Pramila Pawar - Founder & CEO Of Brain Secret


Two years ago, I was in search of something that would help me to transform my life. I knew I had potential, but I couldn’t use it for a greater purpose. I was searching for something that is concrete, scientific & most importantly I could practise in my day-to-day routine. It might be a tool, which I can use for myself, for my personal change, and help people around me to change their lives. I was desperately searching for something which could prove to be a paradigm shift in my life & then one fine morning, I landed on the website while surfing on the net & I realized that I found something worthwhile and this is how my search came to an end. At that time, I was specifically searching for three things:

1. How to get out of past memories

2. How to develop good qualities in myself

3. How to take action in the desired direction

(Business wasn’t a concern at that time because I haven’t even decided in which direction I wanted to go. My institute ‘Brain Secret’ is also the by-product of NLP training. Actually, in and after the training I started thinking to enter in the training field. I will come to that later on.)

For so many years, I had been working in Maharashtra Government as a Training Manager. Some of my tasks included defining training topics, deploying trainers, managing outdoor activities, taking feedback from the participants, and sending it to Mantralay, administrative headquarters of the state government of Maharashtra in South Mumbai. Sometimes I used to take sessions in training on the topics of Positive Attitude, Emotional Intelligence, Time Management, etc. but I had never thought that one day, I would establish my own training institute.

Today also I remember those days very clearly. I was fed up with the routine government job and wanted to get out of it. I wanted to start something of my own but the direction wasn’t clear. Amidst this state of confusion, I decided to join the NLP Practitioner at IBHNLP - The Indian Board of Hypnosis & Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and it proved to be the turning point of my life. I learned NLP and those were really the memorable days of my life. Six long days, I was observing my thinking patterns – positive and negative, my habits – positive and negative, my emotions – positive and negative. At the end of the NLP Practitioner Course, a novel understanding took place inside me. I started thinking differently, I started seeing myself differently and I started feeling myself differently. I am not saying that everything changed overnight but it was surely a great beginning.

Following NLP Tools helped me in this journey:

Well-formed Outcome – This is one of the amazing NLP tools that brought clarity to my thinking. After reading this title, Well-formed Outcome, you might think this is all about Goal Setting but it is not. I used to arrange Goal Setting workshops when I was a training manager in Mahasul Prabodhini, Maharashtra Government and this NLP tool is much deeper and comprehensive compared to the commonly-told goal-setting philosophy. Well-formed Outcome from NLP helped me to think in one specific direction and gave me absolute thinking clarity.

Value Framework – This is a tremendously powerful framework. Our values are the major driving forces in our life. This framework gave me a complete understanding of ‘why I do what I do?’. It proved to be an eye-opener for me. Actually, I found the answer to ‘what is holding me back?’, while going through the value framework.

Submodality System – This system will help you to understand your programming and help you to go for deprogramming if you want. Actually, I used the submodality system after the workshop. When I became crystal clear about my dreams with this system, I started my own programming. I made a plan with a well-formed outcome, aligned my values, and programmed myself by using submodalities.

By using this process, I not only transformed my personal life but also settled my professional life. I established my own institute ‘Brain Secret’ to help students to realize their dreams. I conduct the following activities under the ‘Brian Secret’ in Maharashtra.

1. Various Psychological Tests including DMIT

2. Personality Development Workshops for Students

3. Teachers Training Programs

4. Parenting Sessions in group & with individuals

Apart from ‘Training Seminars’ I work with individual students and parents. I help them to resolve their issues with counselling. My sessions with individual includes:

1. Student Counselling

2. Parent Counselling, Parenting Coaching

3. Career Counselling

To spread my work all over India recently I established NGO named ‘Krishnvimal Foundation.’ Now I wish to work in rural areas and help students, parents & teachers uplift their life.

In short, I achieved the following things through NLP:

1. I started managing myself better, literally began running my own brain.

2. I could inculcate some good qualities required to become a successful businesswoman.

3. I became more positive towards my life and handle business adversities very easily.

4. I became a woman of action, started producing desired results.

5. I experienced increased awareness and this awareness helped me to influence my external world.

This is all about myself. Throughout this journey, I constantly reminded myself, ‘if I have the passion and proven change-methodology, I can achieve anything.’ Finally, I sincerely thank Sandip Shirsat, Founder & CEO of IBHNLP, to help me to fulfill my dreams. He kept on supporting me even after the training ended. And here I remind the vision statement of IBHNLP, ‘Creating a Better World Through NLP and Hypnosis!’ Now I feel that I also have become part of this vision!

This was all about Pramila Pawar, & her journey with IBHNLP! Sometimes, it's really hard to decide the next step...but keep faith...and follow your will find yourself next to success very soon...
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