Nlp Training For Students And Parents.


Designer of नवी दृष्टी नवी दिशा programs for students and parents.

I come from a very small city called Ichalkaranji in Kolhapur District of Maharashtra.‘NLP’, first time I heard this word in our company during the behavioral training program arranged in our company for employees, as I am working in a manufacturing company, these kinds of training are usually arranged for us. The trainers who came to train us were NLP trainers/masters or Life Coaches. Since then I was eager to know about NLP & Life Coaching. So, started searching about NLP & Life Coaching and found that this is the thing I was always searching for, because although I am working in a world-class company and have a good salary and the best facilities, I was always feeling that I am missing something, I am not happy from inside and was always asking myself “Do I really deserve this?”. Being helpful in nature I like to mix with people and work for them especially for the younger generation. After 8 years of work experience, I realized that I can do very much better in other fields and I deserve something better than I am having today. Having sympathy towards teenage students I decided to work for them but had no proper direction and idea of work. So, I decided to go for NLP & Life Coaching. Searched on Google and found that IBHNLP is the best institute that not only provides you with the knowledge of NLP, Life Coaching & Hypnosis but also certifies you at very affordable fees too. I registered for the 6-day workshop of NLP, Life Coaching & Hypnosis Certification.

          Believe me, those 6 days started changing my life from the very first session. All the things I was learning started creating magic in my life.

  • Removal of past memories or unwanted things from the mind, conditioning your brain.
  • VAK Model& Sub Modalities.
  • Neurological alignment level index.
  • Meta Model & Milton Model and the best was
  • Goal setting and Goal Conditioning

I started thinking my mind to work upon myself, as NLP, in short, is ‘Running Your Own Brain’.  The journey of transformation started then. After completion of certification, I changed completely, set my goals, and started working for them.

          Various newspaper articles and books gave me an idea of the problems that the younger generation is facing. I prepared several programs that will aware and inspire students about their life. I was ready with my content using both NLP & Life Coaching. I gave a very suitable name for my programs “ नवी दृष्टी नवी दिशा” because those who will attend my programs will get a new vision and direction to his/her life. These programs are for both parents and students right from junior KG parents to degree-level students. The specialty of these programs is they are of one hour and a full day workshops too. I visited a number of schools and colleges, gave my presentations in front of Principals, and started working. This was another great experience I was having in my life. The following Programmes I conduct -

  • नवी दृष्टी नवी दिशा (program for Jr. KG to 7th parents).
  • नवी दृष्टी नवी दिशा Students Development Programme (5 programs for the year including a full-day workshop on Goal Setting & Soft Skills).
  • LOVE AND LIFE ( for 10th and above students).
  • “REASON- NO ACTION”( for degree level and competitive exams students)
  • “Played Well”( for parents of 10th and 12th students)
  • नवी दृष्टी नवी दिशा For Your Brighter Future.
  •  Home counseling- 5 sessions at your home for students.

I am very happy and satisfied to say that “नवी दृष्टी नवी दिशाis my identity today and is inspiring number of lives to live a happy and successful life. I can say proudly that I am working on ground level for the students and parents of municipal schools, Government schools, and poor students. Spreading awareness and a sense of responsibility among students is the basic purpose of mine. Now my vision is to spread my work outside Kolhapur and all over.

            NLP & Life coaching helped me personally in,

  • Searching myself
  • Transforming myself
  • Increasing my brand value
  • Helped me to reach I was always searching for

         My journey from “Nowhere to Every Where” I am sharing with people. Still, I am working an 8 hours shift but side by side I am keeping my passion and hobbies too. The level of satisfaction is a lot higher than earlier. My colleagues are also inspired by me to do something different in life along with our regular routine. NLP has helped me to come out with my own created box.

          Finally not to forget Sandip Shirsat Sir and IBHNLP for becoming the light in my life to show me the new path. His knowledge and experience are remarkable. Thank you so much, sir. All these NLP tools and techniques & learnings of Life Coaching I will keep on sharing for the wellness of society. Together we will create a successful and satisfied generation of students to build a stronger India.

This was all about Suraj Kavalikatti, & his journey with IBHNLP! Sometimes, it's really hard to decide the next step...but keep the faith...and follow your will find yourself next to success very soon...
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