NLP Master Trainer Certification Course Syllabus


IBHNLP - The Indian Board of Hypnosis & Neuro-Linguistic Programming regularly organises NLP Master & NLP Trainer Certification Courses in India. The NLP Master along with NLP Master Trainer is a comprehensive course at IBHNLP, which requires at least 6 months' exhaustive pre-training course (virtual + assignments) & 9 days practical classroom training in a group of 15 + 3 months projects. In 'NLP Master & NLP Trainer Certification Course', participants will also get complimentary Training & Certification in CBT, Emotional Intelligence Coaching & Corporate Training absolutely FREE. After the successful completion of this course, participants will be conferred with the following certifications:

1. NLP Master

2. NLP Master Trainer

3. CBT Practitioner

4. Emotional Intelligence Coach

5. Corporate Trainer

Given below is the syllabus of NLP Master Trainer Certification course. Please click the links to check out the syllabus of other certification courses.

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NLP Master Trainer Syllabus @ IBHNLP -


Direct Training Skills

01. Questionnaire Method

Developing a Conceptual Framework

Pre-Training Questionnaire

In-Training Questionnaire

02. Cast Study Method

Creating Creative Content for a Case Study

The Five Stages of Case Analysis

Fifteen Categories of Questions

03. Lecture Method (Public Speaking)

Judging the Entry Behaviour of the Audience

Six Stages of ‘Learning Event’ Preparation

Performance Assessment

04. Group Exercise Method

Selecting and Using a Group Exercise

Preparation & Planning

Review the Group Exercise

05. Discussion Leading Method

The Structure of a Discussion

Preparing to Lead a Discussion

The Quality of Questions

06. Demonstration Method

Demonstrating NLP Patterns

Six Stages of NLP Pattern Demonstration

Process the Exercise to Complete the Learning Cycle.

07. Role Play Method

When to Use Role Play

How to Use Role Play

Writing Creative & Thought-Provoking Role Plays

08. Interactive Video

Selection Criteria

Stimulating Discussion

Aligning with Other Training Methods

09. Designing Training Programme

A Detailed Questionnaire on Training Design

A Selection of Training Methods

Ensuring Transfer of Learning

10. Designing Creative Brouchers & PPTs

Important Design Rules

Design Mistakes to Avoid

NLP Tools for Transforming Your Stage Presence

01. Being Yourself

The Importance of ‘Being Yourself’ as a Trainer

Your Identity as a Trainer

Ten Questions Before Embarking on the Journey of Being a Trainer

02. Setting the Frame

Know Your Audience

The Magic of Setting the Frame

Three Questions to Set the Frame Powerfully

03. Feedback

The Feedback Sandwich

Accountability Shaping

Pattern: Receiving Feedback Positively

04. The Psychological States

The Pattern-The Learner State

Seven Steps Formula to Go into the Trainer State

The Pattern-The Trainer State

05. Empowering Beliefs

Six Empowering Beliefs of Master Trainers:

Beliefs Audit Questionnaire

Identifying, empowering and disempowering beliefs

06. Rapport

Utilizing the Power of Rapport as a Trainer

Matching Voice Tonality

Developing Rapport with the Group

07. Time Line Therapy

Understanding Fear

Building Confidence

Presenting Magically

Bonus: Apart from this to build your training skills, you will learn:


  • The Secrets of Good Delivery
  • Exploring & Developing Your Own Delivery Style
  • Preparing Attractive PowerPoint Presentation (When to Use and When Not to Use PPT)
  • Designing Powerful Questionnaire to Check ‘Entry Behaviour’ of Audience.
  • Becoming Enchanting Story Teller
  • Leading Enchanting Group Discussion
  • Creating Thought-Provoking Case Studies
  • Action Learning and Presenting Case Study
  • Hold Mesmerizing Training Session & Get Expert’s Feedback
  • Developing Your Own Ways to Know Your Audience
  • Audience Engagement Strategies
  • Innovate your Own Games & Activities
  • Adopting a Creative Mindset for Designing Exercises
  • Encouraging Action Strategies
  • Peak Performance Coaching
  • Presenting Training Session Using all Tools Learned
  • Revising All Concepts Learned
  • Programme your Brain to be a World-Class Trainer

BONUS: In addition to the above-mentioned points, here in IBHNLP, we’ll teach Individual Brand Building Strategies to become an NLP Coach and NLP Trainer.

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(It's mandatory to complete an NLP Practitioner Certification course at IBHNLP in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Ahmedabad, or Bangalore. Regular Batches of NLP Practitioner training are conducted in all the above-mentioned cities. Only after the successful completion of NLP Practitioner Training at IBHNLP, one could apply for NLP Master & NLP Trainer certification course. If you want to make a career as an NLP Master & NLP Master Trainer in India, IBHNLP would be the best option to start your journey with all its unique, incredible & marvellous features. Those who have done their NLP Practitioner Certification course from some other NLP Training Institute in India would have to commence their journey from NLP Practitioner Training at IBHNLP.)

(In NLP Training Workshop, along with NLP Practitioner Certificate, you will get Training and Certification of Hypnosis Practitioner + NLP Coach + Life Coach absolutely FREE.)


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