NLP Master Certification Course Syllabus


IBHNLP - The Indian Board of Hypnosis & Neuro-Linguistic Programming regularly organizes NLP Master & NLP Trainer Certification Courses in India. The NLP Master along with NLP Master Trainer is a comprehensive course at IBHNLP, which requires at least 6 months' exhaustive pre-training course (virtual + assignments) & 9 days of practical classroom training in a group of 15 + 3 months projects. In the 'NLP Master & NLP Trainer Certification Course', participants will also get complimentary Training & Certification in CBT, Emotional Intelligence Coaching & Corporate Training absolutely FREE. After the successful completion of this course, participants will be conferred with the following certifications:

1. NLP Master

2. NLP Master Trainer

3. CBT Practitioner

4. Emotional Intelligence Coach

5. Corporate Trainer


NLP Master Certification Program Syllabus @ IBHNLP


Change Work Fundamentals

Redefining NLP

What is NLP & What is Not NLP?

Fundamentals of Change Management

Prof. John Kotter's 8-Step Change Model & NLP

Satir's Change Model & NLP

Your Dream of Being a Trainer and a Satir Change Model

Change Work Fundamentals of NLP

Bloom’s Taxonomy & NLP

Transforming Yourself – Becoming who you want to be

The Power of Self-Concept

Psycho-cybernetics & Self-image

Self-image and self-concept

Self-concept, Values, and Self-esteem

Elements of a Healthy Self-concept

Discovering Your Self-Concept

Process Elements of Self-concept

Changing Structure of the Self-concept

Mind-Lines: Magical Lines to Transform Minds

How Frames Work at Different Levels

Language and Reframing

Rules of Reframing

The difference between the Meta model and Mind Lines


Content Reframing

Pre-Framing & Post-Framing


Figuring Out People: Design Engineering with Meta-Programs

Understanding the Patterning of Consciousness

Defining Meta-Programs

Meta-Programs for Figuring Out People

The Mental Meta-Programs—Meta Programs in Thinking, Sorting, and Perceiving

The Emotional Meta-Programs: Meta-Programs in Emoting and Somatizing

The Volitional Meta-Programs: Meta-Programs Involved in Willing, Choosing, and Conation

The Response Meta-Programs: Meta-Programs in Outputting, Responding, Communicating

The ‘Meta’ Meta-Programs: Meta-Programs about Conceptual/Semantic Realities (Identity/Self/Time etc.)

Beliefs: Pathways to Health & Well-being

Belief of Geniuses

Building New Beliefs: The Structure of Certainty

Converting Ideas into Belief-English Worksheet

Updating & Transforming Limiting Beliefs

Modelling with NLP

Defining NLP in the Context of Modeling

The Basic NLP Modeling Process

Levels of Modeling

Four Basic Perspectives in Modeling

The Basic Phases of the Typical NLP Modeling Process

A Modeling Project

Mind Over Mood–Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)

The Basic Principles of Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Automatic Thought and Core Belief

Tools for Identifying Emotions:

Conceptualizing the Client’s Problem

Thinking Errors

The Ideal Structure of the Therapy Session

Strategies to Work on Automatic Thought and Core Belief

Identify & Questions to Dispute with Irrational Thoughts

CBT & NLP: Similarities & Differences

The Psychology of Emotions: Emotional Intelligence

Five Minute EQ Tests

EI Framework - Personal Competence - Self Awareness

EI Framework - Personal Competence - Self Regulation

EI Framework - Personal Competence – Motivation

EI Framework - Social Competence – Empathy

EI Framework - Social Competence - Social Skills

Ten Powerful Activities for Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence & NLP


Back to Basics: Four Fundamentals of Change

Ten Steps for Creating Lasting Change

Fourteen Stages to Train Yourself in EI

A Guide to Life Planning

Steps to Make Your Dream Your "Muscle Memory"

Talent Search Strategies

The Neurological Level Framework

Values Framework

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(It's mandatory to complete an NLP Practitioner Certification course at IBHNLP in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Ahmedabad, or Bangalore. Regular Batches of NLP Practitioner training are conducted in all the above-mentioned cities. Only after the successful completion of NLP Practitioner Training at IBHNLP, one could apply for NLP Master & NLP Trainer certification course. If you want to make a career as an NLP Master & NLP Master Trainer in India, IBHNLP would be the best option to start your journey with all its unique, incredible & marvelous features. Those who have done their NLP Practitioner Certification course from some other NLP Training Institute in India would have to commence their journey from NLP Practitioner Training at IBHNLP.)

(In NLP Training Workshop, along with NLP Practitioner Certificate, you will get Training and Certification of Hypnosis Practitioner + NLP Coach + Life Coach absolutely FREE.)


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