What is NLP in Hindi? (PART-1)

What is NLP? - The Definition of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

NLP is the Way of living life to its fullest!

NLP is a tremendously powerful way to get control of yourself & your emotions!

NLP is the magic which can change your life inside out Instantaneously!

NLP is the magic which can change your life Dramatically & Drastically!

NLP is the force by which you can run your brain & produce amazing results!

NLP is the inner experience of ecstasy!

NLP is the understanding of living life with ease!       

Is this all? Sorry to say, but it is near about impossible to define NLP accurately. Every definition of NLP touches one or another aspect of NLP, not the whole of it. E.g. ….

NLP is the most efficient & powerful medium of communication, both internal & external.

NLP is the study of top performers, which is called modelling in NLP.

Each & every definition tries to explain something, tries to show something.

NLP consists of three major terms.

N – Neuro – refers to functions related to the brain. How do we think? How do we perceive the world?

L – Linguistic – How do we use language in our daily life & how does it affect our lives?

P – Programming – How do we work, through which we can achieve our goal.

One day, one of my clients came to meet me. He sat in front of me, tired, lost & totally broken down. He was a well-known businessman in our town. Since last few days, his business was in the trouble & he was on the verge of bankruptcy. His eyes were lifeless, shoulders down, the colour of the face has been faded away. As the conversation started, I asked him, “Do you remember the day, when you have experienced success in a real sense? As soon as he started thinking about that day, slowly his eyes turned started shining as if they got the glory back. The face became lively, shoulders up. He started talking about the day when he has got the biggest deal in his life. How he has worked day & night to get this deal done. How that day was the happiest day of his life. Slowly his voice started changing its tone as if new energy had entered into him. Within a moment, he started feeling better about himself. This is NLP. I think this is the easiest definition of NLP: THE TOTAL CONTROL OVER YOUR EMOTIONS.

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