Dr Usha Nag (Gynaecologist) - NLP Master & Coach

Doctor, Professor, NLP Practitioner, Life Coach, Hypnotherapist & Healer

I am working as a Professor at Dr. PSIMS & RF, Gannavaram, Vijayawada. I have also done my Master's in Yoga with distinction. I have been practising Pranic healing since 2016. I am a classical singer & Bharatanatyam dancer as well. My hobby is gardening. I love to read books on varied subjects.

N-L-P, these three letters of the English language changed my life completely. Before attending the NLP workshop at IBHNLP - The Indian Board of Hypnosis & Neuro-Linguistic Programming, I didn’t even imagine that it would turn around my whole life. It changed my approach, gave me a new direction, and made me feel proud. NLP helped me to understand my own brain, made my language more effective, and taught me to take action to realize my dreams. Actually, I was reading about NLP for a long time. I was using some techniques as per my understanding as well, but somewhere I was feeling that I was missing the crux of NLP. So, finally, I decided to undergo an NLP workshop, which could connect the missing links. So, I searched for the best NLP Training Institutes across India & finally after a lot of research & in-depth inquiry finalized IBHNLP.

Today also, I remember the days when I attended NLP Practitioner Training in Delhi in 2019. I think these were really the beautiful days of my life. I really enjoyed a lot while learning NLP. Just the memories of these training days, give me the sensation of energy, happiness, and fulfillment. But the real story began after the training. I started understanding, applying, and practising NLP Tools and Techniques, and believe me, it made all the difference. 

I accomplished so many things but specifically, two achievements I would like to mention.

1. Mind-blowing rapport with my students

2. Creation of Result-oriented Weight Loss Program

I am a gynecologist by profession. I have been doing surgeries for years. People kept on praising me for my surgery skills. Apart from this, I have been teaching gynecology students in the Medical College of Hyderabad, A.P., India. I always wished to give my all knowledge to my students, but sometimes I felt I could not make a connection with them. I didn’t want to teach only to their conscious brain, but also to their subconscious. I wanted to create a long-term learning impression on their minds. I even wanted to motivate them to go the extra mile in the pursuit of a gynecology career and to imbibe a service attitude in them.

This wish of mine got fulfilled when I attended NLP Practitioner at Delhi. Now I am so happy that I could bring that impact and build rapport with my students at the level of their subconscious mind. Now my sessions are more engaging, energetic, and inspiring than earlier ones. I keep on using the Milton Model and Meta Model of NLP while teaching gynecology to my students. Now my every session is more satisfying for me and enlightening for my students.

Now I use Conversational Hypnosis before I begin my lecture every day, you won't believe it, but there is absolute silence in the class of 150 students and in that atmosphere, when I teach formulas or some other important subject content, it’s getting absorbed by the students perfectly. We are having a great shift in results. My lectures are getting much popular these days. Thanks to NLP!

One another fabulous achievement I accomplished with NLP and that is the ‘Creation of Result-oriented Weight Loss Program.’ Nowadays, obesity has become one of the major health problems not only in India but all over the world. A recent survey says that an estimated 160 million Americans are either obese or overweight. In short, nearly three-quarters of American men and more than 60% of women are obese or overweight. Even Obesity in India has reached epidemic proportions in the last few years.

Because of being in the medical profession, people have been coming to me with their ‘weight’ issue. After completing NLP, I thought to incorporate NLP tools and create my own ‘Wight Loss Programme’. Even to my astonishment, I got some tremendously powerful positive results with ‘NLP based Weight Loss Programme.’ Now I could help people to lose weight, go for a better diet and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Glimpses of my NLP based Weight Loss Program:


On the Level of Body:

1. Customised Exercises for a particular issue

2. A Complete Diet System

On the Level of Mind:

1. A Meta-analysis of the Client – First Interview to know the ‘Mindset’ of the client.

2. Outcome – Setting specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound goals

3. Neurological Alignment – Aligning various neurological levels to achieve the dream of better health

4. Hypnosis – Seeding weight loss, better diet, and exercise suggestions into the subconscious mind

5. Reframing – Reframing old negative beliefs related to ‘body image’.

6. Anchoring – To go into a state to feel better about oneself.

With a proven diet system in combination with proper exercise & the right Mindset set by NLP tools, my Weight Loss Programme became much more effective and result-oriented. The secret of my success with people lies in the key principle of personal change and that is ‘self-image alteration is a must to bring personal transformation.’ Our internal self-image is the blueprint of our external life. If someone has a self-image of obese, it means that she sees herself as obese, she thinks of herself as obese and she feels as obese. Until and unless we don’t change this self-image, we will work with people with little or no success. My clients know that they should change their diet, go for exercise, control their cravings, etc. even before they come to me. But these are all ‘shoulds’, by changing their self-image I convert these ‘shoulds’ into the ‘musts’. And this magic could become possible only with NLP, Hypnosis & through the proper processes of Life Coaching. I love to see people smiling and feeling better about themselves when they lose weight and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Right now at least, I am consulting 05 clients a day.

My on-going weight loss girls:

1. Usha lost 3 inches in 2 weeks and lost 3 kgs in 3 wks.

2. Avanti lost 2 inches in 1 week.

3. Srilaxmi lost 2 inches in 1 week.

4. Laxmi 2inches in 1 week.

5. Spandana 1 inch in 1 week.

6. Aishwarya 1 inch in 1 week.  

7. Sunanda 1 inch in 1 week.

There are many more whom I will be measuring next week. 1 inch every week. It’s so encouraging to see, so many girls losing inches, soon I will have a slim department!

Recently, I also got attached to a gym nearby. I saw some boys are doing really hard workouts, when I casually questioned them about their workout, I was shocked to know that they were working hard to improve their physic, but with little or no results. It suddenly clicked to me that we could definitely do something. I started working with them as a consultant. Actually, they were working with their old mindset, because of which they were not getting the expected results. I just changed their mindset with hypnosis & with the tools of NLP. Now the same workout is producing phenomenal results. Imran’s gym is becoming more popular. He is sending many newcomers to me for consultancy first.

Finally, thanks a lot to Mr. Sandip Shirsat, Founder of IBHNLP and NLP Master Trainer, who inspired me to achieve my dreams and do something different.

This was all about Dr. Usha Nag, & her journey with IBHNLP! Sometimes, it's really hard to decide the next step...but keep faith...and follow your heart...you will find yourself next to success very soon...
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