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Vishwanathan Anand, a name that fills every Indian's heart with respect and pride. No one has been fortunate enough to taste the success that Mr Anand has cherished in the world of chess. His gameplay is admired and celebrated not only in India but across the globe. The Government of India has honoured him with many awards like Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna, Padma Bhushan, Padma Shri and Padma Vibhushan. The entire nation acknowledges his talent with dignity and honour.



Mr Anand was merely six years old when his mother introduced him to the game of chess. Thus, in his early childhood, he commenced the journey of playing chess, sharpening the skills. He began practising, sharpening his skills, increasing his concentration power. Gradually his routine became intense. He began participating in minor chess competitions. Sometimes he failed, and other times he won. However, his dedication grew dense with every passing tournament. The work of honing skills under the right guidance was set in motion.

Now he was 14 years old, and his practice was slowly taking off. Anand was brilliantly trained and was very well accustomed to making swift moves on the chessboard like a leopard in motion. In 1984, a major national-level competition was being held at Coimbatore. Anand decided to participate in it, and it turned out to be the first milestone of his life. Swaying the flag of victory, Vishwanathan Anand became the National Sub Junior Champion in this competition.

This victory brought his confidence to new heights; now there was no question of turning back. He immersed himself dedicatedly in the practice of chess, meditating all his energy on rehearsals and focus. The following year, at the age of 15, he won the title of International Junior Chess Master, marking his name as the first Indian to win it. The very next year, at the age of 16, he earned the title of National Chess Champion. At 17, he won the title of World Junior Champion. And you wouldn't believe, but the very next year became the first Grand Master of India. And the crown was jewelled with Padma Shri award bestowed upon him. He was just 18 years old then.

Now there was just one dream left to fulfil, i.e. to win the title of World Chess Champion, and thus began his incessant hard work for it. He threw himself into hours and hours of practice, channelising all his energy into one direction, realising the dream of becoming World Chess Champion. The bigger the goal, the harder you have to work to achieve it. It requires unwavering devotion and perseverance. Finally, the day arrived when he competed in the championship. He sat down to play, entirely focused in the game, employing every skill learnt so far. But unfortunately, he lost that contest. You would be astonished to know that Anand tried his best to win the championship for the next twelve years, but he shook hands with failure, every single time.

Nevertheless, he never gave up nor retreated due to this series of defeat. On the contrary, he worked harder every time, increased his practising hours and pursed his goal diligently. Ultimately in 2000, when he was 31 years old, his long-cherished dream of becoming World Chess Champion came true.

Could you notice that to accomplish his dream, he had to strive for numerous years? Even during the unfavourable circumstances, he did not pause or stop; he kept moving ahead with zest and passion. The journey that began at the age of six was attained when he turned 31. For 25 years, he arduously engaged in the process, investing thousands of hours, and then he could achieve his ultimate dream of becoming the World Chess Champion. His journey meticulously showcases his hard work, dedication, focus, and courage of the highest order.

Like Vishwanathan Anand, you too can fulfil your dreams, strategically plan to achieve long term goals and lead a life of devotion. Believe me; you can live your life the way you desire to live and enjoy it. You can effortlessly resolve things and taste the success along with its simplicity. To help you realise these goals, IBHNLP trains you in Hypnosis and Life Coaching along with NLP.

You must keep in mind one crucial thing. NLP is a skill that allows you to function positively and in full capacity. But to do so, you need to learn the craft, work hard, give time and practise persistently to master it. Only then you would be able to implement it arduously in day to day life as you have been living your life, operating your brain in a set and specific manner for years. But now, through NLP, we shall learn some new and better techniques to direct the functioning of the brain, which will help us to achieve our objectives while establishing control over our lives. Conscious efforts will be required to fasten these new patterns and ploughing them in your life. It might take some time and active practice. But I am sure; if you have chosen IBHNLP to learn NLP, your aim is not only to get trained in it but also to gain expertise so that you could help yourself and guide others as well in their path. And I understand that you are willing to put in the much needed time and effort.

However, do you think that you can become an expert in NLP just by investing time? Professor K Erickson says, if you aspire to gain mastery in a subject, you must spend 10,000 hours studying it thoroughly. But is it truly possible? What if your way of practising is wrong? If that is the case, then forget 10,000 hours, your entire life will not be sufficient to succeed.

In short, if you want to specialise in any field, you have to devise a robust full proof action plan and invest time in studying and practising the necessary skills. Once the NLP Practitioner course ends, you must devote a little time to practice at least a month, regularly. It will be my duty to provide you with a qualitative and concrete strategy in the form of 'Post Training Support'.

The post-training support has five parts,

1. NLP Practitioner Workbook

2. Meta Model Booklet

3. Milton Model Booklet

4. Life Coaching Strategy Booklet

5. Post Training Activity Booklet

Let us see talk a bit about these five pillars of NLP Practitioner Post Training,

1. NLP Practitioner Workbook:

On the very first day of the NLP Practitioner Training workshop, you will be given the NLP Practitioner Workbook. The workbook consists of all the activities on the NLP tools & techniques, which I will be teaching during the course. We will be doing some of the activities mentioned in the workbook in the session. However, the other exercises & activities based on that particular skill have to be completed on the very same day before you hit the bed. In this manner, you would be able to absorb fully everything I am teaching that day. Every note that you have written in the workbook will serve as the revision of the entire course. If you use the booklet in its full capacity, work through every exercise and activity mentioned in it, I ensure you that you would be able to revise and revisit the skills comprehensively in no time, even if you open the book after months of completing the NLP Practitioner training. After the course ends, the NLP workbook will play a vital role in achieving mastery over the skills needed in the field.


