that job. It teaches you to frame specific questions which will give new insights to your client in his/her problem. Instead of providing ready-made solutions, through the use of the Meta Model you go dipper into the sub-conscious brain of your client. Just with specific questions, you can change the meaning attached to it inside the client’s brain and most of the problems disappear like they were not there before! This model was adopted from the works of Virginia Satyr, a phenomenally successful therapist of her time. There are other blogs explaining the Meta Model on this website.

Milton Model

This is completely opposite of Meta Model. Here, you would linguistically go into the vagueness. This creates a gentle relaxation and trance-like state, where the person you are communicating with can easily access the resourcefulness within himself or herself. Milton Model creates the proper set-up for change work process. This Model adopted from Dr Milton Ericson, a major contributor in the field of therapy and coaching. Hindi, as well as English blogs, are available for more info.

Sensory Acuity

In general, it means how good your senses are in performing the task which is expected from them. In NLP, it refers to the ability to observe and encode the accurate meaning through the use of senses. You might have heard the old saying, ‘it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it’ This saying fits with how we think in NLP. This is something different from the study of body language. Sensory acuity involves physiology, tonality and observation of words. In NLP, we believe that whenever an internal representation of a person shifts something will also shift in a person’s external behaviour. The question is how to catch that? In NLP Practitioner, you will learn to develop your own sensory awareness by detecting the subtle movements in another person’s physiology and voice tone.

Swish Pattern

You might have heard ‘Old habits die hard.’ We all know that changing habits is hard! Once you know this technique, you can easily address an unwanted behaviour response to a whole new outcome by changing the sub-modalities. This technique is helpful for an uncontrollable desire compulsive, obsessive behaviours like drinking alcohol, biting nails, smoking, eat certain foods or habits are often linked with some kind of trigger. It’s a very easy technique once understood properly.


This is another important technique, which is covered in our NLP Practitioner workshops. It is the art of handling objections. You will learn how to easily reframe any given statement and get the desired outcome. Through the use of linguistic skills, you’ll know how to easily twist it, spin it and change its meaning into something positive, which will serve your purpose. This skill is extremely valuable in sales, counselling and everyday life as well.


This is a beautiful technique which makes you resourceful. Through this technique, you can control and evoke any desired state, at your will. There are anchors in our life, just we are unaware of them. You learn to anchor any desired state (confident, motivated, happy, fearless etc.) and have a spot on your fingertips that you would use to trigger it whenever you want to access that desired state. We all have “buttons” that our near and dear ones know how to “press”. They exactly know what to do or what to say to get their work done. With anchoring, you start controlling your state of mind and swinging moods. Pressing situations won’t hamper your performance with this technique.

These are just a few powerful and life-changing NLP Techniques.


Additional Benefits participants will get only at IBHNLP by attending this NLP Practitioner Workshop in Mumbai

FREE Training and Certification in Direct Hypnosis
As you must have read that NLP is based on Conversational Hypnosis and it becomes difficult to understand conversational hypnosis without the background of Hypnosis. At least the participant must know the mechanism of Direct Hypnosis. Taking this need into consideration, IBHNLP has added Half Day Training of Direct Hypnosis (Not mandatory for those having Hypnosis Background)


FREE Training and Certification of Life Coaching
Definitely above mentioned and many more NLP Tools and techniques will help you to improve and enhance your performance at personal and professional level, but if you want to establish yourself as a Life Coach or if you want to help and heal others through NLP tools and techniques, then in that case this Life Coach Certification from IBHNLP will help you a lot. We will cover three mostly used Coaching Models in it.
GROW Model
Coactive Model
Inner Game Model


Please Note:

If you want to enrol for the NLP Practitioner Workshop in Mumbai from 02nd October to 07th October 2019, please contact us as early as possible, because Preparatory Course for October Batch has already started. It will be Home-Study Material Based Course, which will prepare you theoretically and conceptually in the domain of NLP, Hypnosis & Life Coaching.

Call Satish on+919834878870 or mail us at satish@ibhnlp.com for more information.

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