2. Meta Model Booklet:

This booklet will help you gain clarity and expertise on the most fundamental topic of NLP. When you start studying NLP in-depth, you will find that meta-model is one of the pillars of NLP. Actually, NLP began with the meta-model. When Richard Bandler and John Grinder, the co-founders of NLP began analysing the therapy sessions and conversations of Virginia Satir and Fritz Pearls. In the 1970s, these two personalities in the world of therapies could effortlessly transform the lives of their clients. Believe me, their therapy sessions were magical, like a wizard using a wand and performing the magic. Where traditional psychiatrist and therapist took years to bring a positive change in a client's life, these two did it in a jiffy. Various patterns of meta-model have been developed by observing the communication style of Virginia Satir and Fritz Pearls with their patients. These patterns are taught during the NLP Practitioner Program conducted by IBHNLP. Using these patterns, you too could improve your communication skill into a robust and influential style. This booklet will assist you in achieving this goal.

3. Milton Model Booklet

After the development of meta-model, the founders of NLP began conducting training programs on it across America and thus began the expansion of NLP. In a couple of days, they met another wizard of words. He too was a therapist like Virginia Satir and Fritz Pearls, who helped people make sense of life. However, his style of dealing with the client was very distinct and original. He could transform client's life without letting him know. This spellbinder was known as Milton Erickson. He was the master of Conversational Hypnosis. Richard and John extensively studied his style and the second model of NLP called the Milton Model came into existence. With the help of Conversational Hypnosis, the coach talks to the client in such a way wherein his conscious mind is blocked, and every suggestion the coach utters is seeded directly in his subconscious mind. To ease your process of attaining the mastery in this skill, the Milton Model Booklet is provided so that you can work through it during the training course and keep it to revise the concepts later.

4. Life Coaching Strategy Booklet

In simple words, Life Coaching means the coaching process, where the coach creates a trusting environment wherein the client learns how to solve problems quickly by devising his/her own strategies. A life coach assists the client to understand his goals accurately and together; they design an action plan to achieve it swiftly. 

If you look at the interpretation of Life Coaching carefully, you would understand that this art which is a part of NLP Practitioner Training course, enables you not only to progress in career but also aid in changing the lives of your friends, family and relatives. In fact, this skill could be an invaluable contribution to improving your personal and social experience. The life coaching booklet will make you aware of all the strategies and principles that will aid in practising Life Coaching professionally post-training.

5. Post Training Activity Booklet

The post-training support system developed by IBHNLP will help you become an expert in the field of NLP if you follow it accurately. It will also assist you in adequately brushing up the subject long after completing the NLP training. NLP training would not be a temporary solution or have a placebo effect like personality development or motivational workshops. The booklet is of utmost importance to ingrain the soul and spirit of NLP. The workbook will include activities on all the concepts taught during NLP training, easing the process of revision. For example, during the training, we would learn a topic called 'State Management'. After attending the NLP Practitioner Workshop, when you go home and want to revise the skills, this booklet will come handy. It contains all the exercises regarding that particular skill, with procedures, notes and descriptions. All you have to do is to select a topic, choose an activity and start practising. Let's say you want to revise the 'State Management'. There is activity regarding 'Habitual State', which teaches you to identify and modify your habitual Mindset as needed. Suppose someone's usual state is 'emptiness'. It means, the person feels lonely and empty most of his time during the day. This person, through the activity given in the post-training support booklet, could find his 'habitual state', i.e. feeling emptiness and would try to alter it with given steps. How would that person do that? Well, the Post Training Activity Booklet provides a detailed description of succeeding in changing your behaviour for better. Every day you just have to choose a technique and workout on the related activities. If you wish to engage in more than one NLP technique, you could easily do that. Usually, it takes about 30 minutes of the day to complete any task. Just 30 minutes in a day can help you accomplish your dream of achieving mastery in NLP tools & techniques.

In this way, the Post Training Support of IBHNLP will help you in getting mastery in NLP. Believe me; you could definitely fulfil your goal of becoming an expert in NLP, Hypnosis and Life Coaching, provided you practice the activities of the workbook with honesty and dedication. The post-training support will revolutionise your life while working through the exercises; you will be consciously making changes in the thought process. You will be modifying all your unwanted beliefs, thoughts, feelings and behaviour held on for years. You are training your brain to uproot the stereotypical and rigid frames of your feelings, thoughts and practice, and assimilate new patterns. Apart from this, the support activities will program your brain with original, positive and influential beliefs which will help you achieve significant dreams and triumph in life. Lastly, I would like to congratulate you on making this fantastic decision of enrolling in NLP Practitioner course organised by IBHNLP and acquire the skill to change your life for good!

What are you waiting for then? Embark on this exciting journey of prosperous & fulfilling life. Live your dream life without any internal conflict.

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